Best Scene Apink Appear on Running Man Episodes


Apink in Running Man

Running Man became one of the best variety shows on SBS, always getting the highest rating. For seven years Jihyo, Joongkook, HaHa, SeokJin, Kwangsoo, Jaesuk, and their former member Gary entertained the netizens with missions to be completed in each episode. Unfortunately Gary did not continue working with his friends and chose to focus on his solo career . Not long after, Running Man added two permanent members named Somin and Sechan. Now Running Man continues to entertain netizens with eight member formations, which previously Running Man is rumored to have stopped.

Because six out of the eight members of Running Man are male, they were of course looking forward to a girl or girl group attending as the guest star on Running Man. Apink became one of the girl groups that is quite often present over several episodes of Running Man. Let’s take a look at how Apink entertains us all in Running Man.

Apink at Running Man Ep. 177

With a theme close to Christmas, the episode titled The Nightmare Before Christmas was filming in December. In this episode Gary is still participating in Running Man. All Running Man members are given a mobile phone that gives them instructions for performing a mission and they perform missions in pairs.

Gary and JiHyo pair up as Monday Couple, HaHa is with Joongkook Jaesuk and Sukjin, and lastly Kwangsoo must run the mission alone. She and Sukjin fought to have Jaesuk as their partner, with Sukjin winning in the end.

The only Apink members who participated in this episode are Chorong, Eunji, and Bomi. They cameo in Running Man. They give Kwangsoo a clue to find Gary, because has been  kidnapped and all the Running Man members must then save him.

rm ep 177

When they’ve gotten a strong lead, they make sure Gil is the one who kidnaps Gary and they chase Gil through the GPS mounted on Gil’s car and they show the other Running Man members where Gil’s position is on their smartphones.

It turns out Gil and Gary just engineer Gary’s kidnapping before they both get a mission from the Running Man crew.

Running man members arrive at the place where Gil is located and arrest him. He is captured by Yoo Jaesuk, and Gil takes them to where Gary is kidnapped.  But Gary is gone, because he’s hiding.  In the end Gary is also found by Yoo Jaesuk.

Gary and Gil, along with the other Running Man members, meet in a place where they have to put their legs (Leesang brothers) simultaneously so they can win gold prizes, and when the opportunity arrives, they go straight into the circle despite being blocked by other runners who had already realized that it was Leesang winners. But the runners fail and Leesang wins the game and gets the prize.

Apink at Running Man Ep. 197

Previously, Running Man members were given a mission to play Ddakji. They are required to find two members from different campuses to be members of those campuses previously set by the Running Man crew.

Haha goes to Kyunggi University, Jongkook goes to Chungbuk National University, Jaesuk goes to Chungbuk National University, Kwangsoo goes to Korea University, and Jihyo goes to Pusan National University.

rm ep 197

APink performs to spur on the teams. The girls pick the first match between Jae-suk and Ji-hyo’s teams, which coincidentally are the girls’ hometowns. The other matches are as follows: Gary vs Haha and Kwang-soo vs Suk-jin.

Naeun at Running Man


As the visual from Apink, Naeun, is present in as many as seven episodes as a guest star at Running Man. Of course there are many funny and interesting incidents that Naeun will not forget in her time as a guest star at Running Man. Let’s check this out!

Running Man Ep. 162

This episode became one of the episodes of Running Man with a high rating because many of the idol group members who participated became guest stars such as INFINITE, SISTAR, APink, 2PM, Girl’s Day, MBLAQ, and BEAST (now being HIGHLIGHT).

At the opening of the episode, Running Man members dance with members of the idol group they have invited. The first appearance opens with the performance of INFINITE, namely Sunggyu and L, with HaHa the three of them bringing a song called Be Mine. Surely their performance invited a lot of laughter from netizens. Sunggyu and L cool styles mix with the silly style of HaHa. It is very inviting and there is a lot of laughter and appreciation for them.

Secondly, Gary performs No No No with Naeun and Eunji from Apink. Surely this perfomance brings the excitement because Gary dances like a woman with Naeun and Eunji. Even Sunggy, L, and HaHa can not help but laugh when they see Gary performing No No No with a cute style.

gary and apink
gary and apink1

Third, Jihyo turns to revenge Gary. He performs the song Fiction with a member BEAST (now HIGHLIGHT) with Doojoon and Gikwang. Surely this performance gets all the applause because Jihyo can perform perfect Fiction song movements with Doojoon and Gikwang, and as we know Jihyo is very bad in dancing.

Fourth, Jaesuk returns to bring a guest star idol group of girls called Girl’s Day. Minah and Yura, Jaesuk then perform Expectation. Of course this song has a sexy dance. Certainly, the audience can not help laugh at the sight of Jaesuk dancing in a sexy style.

Fifth, Kwangsoo comes out with his silly style dancing to MBLAQ songs with LeeJoon and SeungHo. Surely the movements and expressions of Kwangsoo, who really enjoysthe MBLAQ songs, invites everyone’s laughter, as he shows a very strange and funny expression.

Sixth, JoongKook brought Alone’s song from SISTAR with Hyolyn and Dasom. Surely SISTAR always carries a song with a sexy concept, but calmly JoongKook can follow the SISTAR song and tempo which instantly gets applause from the other members.

Finally, Sukjin along with 2PM performed the song Again & Again with Chansung and Wooyoung. This performance actually invites a lot of wild laughter because Sukjin’s performance is interrupted when she almost falls from the stage.

Running Man Ep. 197


In this episode, A-Pink does not play much in Running Man. They only appear at the end of the show to perform. Bomi, Chorong, Naeun, Hayoung, Namjoo, and Eunji perform the No No No song to encourage the Running man members in the fight. Even, Kwangsoo feels so happy when he knows APink will cheer them up with their cute performance. His eyes can not move away from Naeun.

Running Man Ep. 202

gary and apink

The Running Man members go to the station with their respective teams to go to run the Mission Competition, when they get the Opportunity Card from Jaesuk as MC in the Quiz End Competition. In his journey on the train, there is a small mission that must be completed to get rid of one team and leave Gyeongju and pass him to go to Busan. In the train, the guest stars show the competitive nature.

After that, they go on the mission to get the MC Chance Card. Finally it’s the last competition, the Quiz End Competition where one player becomes the attacker to choose which player has the wrong answer.  If he chooses the person with the wrong answer then the person will be watered but if he chooses people with the right answer then he will be watered.

There is a funny incident where Kwangsoo gets punished for not answering correctly and splashing water. The water douses Kwangsoo so much that Kwangsoo’s trousers off show his bottom. Of course the other Running Man members are excited. Even Naeun closes his eyes and laughs very hard after seeing the incident. Previously Kwangsoo also gets into trouble with his trousers in front of Naeun. While grappling with HaHa, HaHa pulls Kwangsoo’s pants down so that his buttocks are visible. Although censored, the incident invites the laughter of many netizens who watch it.