Best of K-Pop Couples Who Officially Announced Their Relationship and Dating Rumor

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K-Pop Couples: Love is in the Air

The K-Pop entertainment industry is always interesting in many areas. Not only because of music, drama and movies but also the relationships between actors, actresses and singers. They are also human beings that need to give and share love. In 2017, there were many things happening in K-Pop industries. There were marriages, other couples appearing, and some sad break-ups and rumors around. Here is a list of real K-Pop couples and rumors from 2017.

K-Pop Couples Who Had Relationships in 2017

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Some of the news coming out of K-Pop industries was about new K-Pop couples. Although these K-Pop couples didn’t last long, many fans were shocked when they heard the news for the first time. Usually, these couples are beyond fans’ imaginations and make them wonder how they got together. So here are the couples who had relationships in 2017.

Brand Manager Kim Min Joo x ex-F(X)’s Choi Sulli

sulli x brand manager

The couple was revealed by Dispatch in May 2017. When the news was released, Sulli and Kim Min Joo had already been dating for two months, and this was before she broke up with rapper Choiza. Before Sulli broke up with Choiza, Choiza had realized that he was being cheated on. However, the couple only lasted for 4 months. They are reported to have broken up around July 2017.

FT Island’s Choi Jonghun x Rhythmic Gymnast Son Yeon Jae

Choi Jonghun x Rhythmic Gymnast Son Yeon Jae

The couple was revealed by Dispatch on June 14 2017. According to Dispatch, they were going to a restaurant for Son Yeon Jae’s surprise birthday party. Before this, there was a rumor that they had met up before F.T. Island’s concert in Japan.

Jonghyun and Son Yeon Jae were first introduced by a mutual acquaintance around February 2017, and they started dating afterwards. Unfortunately after their dating news spread, they decided to break up in August 2017. It seems that Son Yeon Jae was feeling burdened by the public attention towards them.

Soloist Eddy Kim x Girl’s Day’s So Jin

Eddy Kim x Girl’s Day So Jin

The couple was revealed to the public around June 2017. They first denied the rumor but later their agency confirmed them to be dating. They started dating after starring in a show together; I Am a Movie Director Too. Unfortunately, the couple ended their relationship in December 2017 because of privacy issues, but they said they will remain friends.

List of 2017’s New K-Pop Couples

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2017 was another year of love in the K-Pop entertainment industries. Many celebrity couples were revealed from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. With lots of news around the couples, some of them that were dating are slowly breaking up because of privacy issues and their busy schedules. Some of the couples are married and living happily ever after as one. Here is the list of the dating and married couples in K-Pop in 2017.

Dating Couples

  1. Actor Joo Won x BoA
  2. Actor Min Jin Woong x actress Susanna Noh
  3. Soccer Player Cha Se Ji x actress Han Chae Ah
  4. Actor Park Sung Hoon x actress Ryu Hyun Kyung
  5. Actor Yoon Hyun Min x actress Baek Jin Hee
  6. Actor Lee Joon Ki x actress Jeon Hye Bin

Lee Joon Ki and Jeon Hye Bin were confirmed to be dating in April 2017. They first met on the set of Drama Joseon Gunman playing the lead characters in 2013. When the rumors about them appeared after the Drama, they were still just good friends. Their love progressed in early 2016 as they have a lot of common friends and were interested in each other. However, unfortunately they broke up on August 25 2017 because of their busy schedules.

7. Actor Nam Joo Hyuk x actress Lee Sung Kyung

8. Actor Jo Dong Hyuk x volleyball player Han Song Yi

9. Big Star’s Feeldog x ex-SISTAR’s Bora

Feeldog and Bora were confirmed to be dating in June 2017. Their love had grown since they met on Mnet’s Hit The Stage in 2016. Although the couple were revealed in June, they had already been dating for six months by then. The couple has been spotted several times in public; Feeldog always drives Bora’s car, and they were also seen waiting for each after voting in the election and holding hands. The couple are still going. Isn’t that sweet?

10. Actor Ryu Jun Yeol x Girls Day’s Hyeri

11. Soloist Kangnam x ex-After School’s UEE

12. FT Island’s Minhwan x ex-LABOUM’s Yul Hee

13. ex-EXO’s Luhan x actress Guan Xiao Tong

14. JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun x Hwang Hana

15. Actor Seo In Guk x actress Park Bo Ram

Married Couples

  1. Actor-Soloist Rain x actress Kim Tae Hee – January 19 2017
  2. SHINHWA Eric Moon x actress Na Hyemi – July 1 2017
  3. Actor Lee Dong Gun x actress Jo Yoon Hee
  4. Actor Song Joong Ki x actress Song Hye Kyo – August 31 2017
  5. Actor Lee Sang Woo x actress Kim So Yeon – June 9 2017
  6. Actor Joo Sang Wook x actress Cha Ye Ryun – May 25 2017
  7. Comedian Kang Jae Joon x comedian Lee Eun Hyung – April 8 2017
  8. Rapper Gary

Were There Any Gay Couples in the K-pop Entertainment Industries in 2017?

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In 2017 there were no rumors or news about gay couples revealed. There were no signs either about gay relationships in the entertainment industry. All of the men who work in the industry are only showing brotherhood relationships and their strong friendships at any occasions or in shows.

False Dating Rumors

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K-pop celebrities are sometimes subject to dating rumors appearing since they work in the same field. An unexpected meeting on a show, or just any false rumor that fans create because the celebrities look good together. There are also false rumors without any base or reason that suddenly appear and shock fans. Here are the false rumors about relationships in 2017.

1. Girls Generation’s Tiffany x Rapper Gray

tiffany x gray

2. BLACKPINK’s Jennie x YG producer Teddy

jennie and teddy

3. Soloist IU x actor Lee Jun Ki

iu and lee jun ki

The rumor about IU and Lee Jun Ki dating started after both of them starred in SBS Drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo, as the lead cast members in the drama. UI and Jun Ki show great chemistry in the Drama, which made a lot of fans overthink it and claim that they were dating. Jun Ki denied the rumor by revealing his real relationship with Jeon Hyeon Bin to the public (although he later broke up with Hyeon Bin).

4. BIG BANG’s G-Dragon x ex-After School’s Jooyeon

BIG BANG G-Dragon x ex-After School Jooyeon

The rumors about them appeared after they both appeared on the Kwai app, a popular app at the time. A lot of fans started to feel curious about their relationship and why they would have been together at that time. Later it was revealed that they were out with a mutual friend and had a good time together as they went on holiday as close friends.