All About BewhY: Profile, Girlfriend, ‘Show Me the Money’, and More!


Arising Talented Rapper: BewhY

Are you following the developments of the Korean hip-hop industry? If you are, then you must be familiar with the rapper BewhY! BewhY is a rapper who started to become famous during his appearance in the Mnet hip-hop survival program Show Me The Money. Undoubtedly, he is a skilled rapper and his rapping skills have been acknowledged by other mainstream rappers, such as Simon Dominic and Tablo of Epik High. Not only that, he also has been a source of inspiration to many people, especially young people, through his work. Do you want to know more about BewhY and his work? Let’s take a look at his profile first!

Profile and Facts of BewhY


Birth Name: Kim Byung-yoon (김병윤)

Stage Name: BewhY

Birthday: June 15, 1993

Age: 25

Birth Sign: Gemini

Height: 182 cm

Weight: N/A

Social Media: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram

Kim Byung-yoon, better known as BewhY, is a Korean hip-hop musician who was born on June 15, 1993, in Incheon. He is also a member of $exy $treet & Yello Music crew. He started out using BY as his stage name, but later changed it to BewhY because he wanted to give a meaning to the name. The name literally means “to be a reason.” He used to study at Inha University in his hometown. He’s also friends with another participant from Show Me The Money, C Jamm, who used to attend the same high school that he did.

People started to recognize him after his appearance on the Mnet hip-hop survival program, Show Me The Money 4, back in 2015, and, unfortunately, he didn’t win the show. Later, he came back again and participated on the fifth season of Show Me The Money. That time, he ended in first place, and started to become even more well known. His rap style is well-known as he has a unique rap style that sets him apart from others. He is known to rap tightly, and the lyrics usually revolve around his Christian faith.

BewhY’s Discography

If you want to listen to BewhY’s work, here’s his complete discography!

Year Title
Studio albums
2015 Time Travel
2017 The Blind Star
Extended plays
2017 The Blind Star 0.5
2012 Be The Livest


Year Title Album
As lead artist
2014 Waltz Non-album singles
Swimming Bananas (ft. Keebo)
2015 The Time Goes On Time Travel
In Trinity Non-album singles
2016 Shalom
Forever Show Me The Money 5
Day Day (ft. Jay Park)
Fake pt.2
2017 Dejavu The Blind Star
My Star
Red Carpet The Blind Star 0.5
2015 Freezing (with Bill Stax, C Jamm, Konsoul & Scary’P) Non-album single
2016 I’m Not the Person You Used to Know (with Simon Dominic, One, G2) Show Me The Money 5
XamBaqJa (with Simon Dominic)
Puzzle (with C Jamm) Non-album single
International Wave (with Talib Kweli)
Someday (with Asura)
2017 Uno (with Big K.R.I.T)
Like Me (with A$AP TyY & C Jamm)

BewhY’s Filmography

If you want to see BewhY’s appearances on television, here’s his filmography.

Year Title TV Network
Television series
2018 Suits (ep. 3) KBS2
Variety shows
2015 Show Me The Money 4 Mnet
2016 Show Me The Money 5
2017 Radio Star (ep. 509 with DinDin, Zizo, Blackpink’s Jisoo & Rosé) MBC

Awards and Nominations

For his work, BewhY has been nominated and received various awards. Here is the complete list of awards and nominations he had received!

Year Event Nominee/Work Category Result
2016 Melon Music Awards BewhY Top 10 Artists Won
Mnet Asian Music Awards Puzzle (with C Jamm) Best Rap Performance
2017 Gaon Chart Music Awards BewhY Hip-Hop Discovery of the Year
Korean Music Awards New Artist of the Year Nominated
Forever Best Rap & Hip-Hop Song Won
Korean Hip-Hop Awards Hip-Hop Song of the Year
BewhY Artist of the Year Nominated
₩ 1,000,000 (with G-Dragon, Okasian & CL) Best Collaboration

BewhY in Show Me The Money


BewhY first made his appearance on television on Show Me The Money 4, but didn’t go any further from the third round. In the third round, he had to have a rap battle with fellow rapper Microdot. Even though they were battling it out, they had perfect teamwork and their performance received a lot of praise from the producers. The judges also felt that rather than a competition, it seemed like they had watched a real performance. It was a shame, but BewhY couldn’t proceed to the next round because the producers chose Microdot to go to the next round, instead. Here is the video of his performance with Microdot:

The next year, he returned to the show and tried againThis time, he made it further than in the previous season, where he was eliminated in the third round. After passing the third round, he was able to join Team AOMG, with Simon Dominic and Gray as the producers, together with G2, One, and DayDay.

In the next round, the group members had to compete among themselves in order to eliminate one person from the team and advance to the next round. In this round, the one who was eliminated from Team AOMG is DayDay. In the sixth round, we could see that the participants were having a Team Diss Battle. In that round, BewhY faced his old friend, C Jamm, and won, but he was the only one on his team to win his battle, so Team AOMG ended up losing.

Since his team is losing, the producers had to choose one rapper to perform in the live show, while the remaining members had to go through mic-selection prior to the live show to perform on the live stage. For this round, BewhY was chosen as the one to perform in the live show and had to face Boi B from Team Gill & Madclown. He performed a song titled Forever, and won, making him able to proceed to the next round. Here is the video of his performance on the live stage:

At the semifinal, the participants had a solo performance with a special guest while facing another contestant. BewhY was faced with Reddy from Team YG. He performed the song Day Day, together with Jay Park as the featured artist, and won the round. Here is the video of his performance at the semifinals:

In the final round, the remaining three contestants were BewhY, Superbee, and C Jamm. The round itself was divided into two parts. In the first part, they had a live performance with their producer. The order for their performances was decided by a vote from the live audience and TV audience. The contestant with the least amount of money was unable to move to the second part of the round. In the second part of the round, the contestants would have either a solo performance or one with a special guest. Finally, the contestant who had the most amount of money at the end would win the program.

During the first part, BewhY performed a song titled XamBaqJa, together with Simon Dominic. In this round, he earned the most money, which was a total of ₩5,700,000. C Jamm came after him, with ₩2,400,000 for second place. Following the results, Superbee wasn’t able to advance to the second part and BewhY had to battle C Jamm again. Here is the video of his performance in the first part of the final round:

For the second part, BewhY performed a song called Fake pt.2, alone, while C Jamm performed a song called Let It Be, with Crush as the featuring artist. In the end, BewhY earned ₩10,750,000, while C Jamm earned ₩7,525,000. BewhY was the winner of Show Me The Money 5. Here is the video of his performance in the second part of the final round: