Ex-Berry Good’s Subin: Profile, Fun Facts, Etc.

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Everything You Need To Know About Berry Good’s Face of The Group—Kim Soo-bin

Berry Good is a K-Pop girl group that debuted in 2014 with their single “Love Letter”, with a line-up of 5 members. As time went by, Berry Good gained quite a bit of popularity in South Korea with their active promotions. Berry Good are also releasing more and more new songs and doing promotions everywhere so that they have enough fans to keep providing support so that they can survive in the music industry, especially to become a part of the Hallyu wave.

In this article, we are going to take a more detailed look at one of Berry Good’s members, Soo-bin, who has unfortunately received the status of a former member when she had just been promoting for a year while Berry Good was working hard so that they could release new songs after debut. For some reason, Soo-bin had to leave activities and promotions with the group that debuted under JTG. Without waiting too long, let’s take a closer look at Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s information provided in this article below!

Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s Full Profile


Real Name: Kim Soo-bin (Hangul: 김수빈)

Stage Name: Soo-bin (Hangul: 수빈)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, September 4th, 1994

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 168 cm (5’6″)

Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Active Period: Berry Good (2014–2015)

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

Official Site: Instagram (@ssb__k94)

Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s Fun Facts

  1. Berry Good’s Soo-bin is a former member of D-U that debuted in 2011 with their single “Look”.
  2. Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s specialty is writing lyrics.
  3. Berry Good’s Soo-bin has a 5-year old dog named Kemi.
  4. Berry Good’s Soo-bin was a model for an online shopping store before she joined Berry Good.
  5. Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s ideal type, according to the other members, is a man with a tall figure who would take good care of himself.
  6. Berry Good’s Soo-bin, Nayeon, and Iera, in January 2015 were announced to have left the group to focus on their studies.

Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s Focus Fancam

Every K-Pop group in South Korea has a fandom consisting of several fans and there are also those who become individual fans for idols in a group which according to them is very captivating.

So from this, the term of focus fancam appears which is a video recorded from girl group promotions from time to time, especially videos that contain content of a member of a K-Pop group and also show their charisma on stage when performing with their group. In this session, we are going to take a closer look at Berry Good’s focus fancam of Soo-bin!

On August 1st, 2014, Berry Good’s Soo-bin was seen performing with the group which took place at Lotte World. In this era, Berry Good had just made their debut and were still in the rookie era. In the focus of the fancam above, you can see Berry Good having a performance by delivering one of the top hits from Western Pop singer, Justin Bieber, titled “Baby”. The members and Soo-bin also look very cute wearing costumes like maids but with a combination of red and white and high heels so they look very beautiful and sweet.

On September 16th, 2014, Berry Good held another performance by delivering one of their singles titled “Love Letter”. In the focus of the thread above, we can take a look at Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s expertise in singing and dancing. The concept during this performance carries a cute theme and the members look beautiful with simple outfits such as light blue uniforms with tartan motives. Soo-bin looks like the most beautiful schoolgirl among the school students.

Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s Visual


Being an idol in South Korea entails that a person must be very well known for their diverse beauty. Therefore, competition in the entertainment industry is also getting tougher because the standards for being an idol in South Korea are very high.

Idols are required to have a beautiful and handsome face. The agencies are also willing to spend money on caring for idols who have successfully debuted so that their visuals and appearances look fresh and perfect. In this section, we invite you to find out more about Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s visual and appearance. Let’s check out the details down below!

One of the members of Berry Good who was born in 1994 looks to have a beautiful and small face size. Maybe at first glance or when she was on stage, her appearance was similar to BLACKPINK’s Ji-soo. During Soo-bin’s promotions with her group, she was always seen with long black hair that was let loose with a base make-up that wasn’t too bold, thus showing Soo-bin’s natural beauty.


Berry Good’s Soo-bin debuted at the age of 20 in 2014. Not too young for a K-Pop idol to debut. Even on the sidelines of her promotion as an idol, Berry Good’s Soo-bin also shared a photo when she was participating in the Korean presidential election. She appeared in casual clothes because she was off schedule and also very light make-up. Even when off-cam, Berry Good’s Soo-bin still looks pretty, right?


During the “Love Letter” era, Berry Good had the concept of being an innocent schoolgirl. The members wore school uniforms with tartan motives and very simple make-up and hairstyle. Berry Good’s Soo-bin also looks good wearing school concept while promoting in this era. With a cute concept, Berry Good’s Soo-bin looks really representative of this group, therefore she managed to get a position as Face of the Group, while promoting with Berry Good.


Even when Berry Good were performing, Soo-bin was able to show her aura and charisma according to the concept that was delivered, which is a cute and innocent concept. Many of the costumes were intentionally made in different colors, but in the same theme as the school uniform. This is quite unique because most members of Berry Good have entered adulthood and have graduated from formal school.


Unlike other idols who decide to leave the group and start a career again, such as re-debuting in another group or doing a solo career, Soo-bin decided to become a freelance model. Currently, she doesn’t want to return to the entertainment industry and can still be found on her Instagram account. With the daily pictures she uploads, fans can let go of their longing by seeing Soo-bin’s beauty who is getting more mature and looking even more beautiful!

Berry Good’s Soo-bin’s Latest News


Until now, there is no news from Soo-bin whether she will return to the entertainment industry to restart her career as an idol or not. Since she left Berry Good on the grounds that she wants to continue her education, there has been no further news about Soo-bin, let alone returning to the entertainment industry, except for updates from her social media. If fans check out her Instagram (@ssb__k94), they will find some of Soo-bin’s latest posts about her current daily life.

Well, that was all of the information about former Berry Good member Soo-bin: from her full profile, fun facts, career journey since her debut era with Berry Good, to her latest updates. Even though Soo-bin is now living her life as a non-celebrity, she has also had achievements because she successfully debuted as a member of a fairly well-known girl group and was able to return to work as a model like before she debuted.

Let’s give Soo-bin support so that she stays happy, and if you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!