Do You Believe BIGBANG’s Prediction For The Future?

BIGBANG Members Tease Seungri

Next, it was Seungri’s turn to write a message for his fans that they can read five years later. He said that they will hold their 15th anniversary as BIGBANG, and he doesn’t know what would he look like as an adult in the future. Besides writing a letter for his fans, Seungri also wrote a letter to himself and wished that he could be a better man.

Despite all of the businesses he has, G-Dragon said that Seungri is a cute boy and mood maker. Through the episode of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, the BIGBANG members teased Seungri that his occupation as a singer has brought him to become a successful entrepreneur and lobbyist, too. During Christmas, Seungri threw a party called “F.F” and when the MC asked him ‘Why there’s so many F’s?’ and he said that because it stood for ‘Fantastic Festival’.

G-Dragon also stated that the party was organized by Seungri and he was the main character of the celebration, while watching from afar. “All the kids from the Gangnam that likes to party went there. From the moment you enter, it was super extravagant. The girls were wearing full dresses and guys were all in tuxedos.”

The rapper from BIGBANG revealed that Seungri’s party was like a movie shoot. “From each side, there were really pretty girls dressed as Santa that appeared, dancing and putting on a show. They filled up the staircase and Seungri, wearing his tuxedo, was staring from above.

G-Dragon revealed the full version when Seungri was trying to look cool, since everybody was watching him when the girls were on the staircase. After getting teased a lot, Seungri gave his clarification that he had to throw a party because his friends from overseas and Japan came, and he paid by himself to celebrate the Christmas party.

Although it seems like Seungri did enjoy his life and have many friends, he should’ve known that BIGBANG would always stay by his side. Sometimes he ignored the fact that the members were actually protecting him from the people who wanted to use him for their own benefit.

Taeyang, who has the real name as Dong Young-bae, also teased Seungri in ‘BIGBANG’s 2017 Welcoming Collection DVD’, as he was banned from going overseas. The prediction was that it was more likely that Seungri would not have any further activities, since he become a suspect of a previous controversy and scandal over supplying prostitutes in 2015 as part of the ‘Burning Sun’ scandal.

G-Dragon & TOP’s Return From The Military

Happiness is felt by T.O.P and G-Dragon’s sister, Dami Kwon, who uploaded a photo with their parents welcoming G-Dragon at home. There were a lot of balloons adorning the hall of his house as a sign of G-Dragon’s return from compulsory military service on October 26, 2019. T.O.P also wrote on his personal Instagram account about G-Dragon having completed his mandatory military service.

Congratulations on completing military service. You are free,” said T.O.P, who captured the chat screen with G-Dragon. g-Dragon replied to the words of his close friend, saying, “Thank you for taking care of me and waiting for me while I am in the military.

T.O.P responded with a love emoticon. Feelings of joy also poured out of Dami Kwon, the oldest sister of G-Dragon. “Welcome back. Our family is complete,” wrote Dami Kwon. She was with their parents and G-Dragon, who still in military uniform, and took a picture together at home.

Kwon Ji-yong, or G-Dragon, today has completed their mandatory military service for two years. G-Dragon has been fulfilling his military service since February 27, 2018. He served in the 3rd Infantry Division in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province.

The BIGBANG leader immediately met with fans and media who had gathered, waiting for him. Apparently, the number of fans waiting for him reached more than 3.000 people. Thousands of fans were reported to have witnessed the 31-year-old man leave the facility in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. The fans welcomed him warmly while holding a flyer that read, “One Of A Kind GD Ji Yong”.

One Of A Kind is the name of G-Dragon’s solo and first world tour, which is said to describe his music style and personality. G-Dragon was still wearing military clothing when he left the facility in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province and greeted the thousands of people who had been waiting for him.

Blowing in flowers, G-Dragon bowed and thanked everyone who has supported him. He thanked the fans for waiting and promised to work hard in the future. “I have returned after completing my military service. Thank you for waiting for me and coming to see me today. I will return to my original job, and I will work hard,” he said.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s T.O.P had already completed his mandatory military service on July 7, 2019. Initially, the date of the return of BIGBANG’s T.O.P was set for early August. However, due to new regulations being applied in 2018, the 2-year military service period was shortened. “The service period has been shortened by about 27 days due to the reduction arrangements applied to public service agents starting from last year,” said a spokesman for the government office.

T.O.P ended his job as a public service worker at The Yongsan Crafts Museum at around 3:00 p.m. WIB, in accordance with the service hours of the museum’s operation ending without any event or release. T.O.P is the first member of BIGBANG to complete his mandatory military service and he wants to end his military period in peace.

On the other hand, T.O.P did not want to disturb the comfort of the visitors of the museum. “T.O.P will go home peacefully without any farewell event,” said one representative from YG Entertainment.

He has completed his compulsory military service of approximately 2 years since February 2017. Fans were delighted to welcome T.O.P by giving a Twitter message with the hashtag #LongTimeNoSeeT.O.P as a greeting of congratulations on the completion of his service.

Through the ‘BIGBANG’s 2017 Welcoming Collection DVD’ documentary, T.O.P also wrote a letter for his fans for five years in the future, and another to himself, that will be put inside the time capsule box. “When I’m discharged some of you may have waited for me or there may be new fans when I start working again. It will be a new beginning.

The rapper from BIGBANG, who has deep and husky voice, seemed confused while choosing the paper and pen he wanted to use, then said he would be very shy if he wrote such a wrong letter so he will keep it simple. In his letter for himself, he only wrote, “You did well & Let’s do this.” since there will be so many things happen. “I’m sure I will have been through all sorts of hardships.

BIGBANG is such an inspiration for many people, especially the source of strength for their fans, V.I.P. Although there was so many things and problems that they have gone through,  they still promise to work harder in the future and be better people, just like G-Dragon mentioned through the documentary. Well, let’s keep supporting them and hope for all the best to BIGBANG’s career and the comeback they do in the future!