25 Best Looking Korean Drama Actors in 2017

9. Park Hyung-sik

park hyungsik

Park Hyung-sik was not an actor at first, he debuted as a member of boy group ZE:A. Slowly he started his acting career by joining a musical with Super Junior’s Ryeowook and later on starred in various dramas. His recent drama with Park Bo-young, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is well received by many people.

10. Jo Jung-suk

jo jungsuk

Jo Jung-suk was actually a musical actor so he is a package of perfection for an actor. He can act, sing, and play instruments very well. He gained popularity after his appearance in Architecture 101 with Suzy. In 2015 he starred in a drama with Park Bo-young titled Oh My Ghost which was a hit when it was aired.

11. Im Si-wan

im siwan

Im Si-wan was in the same group as Park Hyung-sik and is as successful as him. He has done various dramas and movies with different characters each time he played. People started to give him attention since his appearance in Moon Embracing The Sun but he got really popular after Misaeng.

12. Ji Chang-wook

ji changwook

Ji Chang-wook started his acting career in musical theater. Later on he tried television drama and slowly gained popularity after starring in the daily drama Smile Again. Healer became his breakthrough drama and he became really popular in China after that.

13. Seo In-guk


Seo In-guk debuted as a soloist after winning Superstar K in 2009. He started to do acting in 2012 on KBS drama. In the same year he played a role as a high school student with Jung Eunji on the mega hit drama Reply 1997.

14. Park Hae-jin

park haejin

People love Park Haejin for many things. Of course he is a handsome actor and has good acting skills to boot, but on the other side he is also called a “donation angel” because of the amount of donations he has given over the past few years.

15. Lee Je-hoon

lee jehoon

At first, Lee Je-hoon did not realize his desire to go into acting. He was a biotechnology student at Korea University before moving to Korea National University of Arts. His acting as a detective on the crime drama Signal received praise and the drama got so many compliments from viewers.

16. Joo Won

Joo Won

Started his acting career from a musical then made his debut on KBS2’s King of Baking and Kim Takgu, Joo Won continued to gain popularity for his acting skills and good looking face. He shot to fame after starring in Yong Pal, an action medical drama with Kim Taehee. In the beginning of 2017 his agency announced that he has been dating BoA since 2016.