Profile of iKON’s B.I: Abs, His Father, Tattoos, Dating, Hairstyles, etc

Kim HanBin

Get to Know iKON’s B.I!

Who doesn’t know this adorable man?! He is the leader of iKON!! Not only does he have good looks, but he is also very talented. B.I is known as a rapper in his group, and many people know that B.I has a bold talent inside of him. And, among fans and other idol groups, he’s known as a genius musician because he also produces and composes songs for both his group and himself.

He made his first television appearance in 2013 on the Mnet reality program WIN: Who Is Next as a member of ‘Team B’. He later appeared in the 2014 follow-up Mix & Match, successfully forming part of iKON’s lineup alongside bandmates Jinhwan, Bobby, Junhoe, Donghyuk, Yunhyeong, and Chanwoo. Now, let’s take a deep look inside B.I’s life.

iKON’s B.I: Full Profile

Kim HanBin
Full Name: Kim Han Bin (김한빈)
Stage Name: B.I (비아이)
Nick Name: Hanbeen, Charisma Leader, Genius Leader
Group Position: Leader, Rapper, Dancer, Choreographer, Song Writer, Producer
Date of Birth: October 22, 1996
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Citizenship: Republic of Korea
Height: 177 cm
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: O
Zodiac: Libra
Instagram account: @withikonic

Fun Facts!

  1. He is dubbed as the second GD and approved by GD himself.
  2. When he is nervous, he likes to touch his chest.
  3. He has been a YG trainee since he was 12 years old.
  4. He wrote/composed all their songs and composed Winner’s “Empty”, contributed in Epik High’s “Born Hater”, Blackpink’s “Whistle” and three of PSY’s songs: “Bomb”, “Last Scene” and “Auto Reverse”.
  5. He loves Mickey Mouse and Pringles a lot
  6. He appeared in Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” MV
  7. He has never had a girlfriend before so he depends on his imagination to write songs.
  8. He has a parent and one younger sister who is 15 years younger named Hanbyul
  9. Once, on Mix & Match, he couldn’t take it anymore. He disappeared and spotted a bench at Hangang River. He was gathering his thoughts while writing lyrics. He said, ”I wanted to escape. I wanted to get out of the world. This is the first time in my life I had so much to do. Originally, I wanted to go to Busan, but I didn’t know how to get there. This is the farthest place out of the ones I know.”
  10. B.I’s ideal type is a pure and innocent girl who has slender looks, looks good in over-sized cardigans and blue jeans, and wears sneakers over he slim ankles

The Fantastic Abs of iKON’s B.I

Kim Hanbin

A male idol without abs? They may still look cute, but an idol with abs is a plus! Besides, it can be our heaven on earth to look at the fascinating abs of a good looking man. YG Entertainment is popular as one of the largest agencies in Korea, and they have many good looking, manly idols. One of the idols is iKON’s B.I. he has that kind of material boyfriend body. His abs are so sexy when they get wet with sweat. Take a careful look down here!

Kim Hanbin
Kim Hanbin
Kim Hanbin
Kim Hanbin

Are your eyes still able to see after looking at these beautiful abs? I hope you are okay.