Get Inspired By The Best Haircuts And Styles Of K-Pop Female Idols That Became A Trend In 2018

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2018’s Best Styles and Best Haircuts From K-Pop’s Female Idols

As you can see, 2018 was a year that started some of the best trends when it comes to fashion and hairstyles! There were a lot of new trends and new hairstyles which inspired people to copy K-Pop idols’ appearance, especially their fashionable hairstyles. Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about that, so keep on reading!

Throughout the years, K-Pop idols have become trendsetters with their own charisma and style. One of the ways you can really se it is through some of the female K-Pop idols, with their best haircuts and styles in 2018! Do you want to know more about it? Let’s find out the answer here!

Bobs With Bangs

red velvet joy

We might often see female idols with their long and stylish hair, but have you noticed that some of them have been looking effortlessly beautiful within bobbed hair and bangs? You have surely seen them and been inspired by them!

And let’s keep up with these female K-pop idols who have been rocking bobbed hair with bangs, here!

ELRIS’s Bella

elris bella

Short bobbed hair with tiny bangs seemed to be such a popular hair trend, right? Especially in 2018, just like ELRIS’s Bella, who was looking cute with her bob! she looked effortlessly cute with her black, short hair, especially those tiny bangs which suit the shape of her face very well!

TWICE’s Momo

twice momo

Through the What Is Love era, TWICE’s Momo was looking cute with her short bobbed hair and tiny bangs! The hairstyle suits her face shape perfectly, and also the short hair gave her a very fresh look.

Kim Sohye

kim sohye

The former I.O.I member Kim Sohye also showed off her natural beauty with short hair and bangs! The hairstyle made her look youthful and gorgeous at the same time! Since her haircut shape was simple and easy to copy, you could try out the hairstyle and give yourself a new look.

Bun Hair

blackpink jennie

Next are hairstyles that include buns! There are a lot of types of bun hairstyles, such as a half-bun ponytail, messy buns hairstyles, pucca bun hairstyles, simple bun hairstyles, and many more. Since there’s a lot of types in this general category, female idols have represented it through several styles, as well.

Let’s take a look at some female K-Pop idols with bun hairstyles, here!

GFriend’s Sowon

gfriend sowon

GFriend’s Sowon was looking cute with her half bun ponytail style! The style also made her look feminine and cheerful at the same time. Not only that, the half bun ponytail also goes with all sorts of outfits, whether you are about to go to formal event or casual party.

AOA’s Seolhyun

aoa seolhyun

AOA’s Seolhyun was looking adorable with a messy bun hairstyle! The combination of messy bun and little white dress was suits her very well, and the style was effortlessly adorable and feminine at the same time. She also made some tiny curls for her messy bun, which looked very natural!



Next is IU! She was looking cute with the twin bun hairstyle in her music video, BBIBBI! This hairstyle also became a trend at the time, and it was called a ‘pucca’ hairstyle. For your information, ‘pucca’ refers to the character Pucca from a Korean animated series, who wears either those two buns, or one bun on one-side of the hair, as well!