KDrama Review: No Escaping From Law and Truth in ‘Beyond Evil’

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In the K-Drama Beyond Evil, a Monster Is Watching Over All of Your Moves

A murder case remained buried and unresolved for 20 years until a young and talented detective is assigned to solve the case. But, he must be careful. Someone in a high position is watching everything, and the person prefers to keep the case as it is, locked and abandoned.

Beyond Evil delivers what every suspense drama is wanted for, all action scenes, plot twists, and intertwined scenes. Yoo Jin-goo starred alongside the charismatic actor Shin Ha-kyun in this law and criminal-themed drama. Check out the full review in this article!

Beyond Evil Review

Beyond Evil is one of the examples that a simple plot but excellent scenario of writing can make an excellent drama. Alongside numerous plot twists and excellent acting, Beyond Evil deservedly earned 7 Baeksang Nominations. Beyond Evil received a 6.0% rating which is a very good rating for a drama aired on cable television.

The K-drama Beyond Evil circulated around unresolved murder cases and corrupt police officers. This drama lacks any romance or love story but is filled with action, intrigue, and plot twists. Yeo Jin-goo proves that he can leave behind the child actor image and perform as a mature lead actor in this thriller drama.

Beyond Evil Synopsis


A young and talented police officer, Han Joo-won, is transferred to a police station in the suburban area of Manyang. At a very young age, he becomes the head of the small police station. Suddenly, serial murder cases appear in the small city. Han Jo-woon collaborates with the demoted police officer Lee Dong-sik to solve the murder cases and arrest the murderer. It turns out that the murder cases are connected to an unresolved murder case. Twenty years ago, Lee Dong-sik’s sister was killed, but the culprit is yet to be caught. Some early evidence points to strange facts suggesting that Lee Dong-sik could be responsible for the murder.

Beyond Evil Cast


Are you curious about the cast of Beyond Evil? Check this out to know more about the amazing lead actors of Beyond Evil!

Yeo Jin-goo as Han Joo-won


Han Joo-won is a smart and elite investigator who works at the Seoul police station. He has everything from appearance, brains, to connections. His father, Han Ki-hwan, is a high-ranking police officer at National Police Agency, and his family is used to working as police officers for generations. When transferred to the small city of Manyang, his colleagues hate and envy him for having everything. He is well-groomed and couldn’t stand the sight of uncleanness.

Shin Ha-kyun as Lee Dong-sik


Lee Dong-sik is a good and honest cop who worked in the suburban area of Manyang. He used to work as a case investigator at the Seoul police station but got demoted because he has an excessive professional mind. His colleagues hated working with him because of his ego and self-centered personality.

However, Lee Dong-sik is easily swayed by conditions. He is tough and sharp at times but weak and indecisive at other times. Back in Seoul’s police station, he investigated the big cases, but in Manyang’s police station, he deals with small and menial cases.

Beyond Evil Best Scenes


Han Ju-won is transferred from the main station to a small district station. As the head of the office, he must deal and work with Lee Dong-sik, a smart but crazy police officer. Their first meeting is very awkward and both knew that they hated each other even before they met.


All pieces of evidence led to Lee Dong-sik as the serial murderer. Han Ju-won finally catches the serial murderer and wraps up the case. However, after arresting Lee Dong-sik, later he finds out that he is not the killer.


After 20 years of endless nightmares, Lee Dong-sik finally stands in front of the person who killed his sister. Does he put an end to the killer’s life and become a killer himself? Find out the result in the last episode of Beyond Evil.

Beyond Evil Ending


The police duo goes all out to solve the serial murder case. From the pieces of evidence, they find out that the murderer is someone very close to them, someone with power and connections to keep the case buried and unresolved. In the end, the truth is exposed. By careful planning, they manage to catch the killer and close the case.

5 Reasons To Watch Beyond Evil

If you’re not sure whether you will or will not watch Beyond Evil, check out these 5 reasons to watch Beyond Evil before you regret it!

  1. Yeo Jin-goo’s acting


Growing up as a child actor in front of the public can be really hard to shake off. Yeo Jin-goo successfully casts away his boyish image and grows up into a mature young man. His chemistry and partnership with senior actor Shin Ha-kyun makes this drama very entertaining and thrilling.

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2. Plots around policemen and criminals


Koreans love drama plots about law and crime investigations, provided that the scenario is well written. The success story of the similarly themed K-drama Stranger Season 1 and Stranger Season 2 set a new trend for K-dramas.

3. The drama’s OST

In thriller or action K-dramas, the OSTs are usually lacking. But, in Beyond Evil, the OST selection is perfect. The nostalgic feel of the main OST fits perfectly with the background of a small city. Choi Baek-ho’s “That Night” adds a feeling of mystery, intrigue, and suspense.

4. Plot twists

Nothing is more exciting than an unsuspected plot twist every now and then in suspense dramas. Beyond Evil gives you numerous plot twists all the way to the 16th episode.

5. Lots of characters


Lots of characters equal to lots of side stories and intertwining plots. However, the scenario is so well written that every character adds to the whole story without any additional confusion or unnecessary side stories.

Beyond Evil is one of Netflix’s K-drama lineups that is a must-watch. Save your spare time and get ready to binge-watch this drama.


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