Full Profile Of BESTie’s Hyeyeon: Fun Facts, Appearance In ‘The Unit’, Solo Debut, Latest News

BESTie’s Hyeyeon’s YouTube Channel

Several K-Pop idols have recently begun to actively interact with fans since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. They try to create a new platform to stay active and upload their daily activities and work to be able to entertain fans around the world because of their limitations to attend some events or other events. One of BESTie’s members who has a position as leader, Hye-yeon, also has a YouTube channel!

Kang Hye-yeon is a solo artist who is now very active in various kinds of promotions and also interacts with her fans. Through the YouTube channel, Kang Hye-yeon also often does live streaming to just promote and also interact directly with fans through incoming comments and Hye-yeon will immediately answer questions from fans.

Beside live streaming, Kang Hye-yeon has also uploaded some QnA content, where she collected several questions that had been sent by fans and in the video, she gave answers to questions that had been received. Surely this is a good opportunity for fans to be updated with any news related to Kang Hye-yeon.

Kang Hye-yeon also uploads cover songs or live performances when singing and uploads them to her YouTube channel. It can be seen from the video above that Kang Hye-yeon really has amazing vocal skills and the content is also very beautiful to enjoy.

The former member of BESTie who is currently promoting as a trot singer also has her own pleasure to upload daily vlogs like the video above. Fans can also see the activities and work that Kang Hye-yeon is doing on a day-to-day basis. If you pay attention to daily vlogs, Kang Hye-yeon looks like a professional YouTuber with simple but very comfortable content to watch, right?

BESTie’s Hyeyeon’s Solo Debut

bestie hyeyeon profile

Kang Hye-yeon, who is now better known for her solo career, successfully made her debut as a solo artist on December 18th, 2018, with a song titled “Great” (Hangul: 왔다 야). After struggling to keep a steady career, she finally decided to become a solo singer and try her luck in a solo career.

“Great” is a trot song sung in a modern version. While many people think that Trot is a boring traditional Korean song that can only be heard by people among the elderly, Hye-yeon has a different appearance in a very upbeat song and a very colorful music video.

bestie hyeyeon profile

It has never been easy for Kang Hye-yeon’s life as a singer for six years, from idol group EXID to BESTie, it was a continuation of struggling. Even after debuting as a trot singer after a long hiatus, it wasn’t easy for two years. And the long wait ended at the same time as participating in Mistrot 2. Kang Hye-yeon, who was interviewed by the Seoul Economic Daily Building on March 8th, 2021, realized the change in popularity, saying that she was always busy after ranking 8th on the TV Chosun Mistrot 2.

“In the past, when an article or community article was posted, there was no comment, but these days I like it and comment a lot on YouTube. When you see it, you can realize its popularity. Recently, I have only been around because of Covid 19, but after a long time I went to go to a restaurant to eat, but a woman kept staring at me. When I was on the street, young people sometimes recognized me as I passed the street, and after trot, even when I appeared on the song stage, the seniors didn’t know. After appearing in Mistrot 2, surely a lot of seniors recognize me.”

bestie hyeyeon profile

Kang Hye-yeon appeared in Mistrot 2 and earned the nickname Smile Angel Trot Rabbit with a singing method that touches her cute appearance like a rabbit. She was predicted to be in the top 7 with excellent star characteristics, but unfortunately, she only managed to reach the 8th position and couldn’t make it to the final. There are a lot of regrets, but Hye-yeon thinks positively that she is receiving more attention after the semifinals.

“There were a lot of cheering posts saying, “I was disappointed to see such a good stage performance you made. One day ahead of the semi-finals, there was a sudden change of partner, but eventually, I fell to 8th place, and fans said that they would like to hug me. During the contest, I continued to work as if I was going through the hump with the mind of ‘let’s go over the next round.’ After everything was done, it was cool and I thought I was really good at going out.”

It wasn’t until the end of the contest, but in the process, Hye-yeon also had a lot of trouble. Due to the nature of the contest, her self-esteem fell as she compared herself with other participants as she said during an interview and there was an episode of anxiety that Hye-yeon couldn’t sleep because of repeated missions and practice. When the matched semi-final partner decided to get off the day before the contest, Hye-yeon even thought, “Why is this happening to me?”

bestie hyeyeon profile

“I was thinking that I barely came up until the semi-finals because I hadn’t been in Jin Seon-mi and never received rave reviews. I came to the semi-finals, but because of the hardships, I got dazed in the midst of the hardship. ‘What should I do?’ or ‘Can I do the best on stage?’ I thought, ‘I wouldn’t be able to get the same evaluation as the other participants,’ and it was tomorrow, so I felt so unhappy that I would have tears. Still, if I cried here, I felt like my mind and throat would go out, so I held back. I tried not to think of bad thoughts as much as possible,” Hye-yeon confessed about her feelings in the show.

“Actually, I had a bad throat condition before the semi-final individual stage. My vocal cord nodule came and my throat was cracked and my voice was not coming out. I was barely looking for vocalization so that the voice could come out, but after rehearsing with my partner, Ji-eun Yang, who was reintroduced, I went home at 2 a.m. I didn’t sleep for 3 hours and tried to sing, so I couldn’t come out because my throat was locked. In the end, I got the lowest score because my voice didn’t come out better than when I practiced. I thought, ‘Even if the cheering voting score is high, it can drop.’ So, on the stage of Love Taryeong with Yang Ji-eun, I wanted to show only the fun and enjoyment.”

It was a series of hard work, but Hye-yeon is proud to leave a good teammate and a great stage. She sent gratitude to her team, Pponggane (Kang Hye-yeon, Byul Sarang, Eun Ga-eun, Heo Chan-mi, Seong Min-ji) who participated in the 3rd medley team mission.

“I really liked preparing the stage with the members of Pponggane. I didn’t have any regular friends and I practiced while laughing without feeling like a contest. I prepared like that and went on the stage, but I thought, ‘I want to show you so much!’ At the end of the stage, the audience who watched online showed the words: ‘I think I’m the original team,’ with a text and it was a moment filled with tears. I really wanted to hear their cheering as well. Pponggane members have really good chemistry so I think it would be nice if there were a lot of commercials and programs in the future,” she said while laughing.

Kang Hye-yeon’s journey through the show began with the release of trot album Oh-Ya in 2018 with her single “Great”. When she was still working as a BESTie member, her agency planned to release a semi-trot album and tried to have a concept with an idol who sings trot music, but it failed.

“It was the first time that I was able to listen to an authentic trot properly, and it was really fun. So, when BESTie’s activities and promotions were over, I thought to try trot. After the contract ended, the representative of the current agency immediately contacted me and we started trot. When I saw the appearance on ‘Trot X’, he contacted me.”

bestie hyeyeon profile

Kang Hye-yeon was invited to audition for Season 1 of Mistrot as well. But it wasn’t long since she had started to sing trot, so she couldn’t take the challenge. Instead, for a year after releasing the album, Kang Hye-yeon spent time immersing herself in studying trot. Afterward, Hye-yeon and her music team finished preparing for the event to promote actively with her album, but when the COVID-19 erupted, everything was destroyed. At that time, as the audition for Mistrot 2 progressed, there was an opportunity for Kang Hye-yeon to challenge again.

“I had a lot of worries because I could be embarrassed after leaving for no reason. My personality itself is not a personality that can withstand the contest and the contest is not just because it is good. I thought about it a lot, and then I was encouraged to go out from the surroundings and at that time, there was no time to back down, so I accepted the challenge.”

“Now I think I did a good job trot in Mistrot 2. If I didn’t, I would have regretted it. Everybody I meet these days said, ‘I have a better image right now than when I was in BESTie.’ When I was doing promotions with BESTie, there were times when I was sensitive and the impression seemed fierce, but I think it was because I felt relaxed while trotting. When I was in BESTie, it was nice to play around with my peers, but it’s also a life where idols are oppressed. There was no interference from the company and I was sensitive because I had to diet. Trot is what I want to comfort myself with, and I don’t need to diet heavily, so I feel comfortable now,” she said while explaining the difference between being active as a BESTie member and a trot singer.

Kang Hye-yeon, who has finally found her place, is now planning to start working while becoming Mistrot 2 and she is ready to show her image and skills to the fans. Also, as a trot singer, she is planning to release a regular album to make a hit song.

“The album, Great, has been released twice, but now that it’s an annual year and its popularity has risen, I’m going to release a regular album focusing on Great. I am trying to collect as many songs as I can. I want to be remembered by the public as a talented semi-trot singer rather than as an idol. I don’t think there are many singers who give them bright energy, so I’m going to play a lot of songs like that.”

Well, that was all the information about BESTie‘s Hye-yeon: starting from her full profile, fun facts, career journey, to her latest news. Being an idol is not easy because all promotions will be arranged by management, but it doesn’t mean it will go well. For one reason or another, there is also the possibility that idols will suddenly become inactive, but luckily, Kang Hye-yeon is now getting a great opportunity to make her solo debut as a trot singer. Let’s support Kang Hye-yeon’s promotion in the future and if you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more of our interesting upcoming articles on Channel-Korea!