South Korean Girl Group Berry Good: Profile, Debut Era, Stage Performance, and More!

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Berry Good: A Mixture of Sweetness and Purity

This girl group created such a sweet and delightful impression towards people, especially the fans. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Berry Good, so stay tuned!

Berry Good’s Group Profile

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Berry Good was a girl group under JTG Entertainment that consisted of the members Nayeon, Iera, Subin, Taeha, Johyun, Seohyul, Sehyung, and Gowoon. They first debuted in May 2014 with the single “Love Letter” and later introduced their fandom name Very Berry.

Berry Good didn’t stick to a permanent image, but they showed various concepts with each comeback. But, basically, they emphasized a bright and innocent feminine look. The group had some line-up changes between 2015 and 2017, and the most recent members included Johyun, Seohyul, Sehyung, and Gowoon.

Berry Good’s official links:

Twitter: BerryGood2014

Instagram: berrygood_official

Facebook: official.B2RRYGOOD

Fan Cafe: BerryGood

YouTube: Berry Good Official

VLive: Berry Good channel

Berry Good’s Discography

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Studio Albums

Title Album Details
Free Travel Release Date: August 16, 2018

Label: JTG, Kakao M

Format: Digital download, CD


Extended Plays

Title Album Details
Very Berry Release Date: April 20, 2016

Label: Asia Bridge, JTG, CJ E&M

Format: Digital download, CD

Glory Release Date: November 1, 2016

Label: JTG, CJ E&M

Format: Digital download, CD

Fantastic Release Date: May 25, 2019

Label: JTG, Kakao M

Format: Digital download, CD



Year Title Albums
2014 Love Letter Love Letter
2015 Because of You Very Berry
2015 My First Love Very Berry
2016 Angel Very Berry
2016 Don’t Believe Glory
2017 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Non-album single
2018 Green Apple Free Travel
2018 Mellow Mellow Free Travel
2018 This Winter Fantastic


Berry Good’s Debut Era

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Berry Good marked its debut by releasing the single “Love Letter” in May 2014! The group emphasized a feminine and pure image as its concept. Let’s get to know more about “Love Letter” here:

Berry Good’s Music Video

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“Love Letter: is a cheerful song, and its music video mostly consists of feminine looks, pastel colors, and an innocent image. The music video is divided into several scenes like the members’ dancing performance, a scene where all the members gather together in an adorable playroom, a wedding party scene, and many more!

Berry Good’s Song Meaning

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“Love Letter” narrates the feelings of love from a girl. She has a crush on someone and wants to give him a love letter. It is her way of confessing her feelings to the guy and explain how precious he is to her. The song also reminds us of a love-at-first-sight story since the girl is absolutely in love with him from their first encounter!

Some of the lyrics for “Love Letter” are written as:

“You’re my dazzling sunny days, a morning sunshine, always sunny”

“I fill up my day with the thoughts of you, you’re sweet like ice cream babe”

“I completely fell in your eyes, in your smile”

Berry Good’s Debut Stage

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During the “Love Letter” era, Berry Good went to several music programs to promote the single and perform their debut stage. One of the programs they went to was M! COUNTDOWN which showcased Berry Good and their adorable performance! Dressed up in checkered yellow outfits, Berry Good made the crowd become really enthusiastic by presenting a powerful dance performance and cute vocals with “Love Letter!”

Berry Good’s Stage Performance

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Music Program

Berry Good performed “Angel” on one of their live stages held on Music Core. Just like the song’s title, they looked ethereal like angels from heaven! The girls were dressed up in a style that reminds us of teenage school girls, and their vocal harmonization was beyond amazing, not to mention the energetic dance performance!


Radio Program

People were able to see Berry Good’s comfy and chill performance during a live version of “Mellow Mellow.” The group went on Arirang Radio and showed off their marvelous vocals. They proved that Berry Good definitely had genuine abilities in vocals and successfully entertained people!


Busking Performance

The girls looked different but remained engaging through a busking performance! For “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo,” they were dressed in a casual style and held a mini-performance on a simple stage watched by a bunch of people. The cheer and euphoria within the song made Berry Good’s performance become really appealing. It felt as though we were seeing Berry Good during dance practice, right?

Interview Session With Berry Good

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Through one of Berry Good’s debut interviews, they introduced themselves as the girl group Berry Good and explained the meaning behind the group’s name. Berry means to produce good fruits and also meant that Berry Good’s members wanted to work hard to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, the group’s concept was bright and innocent since they wanted to showcase that image as well. The members debuted at such a young age, and their style was mostly to look like teenage students. Then, the group explained that their debut single “Love Letter” was a remake of Click B’s song, but the group made “Love Letter” into something more lovely, cute, and feminine.

Berry Good participated in an interview session with Pops in Seoul, and it was formulated as a question and answer session. The members received various questions which helped people learn more about them. It was revealed that Dahye left a comment on a post about her, Taeha’s experience during her trainee period was explained, and more!

The group had another interview with Pops in Seoul, but this time Berry Good also played a random game! The group members introduced themselves and promoted their comeback single “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.” It was described as a funky single with mass appeal and a song that turned into a spell to bring happiness to people.

Berry Good’s YouTube Channel

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Let’s take a look at Berry Good’s latest videos on YouTube here:

Music Video

After releasing the official MV of “ACCIO,” the dance video was released afterward. Berry Good appears with summer outfits that suit their stage. The girls perform the dance version of “ACCIO” on a tennis court under the bright rays of sunlight!

Live Performance

Berry Good also released the dance video of “ACCIO” with the relay version in a portrait clip! The members made a neat line-up, and there were transition changes between each members’ part. It felt as though people were watching a focus fancam, but this time, all of the members were included! Their dance performance was absolutely fabulous as well as their appearance!

Music Video Sketch

Berry Good released an attractive video of “ACCIO” that is labeled as a music video sketch! It showcases the behind-the-scenes of making the MV for “ACCIO”, the preparation and shooting process, and funny moments from Berry Good which people haven’t seen before. The music video sketch was quite similar to a behind-the-scenes video, but it was made in a more intriguing way!

Berry Good’s Latest Music Video “ACCIO”

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Let’s keep up with Berry Good, and find out what they have been up to lately! Berry Good released their latest project through the single “ACCIO” which was officially released on November 5, 2020, along with the music video. It also became their first project after their latest full-length album Free Travel from 2018.

Watch the music video of “ACCIO” here:

That is all of the information regarding Berry Good! Let’s show them some support and love, and don’t forget to comment below your favorite single from Berry Good!