25 Best Looking Korean Drama Actresses in 2017


Best Korean Drama Actresses with Natural Beauty without Any Plastic Surgery

The quality of Korean dramas is not only seen by their story line but also by the quality of the actors and actress. There are many good looking actors and there are also many pretty actresses to make those dramas more interesting too. People not only see them by their beauty but also their acting skills.

Most viewers usually like actresses that have natural beauty or look natural without plastic surgery, moreover if those actresses are about to take a role in a historical drama that will show Korea’s traditional culture, those actress have to support the drama with Korean women’s natural beauty too. There are many pretty Korean drama actress, but Korean viewers will enjoy the drama more if the actresses look natural with excellent acting skills to boot.

1. Song Hye-kyo


Song Hye-kyo is one of the most popular Korean drama actress. People got to know her as almost all of her projects ran well, even bringing Korea to be as well known too. After starring in Autumn in My Heart, a melodrama that has a tragic ending, Song Hye-kyo became one of the top Asian actresses and continued her success with Full House which is her other hit drama. She became one of the leaders of the Korean Wave with her continued success and has big fandom in China. Now she is married to her co-star in Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong-ki.

2. Jun Ji-hyun


Jun Ji-hyun is another Hallyu star alongside Song Hye-kyo, although she has more movie projects rather than dramas. She shot to fame after starring in the romantic comedy movie My Sassy Girl with Cha Tae-hyun in 2001. She is a pro in action movies such as Blood: The Last Vampire, The Thieves, and The Assassination. But, in 2013 she proved that she can be successful not only by starring in movies but also dramas. Reunited with her co-star in The Thieves, Kim Soo-hyun, she starred in a mega-hit drama My Love from the Star. It was a really popular drama and both of them got tons of CF offers after that, even though they already have many endorsements.

3. Kim Tae-hee


This Korean drama goddess is considered one of the most beautiful women in Korea. She started her career first as a model for commercials and print advertisements. People started to give her attention when she appeared in Stair Way to Heaven as a villain in 2003. In 2004, Love Story in Harvard successfully brought her massive popularity. In 2012, she announced that she was dating actor and singer, Rain, and finally married in the beginning of 2017. Now, Kim Tae-hee gave birth to a baby girl.

4. Kim Hee-sun


People nowadays are probably not familiar with her name because Kim Hee-sun is considered a senior actress that was more active in the 90’s, but Koreans are familiar with her, especially with her beauty. Despite her lack in international popularity, Kim Hee-sun is considered one of the Hallyu leaders in China alongside Song Hye-kyo and Jun Ji-hyun. She starred in a movie with Jackie Chan titled The Myth.

5. Park Bo-young


This petite actress is known for her good sense in picking up her projects, both movies and dramas. Most of her projects are successful with interesting story lines and different genres. Her most successful movie project is A Werewolf Boy where she acted alongside Song Joong-ki. A Werewolf Boy is a fantasy romance movie that is claimed as the most successful Korean melodrama of all time. On the other side, Park Bo-young’s most notable dramas are Oh My Ghostess where she played an assistant chef and Strong Woman Do Bong-soon where she played a woman with superhuman strength.

6. Han Hyo-joo


With her beauty combined with her successful projects, Han Hyo-joo became one of the CF stars in Korea. The path to stardom opened when she was starring in Likely Land and Sky with Park Hae-jin and Iljimae with Lee Joon-ki in 2008. Her most notable projects are Brilliant Legacy where he acted alongside Lee Seung-gi, historical drama Dong Yi, and a fantasy drama W – Two Worlds.

7. Son Ye-jin


Son Ye-jin is well known for her pretty face and her diverse roles as an actress. Her various roles go from a nice girl to a con artist to a femme fatal in Open City. Like Jun Ji-hyun, Son Ye-jin is more active in movies too, but she has successful dramas as well, such as Summer Scent and Personal Taste.

8. Yoon Eun-hye


Yoon Eun-hye debuted as a member of Baby V.O.X in 1999. She started her acting career in 2006 through Princess Hours as a girl who later on married the crown prince, which is a big hit Korean drama. Her other successful drama is Coffee Prince where she acted alongside Gong Yoo. Now she is not only working as an actress but as a director and designer too.

9. Lee Young-ae


Lee Young-ae started her acting career in the early 90’s and already received many awards for her great acting skills even before starring in one of the most successful Korean dramas, Jewel in the Palace or Dae Jang Geum in 2003 with Ji Jin-hee. With her continued successful dramas and movies, Lee Young-ae donated most of her income to charity and became the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in 2004.

10. Shin Min-ah


Shin Min-ah began her career as a model for teen magazines then as a model for many products and also a model for various music videos. She started to enter the Korean drama industry in 2001 in a supporting role in Beautiful Days. However her most notable drama is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho where she played a role as a nine-tailed fox in a human form. Her relationship with actor Kim Woo-bin went public in 2015.

11. Bae Suzy


Suzy is not only an actress but also a girl group member of Miss A. She made her acting debut in 2011 through Dream High and even got the best couple award with her partner, Kim Soo-hyun. In 2012 she made her big screen debut with Architecture 101 and gained massive popularity and thus she got many CF offers. Suzy revealed her relationship with actor Lee Min-ho in 2015, but now they are broke up because of personal reasons and remain friends.

12. Ha Ji-won


Ha Ji-won started her acting career in the mid 90’s with supporting roles and finally gained attention from the public in 1999 after starring in the high school drama School 2. She has been starring in various genres of movies and dramas with different kind of roles each time. She has many popular dramas such as Damo, What Happened in Bali, and Hwang Jin Yi. Ha Ji-won got her international popularity through Secret Garden, The King 2 Hearts, and Empress Ki.

13. Han Ga-in


This pretty married woman began her acting career when she was 20 years old. Her first drama was KBS2 Sunshine Hunting. However the peak of her career was in 2012 when she played a role as a shaman in Moon Embracing the Sun alongside Kim Soo-hyun and followed by one of Korea’s box office movies, Architecture 101. She is married to her co-star in Yellow Handkerchief in 2005 and after suffering a miscarriage in 2014 finally she gave birth to a baby girl in 2016.

14. Go Hyun-jung


Before starting her career as an actress, Go Hyun-jung was the runner-up of Miss Korea in 1989. She started her acting career in early 90’s and shot to fame after starring in Sandglass which was a really high-rated drama in 1995. In the same year she married Samsung founder’s grandson, Chung Yong-jin, but it ended it in 2003. She came back to the Korean drama world in 2005 with Spring Day. But her most notable drama is the historical drama Queen Seondeok where she played a royal concubine.

15. Kim So-hyun


Kim So-hyun is a young actress that began her career as a child. She has been starring in various dramas and roles but she received a good response each time she acted in dramas or movies. She finally got her first lead role in 2015 when she starred in School 2015 with dual roles as twins and followed by Let’s Fight Ghost and The Emperor: Owner of the Mask.

16. Kim Yoo-jung


Kim Yoo-jung is a trending actress alongside Kim So-hyun and she started her acting career as a child actress too. She has been starring in many historical dramas thus getting the “Saeguk Fairy” title. But her popularity rose in 2012 after starring in Moon Embracing the Sun with Kim So-hyun too. She finally got her first lead role as an adult in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds where she played a cross-dressing role.

17. Kim Ji-won


Kim Ji-won started to gain public attention after starring in the high school drama To The Beautiful You in 2012 in a supporting role. She finally got massive popularity after starring in the mega hit drama Descendants of the Sun as an army surgeon. In 2017 she finally got her first lead role as a department store employee in Fight My Way and the drama got positive responses thus establishing her as a leading actress.

18. Choi Ji-woo


Choi Ji-woo was one of the leaders in the beginning of Korean Wave. She started to gain public attention in 2001 after starring in Beautiful Days and boosted her popularity after starring in one of the most memorable Asian dramas Winter Sonata where she acted alongside Bae Yong-joon. Following the popularity of Winter Sonata in Japan, Choi Ji-woo became really popular and even got a nickname “Princess Ji-woo” from local citizens.

19. Park Shin-hye


Park Shin-hye made her acting debut in one of Choi Ji-woo’s drama, Stairway to Heaven in 2003 as the younger version of Choi Ji-woo. Her popularity significantly rose after starring in You’re Beautiful in 2009 and the drama also made her poplar in Japan. Her other successful dramas are Flower Boys Next Door, The Heirs, and Pinocchio. She is not only good at picking up drama projects but also movies. Her most successful movie is Miracle in Cell No. 7.

20. Goo Hye-sun


This beautiful wife of actor Ahn Jae-hyun is not only an actress but also a songwriter, singer, director, and an artist. Goo Hye-sun is best known for her role in Boys Over Flower in 2009. As a director, she has directed 7 movies. As an artist she released an illustrated novel titled Tango in 2009 and it became a bestselling novel. She was appeared on a reality show with her husband called Newlywed Diary.

21. Gong Hyo-jin


Gong Hyo-jin gained international popularity after starring in Pasta alongside Lee Sun-kyun in 2010 and continued to rise to fame with The Greatest Love. In 2013 she made her comeback in the rom-com horror drama Master’s Sun with So Ji-sub. But she is best known for her role in It’s Okay, That’s Love as a psychiatrist.

22. Moon Geun-young


Moon Geun-young rose to fame after playing a role as the younger version of Song Hye-kyo in Autumn in My Heart. She is called the “Nation’s Little Sister” after starring in the said drama. She continued her acting career in a horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters, and two box office hits My Little Bride and Innocent Steps. She got her first leading role in a drama as a painter in Painter of the Wind in which she got a Daesang (Grand Prize) in the 2008 SBS Drama Awards. She is not only a good actress but she was known as a really diligent student when she went to Sungkyunkwan University in Korean Language and Literature.

23. Jang Na-ra

jang nara

Like other actresses, Jang Na-ra started her career as an advertisements model first. She finally made her debut as a singer under SM Entertainment and expanded her career to acting. Jang Na-ra won Best New TV Actress Award after starring in her first drama Successful Story of a Bright Girl. Beside doing her work as an actress and singer, she is also well known for her charity work and donations.

24. Moon Chae-won

moon chaewon

Moon Chae-won gained public recognition after she starred in Painter of the Wind alongside Moon Geun-young in 2008. She finally rose to fame in 2009 after starring in Brilliant Legacy with Han Hyo-joo and Lee Seung-gi. Moon Chae-won is best known for her roles in The Princess Man and The Innocent Man. She is now making a drama comeback with Criminal Minds.

25. Song Ji-hyo


Most people must already know Song Ji-hyo since she is a Running Man member since 2010. Song Ji-hyo started to gain public attention after starring in Princess Hours as a ballerina and Jumong as Jumong’s first wife and received massive popularity in her own country following success of Jumong.

Excellent dramas can not be produced with only good story lines, but the actors and actress have to be good at acting and have good looks to attract the publics attention. Those actresses are not only good at acting but have many talents and other fine aspects, moreover they are beautiful in their own ways.