Check Out The Best And The Worst K-Pop Male Idols’ Hairstyles Throughout Time!

Check Out the Best and the Worst Male K-Pop Hairstyles

Appearance is the most important thing in the world of entertainment, including K-Pop idols. Their unique and creative appearance makes them the center of attention of many people and can increase their popularity. The appearance of the idols who often change and become the topic of fans’ conversations is their hairstyle. The appearance and change in their hairstyles could hold hidden meaning, revealing the fact that in the near future they might make a comeback.

However, not all hairstyles match their appearance, some of these idols hairstyles actually make them look weird but there are also some hairstyles that make them look handsome. In this article, Channel-Korea will share a piece of information about the best and the worst male K-Pop idols’ hairstyles. Want to know more about them? Check this out!

Worst Hair

TVXQ’s Yoochun During the Mirotic Era

First, Yoochun is one of the members of TVXQ who had the worst hairstyle during the Mirotic era. His hairstyle is considered strange and does not make Yoochun attractive: many say that his hairstyle makes Yoochun look old. His fans were really disappointed and thought that Yoochun’s hairstyle looks weird. His hairstyle resembles a bowl with bangs on the left side which is short and a long right side. Well, what do you think about his hairstyle?

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon’s Sushi Hair

The second worst hairstyle is G-Dragon. G-Dragon is known as one of the idols who quite often change their hairstyles. Since his debut with BIGBANG in 2006, he has undergone various style changes in both clothes and hair. One of his famous hairstyles is his sushi hairstyle. His hairstyle became a hot topic of conversation when BIGBANG attended the 2013 MAMAs where G-Dragon appeared with a hairstyle that resembled sushi with yellow hair and parted in the middle.

Many say that his hairstyle at that time did not match G-Dragon’s image and made his appearance look very strange, but some people said that the hairstyle of G-Dragon at that time was quite adorable and looked very cute. Well, what do you think about his hairstyle?

EXO’s Sehun’s Rainbow Hair

Third, Sehun who is one of the members of EXO also drew the public’s attention with his hairstyle which was considered very strange and food-like. At that time, Sehun changed his hairstyle with a variety of colors, but the colors used were not one but all the colors of the rainbow. Many say that Sehun’s hair with the colors of the rainbow looks like ice cream or cotton candy.

Sehun’s appearance at that time certainly received a lot of criticism from the public, especially EXO fans at the time, and said that Sehun’s appearance with rainbow hair looked very strange. But some people think Sehun’s appearance with his rainbow hair is very unique and adorable. Do you agree?

NCT 127’s Mark During the Firetruck Era

Fourth, one of the members of NCT, Mark, was a topic of public conversation because his hairstyle was considered very strange during the Firetruck era. When NCT debuted with Firetruck, the appearance of NCT members really stole the attention of the public, especially Mark. Mark became a centerpiece because his hairstyle was considered very strange and did not suit him.

Mark’s hairstyle at that time was colored in two colors, purple and orange. Orange for the front and purple on the back of his hair, of course, Mark’s hair drew negative attention from the public because many thought that it looked very strange and made Mark look not so attractive. Do you think so?

BLOCK B’s Zico’s Dreadlocks

Finally, Zico’s appearance became a highlight of public conversation, especially his hairstyle that was very strange. At that time, Zico changed his hairstyle with dreadlocks. Many say that Zico’s appearance with his dreadlock hair doesn’t suit him because Zico has a small face shape while his hairstyle is too big for his face. What do you think about his hairstyle?