Do You Ship #BTSVelvet? Check Out the Best Moments Between BTS and Red Velvet Here!


Sailing Ships Between Rising Stars: #BTSVelvet

Are you familiar with ships in the K-pop world? Since before, it is not rare to find ships of your idol with another idol from another group which was made by fans. The ships can be triggered by interactions of the mentioned idols at some event or maybe just the fans’ wish for the two to be together because they might make a great couple.

One of the many ships that have sailed with fans is between BTS members and Red Velvet members. The two idol groups have recently become more popular, slowly appearing much more at events, concerts, and television programs than before, and they have many interactions going between them which make fans start to ship some members of the groups.

For the case of #BTSVelvet couple, there are some ships that’s popular among the fans. Some of it are Jimin and Seulgi, Jungkook and Yeri, V and Irene, Jin and Wendy, Suga and Wendy, and also V with Joy. Are you curious about these ships? Let’s take a look at these couples!

Fanmade Photos

To represent their imagination on the infamous couple in #BTSVelvet, the fans loves to edit some photos of BTS members and Red Velvet members. This action was taken in order to make it look like the member of BTS and Red Velvet are really close or even more, have a special relationship such as dating.

Jimin and Seulgi

Jimin and Seulgi are both members who represents dancing in their respective group. They are known as the member who has outstanding talent in dancing field. This is one of many reasons why the fans ships these couple. Furthermore, the two of them has actually performed together in a stage before. Obviously this moments made the shipper of this couple happy to see the two of them interacted in the real world.

The fans has made a photos of their ships together on their own. Here are a few fan made photos of Jimin and Seulgi couple!

What do you think about these photos of Jimin and Seulgi? Do you think that these photo looks real?

Jungkook and Yeri

As the youngest member of their group, or well known as maknae, there is no helping for the fans but to ship these two. As both of them has a playful personality, the fans think that they will make a great couple! Do you also think that they suit each other well?

For all Jungkook and Yeri shippers out there, here are a few photos of Jungkook and Yeri made by the fans!

What do you think about these photos of Jungkook and Yeri couple? Believe it or not, these photos are not real and made by the fans. These photos seems quite realistic, don’t they?

V and Irene

If you combine something good with other thing that’s good as well, can you imagine how much of a great thing we can have? That’s exactly what definite V and Irene couple. Both of them are representing the visual of their respective group, which makes them almost looks like too perfect as a couple. Do you ship them too?

For you who ships V and Irene couple, here are a few photos of V and Irene made by the fans!

What do you think about V and Irene couple? Do you think that they suit each other well?

Jin and Wendy

This time, we have Wendy and Jin as a couple! Quite unexpected, perhaps, but it’s not bad and we might have a power couple who exceeds in singing. We knew that Wendy has an amazing voice, and we can’t underestimate Jin too as he also have a sweet, soft but powerful an stable voice. Do you think that the two will go well as a couple?

For all of you who ships Jin with Wendy, here are a few photos of the couple made by the fans!

What do you think about this couple? Do you think that they should realize this ship in real life?

Their Moments and Interaction

Not only imagination, but the member of BTS and Red Velvet has actually interacted in real life, and the fans spotted these moments too!

For example, Jimin has performed with Seulgi at the same stage. At that time, they had to perform at SBS Gayo Daejun opening stage in 2016 with other idols who excel in dancing. The next is Jin and Irene who became an MC together with EXO’s Chanyeol and TWICE’s Sana for SBS Gayo Daejun in 2017. Also, there was a time when both group stood next to each other in KBS music program Music Bank. There are many moments and interactions between them, either directly or indirectly that has been spotted by fans.

Here is the video when Jin and Irene became an MC with EXO’s Chanyeol and TWICE’s Sana:

To capture the moments between their ships, there are some fans who has made a compilation video of #BTSVelvet moment in real life. Here are a few videos of #BTSVelvet moments compilation made by the fans:

What do you think about these ships between BTS and Red Velvet? Do you think that they might go well if they are really dating? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about #BTSVelvet on the comment section!