The Best Lee Jong-suk’s On-Screen Kiss is with Park Shin-hye? Check Out Their Chemistry in ‘Pinocchio’!

Park Shin-hye is Lee Jong-suk’s Best On-screen Kiss?

lee jong suk & park shin hye

In another interview, Lee Jong-suk might have surprised plenty of the women in this universe! Sounds overrated, but it might be true. In one of his fan meetings, Lee Jong-suk revealed that of all of the kissing scenes he has been through, that the scenes with Park Shin-hye were the best so far.

park shin hye & lee jong suk

Even though all of the kissing scene with various actresses was good, according to him, it might be different with Park Shin-hye, that’s why he said it was the best. But still, it wasn’t that big a deal, since he only answered the questions during his fan meeting session.

Their Dating Rumors

lee jong suk & park shin hye

Well, since there have been a lot of romantic moments between Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye, during Pinocchio or even outside their occupation, people started to think that they might be dating in real life. Is that even true? Let’s find out together!

After Pinocchio ended, the friendship between Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye obviously continued. But, people might have been caught off guard, since they were only hanging out as friends, not lovers. The dating rumors came up after Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye were having a photoshoot, then they continued the day walking around and hanging out. But that wasn’t a big deal, since they weren’t dating, at all.

park shin hye & lee jong suk

Mostly, people were aware that the pair were going to various areas to do their photoshoot, but the assumption that they were also enjoying a romantic date there was spreading rapidly. Finally, Park Shin-hye stated that she and Lee Jong-suk were close friends, and nothing more. She said it during her fan meeting in Taiwan.

Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye’s are both known to be good actors, which caused people to believe and love their chemistry during Pinocchio. No wonder, people were assuming and hoping for them to be dating in real life, right? But still, we do hope for them to continue their good relationship as friends, and do the best for their own careers, as well!

Their Relationship Now

lee jong suk & park shin hye

How is Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye’s relationship, now? Do they spend a lot of time together as friends? Let’s check this out!

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the moments between Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye. Even though it seems they haven’t seen much of each other recently, we still believe that they are good friends. Since Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye were busy with their own schedule, it might be difficult to meet each other.

Lee Jong-suk just celebrated his birthday on September 14th, 2019. He turned 30 years old, or 31 years old in Korean age. Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye was busy with her photoshoot schedule.

That was all of the information about Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye and their chemistry in the drama Pinocchio! Even though the drama is over, their acting skills was remained the same, as great as usual! Let’s wait for upcoming projects from both of Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye, and we do hope to see them together in one frame, again!

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