25 Best Looking Korean Drama Actresses in 2017

18. Choi Ji-woo


Choi Ji-woo was one of the leaders in the beginning of Korean Wave. She started to gain public attention in 2001 after starring in Beautiful Days and boosted her popularity after starring in one of the most memorable Asian dramas Winter Sonata where she acted alongside Bae Yong-joon. Following the popularity of Winter Sonata in Japan, Choi Ji-woo became really popular and even got a nickname “Princess Ji-woo” from local citizens.

19. Park Shin-hye


Park Shin-hye made her acting debut in one of Choi Ji-woo’s drama, Stairway to Heaven in 2003 as the younger version of Choi Ji-woo. Her popularity significantly rose after starring in You’re Beautiful in 2009 and the drama also made her poplar in Japan. Her other successful dramas are Flower Boys Next Door, The Heirs, and Pinocchio. She is not only good at picking up drama projects but also movies. Her most successful movie is Miracle in Cell No. 7.

20. Goo Hye-sun


This beautiful wife of actor Ahn Jae-hyun is not only an actress but also a songwriter, singer, director, and an artist. Goo Hye-sun is best known for her role in Boys Over Flower in 2009. As a director, she has directed 7 movies. As an artist she released an illustrated novel titled Tango in 2009 and it became a bestselling novel. She was appeared on a reality show with her husband called Newlywed Diary.

21. Gong Hyo-jin


Gong Hyo-jin gained international popularity after starring in Pasta alongside Lee Sun-kyun in 2010 and continued to rise to fame with The Greatest Love. In 2013 she made her comeback in the rom-com horror drama Master’s Sun with So Ji-sub. But she is best known for her role in It’s Okay, That’s Love as a psychiatrist.

22. Moon Geun-young


Moon Geun-young rose to fame after playing a role as the younger version of Song Hye-kyo in Autumn in My Heart. She is called the “Nation’s Little Sister” after starring in the said drama. She continued her acting career in a horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters, and two box office hits My Little Bride and Innocent Steps. She got her first leading role in a drama as a painter in Painter of the Wind in which she got a Daesang (Grand Prize) in the 2008 SBS Drama Awards. She is not only a good actress but she was known as a really diligent student when she went to Sungkyunkwan University in Korean Language and Literature.

23. Jang Na-ra

jang nara

Like other actresses, Jang Na-ra started her career as an advertisements model first. She finally made her debut as a singer under SM Entertainment and expanded her career to acting. Jang Na-ra won Best New TV Actress Award after starring in her first drama Successful Story of a Bright Girl. Beside doing her work as an actress and singer, she is also well known for her charity work and donations.

24. Moon Chae-won

moon chaewon

Moon Chae-won gained public recognition after she starred in Painter of the Wind alongside Moon Geun-young in 2008. She finally rose to fame in 2009 after starring in Brilliant Legacy with Han Hyo-joo and Lee Seung-gi. Moon Chae-won is best known for her roles in The Princess Man and The Innocent Man. She is now making a drama comeback with Criminal Minds.

25. Song Ji-hyo


Most people must already know Song Ji-hyo since she is a Running Man member since 2010. Song Ji-hyo started to gain public attention after starring in Princess Hours as a ballerina and Jumong as Jumong’s first wife and received massive popularity in her own country following success of Jumong.

Excellent dramas can not be produced with only good story lines, but the actors and actress have to be good at acting and have good looks to attract the publics attention. Those actresses are not only good at acting but have many talents and other fine aspects, moreover they are beautiful in their own ways.