After a Long Wait, Big Bang Members Will Be Discharged From the Military in 2019!


Big Bang Will Come Back!

Who missed Big Bang? Big Bang was one of the famous boy-groups from YG Entertainment, which debuted in 2006, and had been promoting until their hiatus in 2018, due to their military service. At the time this article is being written, four members of Big Bang were undergoing their military service.

The first member who started their mandatory military service was Big Bang’s G-Dragon. He was shortly followed by the rest of the group’s members.

It finally seems like the four members of Big Bang who already enlisted are nearly ready to come back after their military service! Are you excited? In this article, Channel Korea introduces you to the fantastic Big Bang and everything you need to know about their military service!

4 Big Bang Oppas Returning From Military This Year

Big Bang

The four members of Big Bang are currently undergoing their military service are G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and T.O.P! The four members were going to the military service at nearly the same time, starting with G-Dragon. T.O.P followed quickly after, then Daesung, and finally Taeyang was the last to enlist.



G-Dragon started his the military service in February, 2018. He was assigned for training in the Cheorwon Infantry Division, located in Province Gangwon, South Korea. Righ after that, Big Bang’s G-Dragon was assigned to White Skull.


G-Dragon would be in the military service for a little less than two years, and is scheduled to end his service in November, 2019. While Big Bang’s G-Dragon has been undergoing his service, he once reportedly had to be rushed into the military hospital to have ankle surgery.



Big Bang’s Taeyang went to the military in March, 2018. One day after Taeyang enlisted, Daesung followed him as the next member of Big Bang to join up. Taeyang has been undergoing his military service as an active soldier, and seems to be enjoying his new job.


Netizens have mostly been talking about Taeyang while he’s been in the military. Most of them are of the opinion that Taeyang is a hard worker, saying that Taeyang was different from other celebrities, and hope he keeps on taking care of his good image.