Here’s A List Of Bed Squeaking Sounds In K-Pop Songs You Haven’t Noticed!

“Boy” by The Boyz

The Boyz is one of the boy groups that debuted in 2017 under Cre.kerz Entertainment. They debuted with the release of a single titled “Boy” with a unique concept and song with bed squeaking sounds. The song “Boy” is about a man who wants to realize his dreams when meeting with someone he loves. From the lyrics, this man is likened to having magic that can make someone enter his world.

Even though The Boyz is famous as a rookie, they also continue their current career by attending Mnet’s Road to Kingdom as one of the contestants. This was shown from the news released in March 2020 that The Boyz was confirmed as a boy group line-up that would be present at the survival show. The Boyz were also able to prove their hard work and achievements by getting the No. 1 position in one episode of Mnet’s Road to Kingdom.

“Boy Meets Evil” by BTS

“Intro: Boy Meets Evil” is the opening song of the Wings album series by one of the group’s rappers, J-Hope, and popularized by BTS. This is the first time for men born in 1994 to fill the intro of their album. In this song, J-Hope fills in the vocal and rap parts of love that are considered addictive, but also misleading. It is symbolized in the title of “Boy Meets Evil” or the moment when a young man gets acquainted with love that misleads him. The theme depicts a similar concert of the song “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”

This song was released in 2016 and shows the charismatic side of J-Hope who is a BTS member who has excellent dancing skills. In the music video trailer, J-Hope is lined up to be the main star. Wearing a white shirt and black jeans, he also looks cool with the dance he performed. The idol, whose real name is Jung Ho-seok, also seems to really appreciate his role in the video.

“Perfect Love” by LOONA

“Perfect Love” is one of the songs popularized by LOONA and released in 2018 as one of the tracks of their 5th mini-album titled [++]. This song tells about the definition of love that is never wrong and when a person finds a different feeling in herself, it is interpreted as love that she has never felt before. In the lyrics of “Perfect Love,” there is a part that tells about the feelings of someone who is constantly attached to the person she likes.

“Perfect Love” also has a medium tempo that is very characteristic of the cute and girly concepts in the song. This song is like telling a love story of a young person who has just felt her first love and how she must handle each beat of her heart when dealing with the people they like.

“Young Wings” by Stray Kids

“Young Wings” is a song popularized by Stray Kids, the latest boy group that debuted under JYP Entertainment. The song was released in 2018 and has a video performance that shows Stray Kids members wearing all-in-black costumes dancing on the rooftop with energetic choreography with a sunny background and a beautiful city view.

“Young Wings” had also previously been brought up in their survival show, Stray Kids, in order to welcome the final round to immediately debut the trainees who will become permanent members of the boy group. In the “Young Wings” lyrics, this song tells the story of a young man who wants to look mature, this also has another meaning about the transformation from children to adults. Beside that, “Young Wings” also shared their happy feelings from the memories of their youth towards the age of 20 years and the time they spread their wings to get ready to fly into the new world with life-like adults in general.

“I’m Not Sorry” by Dean x Eric Bellinger

In 2015, the singer known for his R&B singing style, Dean, released a single titled “I’m Not Sorry.” The song, which is fully sung in English, is the result of the collaboration between Dean and singer and songwriter from the United States, Eric Bellinger. In this song, Dean sings about a man who is now successful and has no time to think about the woman he once lost.

Lyrics from “I’m Not Sorry” really tell the story of the separation of someone with a lover who had left him before. Part of the lyrics, “I’ve been on your mind, True. Twenty racks on my wrist still won’t have time for you,” illustrate that the feelings of love in the past when they loved each other have now changed and he must forget the person he used to love.

“Pretty U” by Seventeen

Not only the vocals presented in the song titled “Pretty U,” which was released in 2016, but the choreography of Seventeen was also quite interesting to the audience of the music program. In a song that tells of a man who was fond of a girl, the thirteen members danced to the song with exciting movements while stamping their feet. And not only the foot movements performed by the members, but also the use of sofas they often use on the stage also became part of the idea of the choreography of “Pretty U.”

In fact, Hoshi who choreographed “Pretty U” revealed his idea behind the making of these dance moves, “I didn’t find the right idea, so I went to the waffle café for 24 hours. At that time I was sitting on the couch and started to move my legs, so I just made the initial exclamation. But then I was inspired,” Hoshi said. That is why in their stage performances on music shows they brought this song using the sofa as a property. The members jump, dance, hide, sit until they lie on the couch.

As K-Pop idols, the main task in their career is not just to be an entertainer who is proficient in dancing and singing, they are also required to present a good stage performance, even some of them can also make songs and choreography that become the hits that they create. Let’s keep giving them lots of love and support so that in the future they can present another great and unique song as their comeback in the entertainment industry!