Check Out The Best And The Worst K-Pop Male Idols’ Hairstyles Throughout Time!

Best Hair

BTS’ V’s Black Hair

The appearance of one of the members of BTS, namely Kim Taehyung, or V, became a public talk, especially among his fans ARMY. V got a lot of praise for changing his hair color to black, many say that V looks very handsome and charming with black hair.

Even V shared the reason why he changed his hair color to black, “I think now I like black. That’s because I did too many colorful styles, so I thought I should calm down a bit now,” he said. Other BTS members also admit that V looks more handsome and mature with black hair. Do you agree with that?

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel’s Light Brown Hair

Kang Daniel also became the talk of many people because of his appearance that looks very handsome and very charming with his light brown hairstyle. After pink and blonde, Kang Daniel surprised his fans by changing his hair color to light brown and made his appearance very handsome. Everyone gave praise to Daniel’s appearance with his hairstyle like that. Doesn’t he look very handsome with a hairstyle like that?

iKON’s Jinhwan’s Curly Hair

One member of IKON also received praise from many people because of his hairstyle which made him look even more charming and handsome. Jinhwan got a lot of appreciation and praise for his curly hairstyle. He had dyed his curly hair twice with brown and blonde colors, any color seemed to match Jinwan’s curly hair. Many say Jinhwan looks very adorable. Do you think so? He really looks very adorable, right?

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon’s Blonde Hair

One member of SEVENTEEN, Vernon, also received a lot of praise and appreciation from many people because of his appearance that looks very charming with his blonde hairstyle. Vernon looks very handsome and the blonde hairstyle matches his face perfectly. His appearance really makes people curious about who he is. Well, do you think Vernon looks better with blonde hair?

So, who do you think is the member who really has the best and the worst hairstyle among the many K-Pop idols?