Big Bang’s Dae-sung had a Car Accident! Here Are The Details: Controversies, Victim, Aftermath

Big Bang’s Lead Vocalist Involved in Multiple Car Accident

Do you know the lead vocalist of the legendary South Korean boy group BIGBANG, Dae-sung? One of the idols who signed under the biggest agency, YG Entertainment, was involved in a car accident multiple times and it caught the attention of many of his fans and also the general public.

This time, we will reveal the news about Dae-sung’s car accident from a few years ago. Let’s get yourself ready and check out the article below!

Car Accident: 2009


The lead vocalist of BIGBANG, Kang Dae-sung, was once involved into a huge scandal during the time he was still a rookie (one of the newcomers in the South Korean music industry) and got even got into another accident in 2009.

As reported from Soompi on August 11th, Dae-sung from BIGBANG was involved in a car accident for the first time when he has just debuted as an idol. Back at the time, Dae-sung was driving his car on the way back from filming Family Outing, aired on SBS, with his manager. The accident happened because he lost control of the vehicle and drove the car off and eventually crashed into another car. The idol singer who sang the song “Haru Haru” with his group BIGBANG, was himself injured having multiple fractures on his nose, spine, and even damaged the corner of his left eye.

The Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police office explained that Dae-sung was driving 80km/h at the time of the accident which is far from the road speed limit of 60km/h. There were no victims in this accident except Dae-sung, who got injured as a result of the incident, but fortunately, the news didn’t have a huge effect on his career because he was still a rookie back then.

Car Accident: 2011

On May 31st, there was news about Dae-sung running over a motorcycle rider who was found lying on the street as a result of a traffic accident. The investigation was inconclusive because there was not enough evidence to prove whether the victim was alive or had already passed away.

A month later, on June 24th, a police station from Yeongdeungpo revealed the truth about Dae-sung and they held a press conference regarding the car accident. An investigation was conducted by a forensic scientist at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI).


The victim of Dae-sung’s car accident in 2011 was Hyun. As reported from Allkpop, Hyun was a motorcyclist who was found dead on May 31st, 2011. The chronology of Hyun’s death had been analyzed by the forensic scientists.

Before the accident happened, Hyun took his motorcycle to go out and meet a friend at a restaurant. Hyun and his friend ordered some food and soju; a Korean liquor, then he presumably drove his way back home when he was knocked off from his bike. The autopsy of the victim, Hyun, revealed that his blood-alcohol level was 0.186% which is above the legal limit of 0.05%.

The victim, Hyun, was already wearing a safety helmet, however, the accident was strong enough to hurt him as he fell off from his motorcycle and collided with a lamp post. After the victim was found lying on the side street and he was unconscious, some cars pulled over and saw the victim. There was a taxi driver who was about to help the victim but then Dae-sung’s car passed by and he drove over the speed limit which is 70-80 km/h (normal speed limit is at 60 km/hr). Dae-sung’s car eventually collided with the taxi and also the victim.

The location of the accident was nearby Yanghwa Bridge, which is an eight-lane bridge that crosses over the Han River. Dae-sung drove his Audi and as soon as he saw the taxi who spotted the victim on the street had already turned on the emergency lights, his car avoided the crash site but he couldn’t maneuver away from the taxi that was still in the spot and also got crashed at the same time.

As reported from JPop Asia, the taxi driver who was about to help the victim shared his story about the accident that involved the singer idol who sang the song “Look At Me, Gwisun,” that he himself actually crashed his car into the back of the taxi.

Kim, the taxi driver, shared his own story of how the tragedy involved the 3 people on the location. The taxi driver was not injured during the accident, but Hyun, the motorcycle rider who was about to be helped by Mr. Kim had been dead before Dae-sung’s car hit the back of the taxi vehicle.

When the news of the accident circulated and became a hot topic in South Korea, the situation became confusing and various rumors also appeared. Fortunately, the one and only eye-witness – the taxi driver – came to the public and did an interview, to tell the truth.

The reporter asked about Hyun’s condition and the correlation with Dae-sung, if he was actually involved in the accident or not. Mr. Kim answered that Hyun, the motorcycle rider who was found lying on the street had received many injuries from the accident and his body was discovered 30 meters away from his motorcycle. There was blood everywhere, which had also come out from his head caused by the shock impact and his helmet was nowhere to be found, as soon as the police arrived at the location of the accident.

Mr. Kim, who was about to help Hyun at the location said that Dae-sung was actually a victim too. And when the reporter asked why the idol singer, who sang the song “Let’s Not Fall In Love” (2015) with his group BIGBANG, crashed his car with the taxi, Mr. Kim answered that at the time he had already turned on the emergency lamp on his taxi when he discovered Hyun’s body. However, there was another car in front of Dae-sung which is why he ended up colliding with the taxi vehicle.

The accident happened very quickly, as there was a really short time between Mr. Kim parking his vehicle to help Hyun and Dae-sung’s arrival and collision with the taxi because he was unable to maneuver soon enough because of the other car in front of him, making him incapable of avoiding the accident. Mr. Kim believed that the lead vocalist of BIGBANG, Dae-sung, couldn’t clearly see what happened at that time.

When the reporter asked Mr. Kim whether BIGBANG’s Dae-sung saw the victim or not, he said that Dae-sung didn’t have time to check at the scene and he knew that there was a person on the road later on.

Mr. Kim also cleared up the situation and speed limit of Dae-sung when he drove his car during the accident. During the investigation, it was found out that Dae-sung was speeding at 80 km/h with his car and Mr. Kim had a feeling that it was actually the speed at which Dae-sung’s car crashed into the back of the taxi. Mr. Kim also added that Dae-sung was driving at the normal speed limit which is 60 km/h because the car in front of him didn’t drive at a high speed.

When the reporter asked Mr. Kim why there are no skid marks at the scene, Mr. Kim said, based on his opinion, that Dae-sung must have accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the break causing the accident as he was probably in shock at the time.

The police arrived within 2 minutes after the accident in which Dae-sung was involved occurred and he was taken for investigations immediately. The lead vocalist of BIGBANG, who has now entered for his military service had no idea that there was a person from the previous accident at that time. BIGBANG’s Dae-sung only knew that his car crashed into a taxi and later on, the representative of his agency revealed that he didn’t see the motorcycle driver was there.

After the accident happened and they were both going through a lot of investigation, the news within 10 minutes had already revealed that the accident has a victim. Mr. Kim believed that BIGBANG’s Dae-sung was shocked since he’s still a young celebrity and he could say that the idol singer who sang the song “BANG BANG BANG” (2016) with his group was shaking when he was being investigated by the police.

Mr. Kim, the taxi driver also said that even though the taxi vehicle had been destroyed, he wasn’t injured at all. He only had to receive physical therapy at the hospital for his shoulders, back, and neck.

During the interview, Mr. Kim wished that the news about the accident be reported based on the truth because it’s important for the sake of the victim, family, and also the career of both of them. Mr. Kim, as the only witness of the accident, felt disappointed that he couldn’t arrive to the victim faster, but the situation was also confusing so he thought that he really needed to say something regarding the truth about the accident so it won’t get too complicated.