Before and After Nine Muses’ Plastic Surgery

Nine Muses Sojin Plastic Surgery


Sojin, or Jo Sojin, is the one of the nine muses members that was really hard to prove whether or not she had plastic surgery. Why ? Because it was really hard to find debut photos of Sojin so netizen didn’t know how Sojin’s looked before she became an artist. Much speculation said that she did a nose job and fixed her eyelids also because she has perfect face. Her specialties in nine muses include choreography and creating choreography.

Nine Muses Minha Plastic Surgery


If you’re looking to her nose, we already know that she had a nose job in order to make it look perfect. Who wouldn’t with a big fat nose like hers? Thankfully Minha’s surgeon has done an excellent job with her post debut nose as she now sports a slimmer more defined version of her old nose.


Now she looks more faboulous right?

Nine Muses Euaerin Plastic Surgery


The next Nine Muses plastic surgery member is Lee Hye Min, who goes by the name Euarin instead. How sad that many netizens said she changed everything, even her name. Euaerin has done Nine Muses plastic surgery on her nose too.


Here’s Euaerin looks now…

Nine Muses Sera Plastic Surgery

Sera, as she is commonly known, is guilty of Nine Muses plastic surgery just like the rest of her group mates. Like you see in this photo, Sera has a good looking jaw line now. It’s unlike the old photo where she had a square face. I think Sera can’t deny her plastic surgery.


Nine Muses Lee Sam Plastic Surgery

lee sam

The media has speculated that Lee Sem got a boob job, but we think her Nine Muses plastic surgery is a little closer to her face. We already know from this photo that she had a square face before.

Nine Muses “Ex Member” Eunji Plastic Surgery


Because she became an ex member, it’s really hard to tell if Eunji got plastic surgery from a debut photo.

Nine Muses “Ex Member” Jae Kyung Plastic Surgery


Because she became an ex member, it’s also hard to tell if Jaekyung got plastic surgery or not.

Nine Muses “Ex Member” Rana Plastic Surgery


Rana is an ex member of the muses who became a model. Netizens already know that she had nose job and a jaw line fix in order to make her face perfect.

Nine Muses “Ex Member” Bini Plastic Surgery


Because she became an ex member, it’s also hard to know if Bini had plastic surgery.