Former Member Berry Good’s Iera’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality And Many More!

Everything You Need To Know About Berry Good’s Main Rapper Jeong Yi-ra

Berry Good is a group of female singers from South Korea formed by Asia Bridge Entertainment in 2014, under the auspices of JTG Entertainment. About two years after debut there were personnel changes with the departure of three members, which are Iera, Soo-bin, and Na-yeon, from the original line-up. Despite this, the agency decided to add new additional members, namely Seo-yul, Se-hyun, and Daye, so Berry Good’s line-up can remain with 6 members.

However, what about the news from the members who have already decided to leave Berry Group? Channel-Korea has provided detailed information about one of the former members of Berry Good, Iera, so don’t miss out on the scoop about her in this article below!

Berry Good’s Iera’s Full Profile

Real Name: Jeong Yi-ra (Hangul: 정이라)

Stage Name: Iera (Hangul: 이라)

Place and Date of Birth: April 10th, 1995

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 163 cm (5’4″)

Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Active Period: Berry Good (2014–2015)

Position In The Group: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Official Site: Instagram (@bambiera1)

Berry Good’s Iera’s Fun Facts

berry good iera profile
  1. Berry Good’s Iera was a DSP Media trainee.
  2. Berry Good’s Iera’s hobby is watching movies.
  3. Berry Good’s Iera has two older sisters, Ah-reum and Da-un.
  4. Berry Good’s Iera’s ideal type, according to the other members, is a nice guy who has deep thoughts.
  5. Berry Good’s Iera left the group in January 2015 to focus on her studies.

Berry Good’s Iera’s Focus Fancam

A focus fancam is usually a video recorded by fans as a token of appreciation for the good performance idols have shown on stage. Various performances that are displayed when one of the promotional groups, such as in comeback stages, busking, showcases, fan signing events, and many more, can usually be seen online or easily visited sites such as YouTube. In this section, we are going to take a closer look at Berry Good’s Iera’s focus fancam while performing on stage!

Berry Good debuted in 2014 with their first single “Love Letter”. In this era, Iera got a very good spotlight by displaying her talents as the Main Rapper. In one of the fancams that can be found, Iera looks very cute in a uniform like a maid with a combination of red and white. The cute concept that was delivered was also shown very well as the members also wore natural make-up and hairstyles for this performance.

On August 8th, 2014, Berry Good performed a cover song of the popular Justin Bieber song “Baby”. A song that we usually hear in male voices, this time Berry Good delivered something different with their cover performance which took place at Soongsil University Graduate School Night.

The members also looked very beautiful wearing white dresses and decorated with glitter on the chest. Likewise with Iera who appeared beautiful and cute at the same time in this performance.

Unfortunately, because Iera’s promotion time with Berry Good was only 1 year, no focus fancam can be found on another occasion because when Iera was promoting, Berry Good were still considered a rookie girl group and this member who was born in 1995 didn’t have many individual fans.

Berry Good’s Iera’s Visual

berry good iera profile

South Korean girl group members are well known for their beauty even from their pre-debut era. Some of them are naturally born beautiful, but some of them also have to take care to improve their visual quality so that they look more perfect and meet the fans’ expectations. In this section, we are going to look more closely and discover the details about the beauty of Berry Good’s Iera!

The member who has the full name Jung Yi-ra looks naturally beautiful and has a good standard for debuting as an idol in South Korea. When talking about beauty standards, of course, it is not easy for women to get the perfect appearance. However, beauty is an element that must be owned by female K-Pop idols and Iera can also prove that her visual appearance is very beautiful and natural. It can even be seen in the image above when she is not wearing make-up.

berry good iera profile

Berry Good’s Iera also looks pretty with her cheeks that look a little chubby, but if you look at it she still has a slim face that doesn’t really accentuate her cheeks. In fact, this can be said to be one of the unique traits of Iera’s face because she looks cute with her cheeks that look a bit chubby, right? Hopefully, Iera doesn’t develop a complex about her beautiful face.

berry good iera profile

In the photoshoot she did above, she also showed very good results. Again, this is luck from the visual that Iera has. She looks like a magazine model with a tall and slim figure in general. Even though the picture shows less expression, Iera can pose well in front of the camera and give good results for the above shot.

berry good iera profile

Many people say Berry Good is a girl group that flopped, but not the members who have beautiful visuals, one of them is Iera. In the picture above, you can see that Iera has beautiful eyes and her gaze also exudes her aura as an idol who has very good potential. Unfortunately, she made a decision not to continue her career as an idol.

berry good iera profile

Currently, Iera is more active in spending her time just doing the things she likes in her daily life, such as the picture above which she uploaded to her Instagram and showed fans that after she left Berry Good, she still looks good and even cut her hair shorter. Iera looks more mature in this picture, right?


Berry Good’s Iera’s Latest News

berry good iera profile

To this day, there has been no further news about the life of Iera, who has been living her life after deciding to leave Berry Good in 2015. It seems that Iera is more comfortable with her life as a non-celebrity and she has no desire to start her career again as a K-Pop idol. Of course, she has to prepare many things if she were to return to the entertainment industry, and that is not an easy thing to do.

Even so, let’s appreciate Iera as a former member of Berry Good by giving her support so that she can carry out her current activities and work well. Don’t forget to give positive comments on Iera’s uploads on her Instagram!

Well, that was all the information about Berry Good’s Iera who is currently a former member. Unfortunately, Iera only lasted one year in promoting as a member of Berry Good and decided to leave the girl group when the group had not received a fandom and public recognization. However, let us continue to provide more support for Iera and her current life.

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