Big Bang’s Dae-sung had a Car Accident! Here Are The Details: Controversies, Victim, Aftermath



As reported from Soompi, on August 29th, 2011, the Seoul Prosecutor’s office officially dismissed the charge against BIGBANG’s Dae-sung, who was involved in a traffic accident where motorcyclist Hyun lost his life.

There was no sufficient evidence to be found between BIGBANG’s Dae-sung and the victim at the scene. The autopsy of the victim had already revealed that the motorcyclist was found to have a blood-alcohol level higher than the normal allowed and based on the accident, there were several damages on his face, neck, and back. Three minutes after the previous accident, Dae-sung’s car came along the location and ended up crashing the taxi vehicle, whose driver wanted to help the victim.

The investigation was held by Yeongdeungpo Police Office and they did an additional interview session to question BIGBANG’s Dae-sung about the whole story of the accident and also analyzed the black box to get the final decision.

The nine members of the committee agreed to take down Dae-sung’s car out of the accident because there is no correlation to be found within the evidence of the victim and Dae-sung.

BIGBANG’S Dae-sung Shared His Thoughts & Feelings About The Car Accident

“I couldn’t even think clearly because I thought that thing [car accident who caused a victim] could never happen to me. I was really sorry for everything that people had to go through.

The agency where I work said that it would be better if I went back home, but I wasn’t brave enough to see my parents and I ended up staying in the dorm. I wasn’t hungry at all, I couldn’t even focus on anything, I cried all the time and felt really sorry about what happened.

I read every comment that people wrote online while I stayed in my room and I was really hurt by the word ‘murderer’. That’s why I started to think that the world is filled with heartless and cruel people. I even thought about committing suicide too.”

That was all the information regarding BIGBANG’s Dae-sung, who was involved in a car accident two times in these past few years. Let’s hope only good luck to follow Dae-sung’s life in the future and that he will fully recover from his trauma from the accident he has been through. Cheer up, Kang Dae-sung!