Famous for His Good Looks, Here Are 10 Before-and-After Debut Pictures of Ji Chang-wook! Did He Undergo Plastic Surgery?

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Did Ji Chang-wook Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Ji Chang-wook, a stunning South Korean actor, is well-known for his incredible acting as well as his good looks. He’s best known for his roles in popular dramas like Warrior Baek Dong-soo (2011), Empress Ki (2013–2014), The K2 (2014-2015), Healer (2016), and Suspicious Partner (2017). 

Currently, Ji Chang-wook is doing his military service, which he started on August 14, 2017. He underwent basic training at the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division, at Cheorwon, Gangwon Province. Upon completion, he was awarded a prize for high performance. He has been assigned to the Army’s 5th Artillery Brigade at Cheorwon, Gangwon Province to complete the remainder of his military service. He’s been appointed as a Platoon Leader and was promoted to Corporal. Ji is scheduled to be discharged on April 28, 2019.

Besides his acting record and his activities, are you curious about his pre-debut life? Did he have plastic surgery sometime during his career? Some people believe that Ji Chang-wook has changed his face through surgery. But, no worries! You can decide it for yourself.

In this article, we will give you pictures from before and after his debut to see for yourself! Keep scrolling!

Before- and After-Debut Pictures of Ji Chang-wook

Many people believe he did change his face, especially his nose. But even after looking at his pre-plastic surgery photos, Koreans agree that he’s looked good all his life. Look at his childhood pictures, he actually has the same face structures and features back then.

  1. His childhood picture when graduated from kindergarten. He was cute, wasn’t he?


2. Taken from his Elementary School Photo book


3. Can you guess his age in this photo?


4. Look at his debut pictures from the drama My Too Perfect Son


4. His role in Smile Again 

In 2010, Ji Chang-wook played the nationally beloved role of Donghae in Smile Again – a role that still follows Ji Chang-wook today.


5. Do you remember when he had this hairstyle? He still looked cute after all!


6. Car Selfie has always been a thing!


7. Ji Chang-wook in Empress Ki

When he returned to the screen to make Empress Ki, Koreans realized that something about his nose seemed slightly different. He had undergone plastic surgery to alter the shape of his nose.


8. Ji Chang-wook in the action drama, Healer


9. Ji Chang-wook in his recent drama, Suspicious Partner.


10. The actor when he was starting his military service. His military haircut can’t hide his charm!


What do you think after seeing his before- and after-debut pictures? Do you think he had plastic surgery?

While he hasn’t ever made an official statement about whether or not he’s had work done, Ji Chang-wook has mentioned plastic surgery in several instances. Back in 2012, during a TV interview, Ji Chang-wook discussed why doctors advised against it.

He said, “I went to see a plastic surgeon because I wanted to get my nose done. I went for a consultation. The doctor kept telling me that if I got my nose done, I would look awkward. So I got scared and left.” 

Later in 2017, Ji Chang-wook proudly shared his favorite features about himself: his signature eyelids and wide-set shoulders. He later told the host that his body and facial features have never been touched by a surgeon.

“For my shoulders, I was born with a wide frame. I thank my parents for that. You’ll have to see a plastic surgeon to get eyelids like mine… but I don’t think even a doctor could give you these.”

Koreans and fans worldwide still adore his handsome face, whether he had surgery or not. Well, it seems that Ji Chang-wook wins people’s hearts not just with his face or body, but with his charm and talent!

Keep fighting Ji Chang-wook, we miss watching you on the screen!