All About BewhY: Profile, Girlfriend, ‘Show Me the Money’, and More!

BewhY’s Girlfriend

BewhY and his girlfriend

If you dreamed of becoming BewhY’s girlfriend, you’re going to be disappointed because he already has a girlfriend! Not only that, they’ve been in a relationship for a long time. They started dating in 2012, even before BewhY joined Show Me The Money as a contestant.

On a broadcast of Radio Star where he appeared as a guest, BewhY shared the story about how he first met his girlfriend. He said that he first met his girlfriend during a welcoming event at a church. At the time, his girlfriend had long hair, but the next time he saw her she had cut her hair to a short bob. He also said that when he saw her, everything turned black and his girlfriend was the only one that shined.

A fan reported to Radio Star that she met the couple at Show Me The Money. At the time, she wanted to take a photo with BewhY. Before he took photos with the fans, he asked his girlfriend if she was okay with it. After the story was revealed, BewhY explained that he always thinks of his girlfriend first, as she is a non-celebrity, while he’s well-known to the public. The public even revealed that he considered getting married to his girlfriend. Here is the short clip of his interview in Radio Star:

Even though they had a strong relationship, there was a time when his girlfriend got a lot of nasty comments and criticism from netizens. Of course, this made his girlfriend suffer from severe comments. To respond to the hateful comments, she posted on her Facebook and said, “It’s too much for me to get hundreds of [hate comments] from people I don’t even know… If you have a problem with me, please take it up with me directly.” She also said that they have gotten where they are now with marriage in mind, and that they have shared everything from their hardest moments to their happiest. In addition, she added, “with regards to this, [you] won’t have to worry.”

In response to her post, BewhY commented on it and cheered her up by saying, “Don’t pay any attention to it, my love.” It seems that their relationship is still going strong. Don’t you think they make a sweet couple?


Even though BewhY is busy with his work, he also loves to share how he spends his free time by posting it on his social media account. Let’s see a few posts he’s shared on Instagram!


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In this post, we could see him sharing his moments while he’s in Beverly Hills, California. Even while spending his free time, he still has his swag!


In this post, we could see BewhY gave a cheering for students that will take an exam and young people. Just by looking at his post, we could get cheered up!


In this post, he shared his moment as he was chosen as the PR ambassador for the Presidential Commission on the Centennial Anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement and Korea Provisional Government. Don’t you think he’s really an inspiring person?


This time, he shared a video where he performed as a featured artist with rapper Superbee on Show Me The Money 777. What do you think about their stage?


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In this post, we could see him posing, full of charisma on the street. In the caption, we could see him saying, “Today was so fun.”

If you want to see more of his posts, you can visit his Instagram account @bewhy.meshasoulja!

Latest News


Recently, it was reported that BewhY will be joining an upcoming hip-hop variety show titled Kill Bill. Kill Bill is a variety show where seven artists will compete with their performances that have the scale and quality of a hip-hop concert. At the end of the competition, the final winner will collaborate with a global artist and take on the Billboard charts. Previously, it was confirmed that rapper Dok2 will also participating in the program, while rapper Drake is currently in talks to join the show. Kill Bill is scheduled to start their broadcast around January, 2019, on MBC Music, MBC Every1, and MBC Drama. Do you want to see his performance on this variety show?

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