Best Scene Apink Appear on Running Man Episodes

Running Man Ep. 203

rm 203

Running Man’s members and the guest stars must complete the mission as a couple.

Baek Sung Hyun and Yoon Bo Mi are the “Anniversary couple” who want to buy a couple rings for their anniversary. Kim Jong Kook and Son Na Eun are called the “Blind Date” couple, receive more cons than Yoo Jae Suk got.

The background of this couple is their mission to earn money for their dating expenses as well as their transportation costs. Lee Gwang Soo and Ji Sung earn the nickname as a “Workshop” couple, and they aim to earn money for the smooth running of the business they run. Cha Yoo Ram pairs up with Kang Gary as the “Billiard” couple. Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo serve as the “Sibling” couple who are trying to earn money to pay off the debts that his sister made due to failure in investment. Heo Gyeong Hwan and Haha are the “Event” couple, and Ochiri and Fabien are the “Tourist” couple. Kim Jong Kook and Son Na Eun are called the “Blind Date” couple, and they receive more cons than Yoo Jae Suk got. Yoo Jae Suk is with Joo Ji Hoon and they’re nicknamed the “Pretty Face” couple, who is receiving cash from other members because of Yoo Jae Suk in the group. The background of the couple is to earn money for the sake of adding to their facial appearance, in this case plastic surgery.

With the theme of One Day Tour, couples begin their journey to visit the sights to complete the missions. With the pamphlets provided by the staff, they start scattering to the places they want to visit.

Running Man Ep. 357

rm 357

Naeun didn’t come alone to Running Man as Apink’s member, she came with her maknae, Oh Hayoung. Naeun shows her dance skill and Sechan is interested to become her partner. Sechan really falls in love with Naeun and he’s even confused if he should button or unbutton his shirt to look handsome in front of Naeun. He says that Naeun is very pretty.

The other guest stars are Hong Jinyoung, Lee Sunbin, Lee Taehwan and Son Yeoeun. The male members of Running Man must choose their partner to complete the mission soon, and Sechan really wants Naeun as his partner. Jaesuk is with Yeoeun, HaHa is with Somin, Jongkook is with Jinyoung, Taehwan is with Jihyo, Seokjin is with Hayoung, Kwangsoo is with Sunbin and finally Sechan is partnered with Naeun. Both of them are happy because when they became partners even they celebrated it with a dance together.

Bomi at Running Man


Strong woman from Apink is Bomi, who also quite often present as guest star in Running Man. For as many as seven episodes, Bomi is present as a guest star at Running Man. Of course there are many funny and interesting incidents that Bomi will not forget during her time as a guest star at Running Man. Let’s check this out!

Running Man Ep. 177

In this episode, Bomi came into a cameo as all of the Running Man members went to the three of them (Bomi, Eunji, Chorong) to find clues about Gary’s apparent kidnapping.

She gives Kwangsoo a clue to find Gary, who was kidnapped.

Running Man Ep. 197

rm ep 197

Together with other Apink members, Bomi performed the No No No song to encourage the team that will fight Ddakji.

Ddakji is a traditional game that uses paper that is folded into a card or slab, one for each player. This game can be played by 2 or more people.

You win ddakji by slamming the ddakji you have in the direction of the opponent’s ddakji, so that the opposite ddakji from side A becomes side B or side B becomes A side.

In the end Sukjin team wins the game.

Running Man Ep. 203


Baek Sung Hyun and Yoon Bo Mi are the “Anniversary couple” who want to buy couple rings for their anniversary. Secret mission is again presented to increase the adrenaline in this episode. And the icon of betrayal, Lee Kwang Soo, is the main character in this episode. Filled with anger and a sense of revenge, Kwang Soo is aided by the only ally in this episode, Ji Sung, who performs an undercover mission and is required to arrive at the earliest final mission site to earn another team’s prize money.

The main mission for Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Sung is to tear and paste the name tag of every member of Running Man that day. With a note, they should really release the tag name until it’s completely loose, paste it back and the camera from the VJ should capture the image. If they run missions without getting caught on camera, then it does not count.

Running Man Ep. 255


During the summer episode shooting, Running Man performed in a big water park. Many female guest stars are presented to become a member pair Running Man. Starting from Soyou, Bomi, Seolhyun, Bora, Jihyo, and last GookJoo. The women choose their own partner in Running Man.

Jaesuk pulls up the blinds to see Soyu, while Jongkook is paired with Bomi, and gets too excited too early about Gary’s teammate, Seolhyun.

Having told the other guys to lay off his teammate this time, Suk-jin pulls up his blinds just enough to see our Jihyo on the other side. Haha high-fives his partner, Bora. But the real surprise is for Kwangsoo, comedienne GookJoo, who tells him to be super excited about this. He does, then runs to beat up Taek PD.

There is a game when Bomi and Jongkook must beat Soyou and Jaesuk. Jongkook beats Jaesuk, and he wins the game easily because he can pull up Jaesuk with his body and flip the pillows with one hand. And when Bomi beats Soyou, both of them are strongest member in their group. In the end, Soyou beats Bomi for the games.

Running Man Ep. 344

rm 344

Choi Minyong and Bomi became guest stars in this episode. They must complete the mission while enjoying some of the best restaurants in Seoul. But in this episode Running Man suffers a reprimand because there is a bad thing done by one member of Running Man against the guest star, Minyong.

HaHa accidentally touches Minyong’s vital tool while playing the game Hide and Seek. They chase each other because they were previously on different teams. Although he already apologized, the Running Man is still subject to reprimands to be more careful in playing the game.

Running Man Ep. 372


This episode is a Kwangsoo edition where all Running Man members have to find out who Kwangsoo’s assistant is. Sukjin had previously been accused of being Kwangsoo’s assistant, but in fact Sukjin is not Kwangsoo’s assistant.

All Running Man members and guest stars Sungrak and Bomi must complete the mission and find out who Kwangsoo’s assistant actually is. In the last game they are required to find a USB that contains a video which becomes a clue to the true identity of Kwangsoo’s assistant. Bomi finds one USB and watches the video provided. There Kwangsoo talks to someone that he liked Jjangmyeon as well as his assistant. Bomi who recieves the clue immediately suspects Sechan, Sungrak, and Sukjin to be Kwangsoo’s assistant.

Finally, Bomi has to be eliminated because Sungrak was Kwangsoo’s real assistant and he pulled out Bomi’s nametag. In the end JongKook wins the game because he succeeds in guessing that Sungrak is Kwangsoo’s assistant.