K-Drama Review: Follow the Story of Gong-shim Who is Overshadowed by Her Own Sister and Found Her Victory in the drama ‘Beautiful Gong Shim’


Get the Details about K-Drama “Beautiful Gong Shim”

Chanel-Korea is back to tell you about a Comedy-Romantic Korean Drama titled “Beautiful Gong Shim”.

You know that romantic comedy is one of the favorite genres for audience to watch, and that viewers love the humor between romantic scenes. This genre is so refreshing, and in 2016, SBS gave us ‘Beautiful Gong Shim’, which will make your day.

For you who don’t already know about this drama yet, let’s check this out!


Stories in “Beautiful Gong Shim”


“Beautiful Gong Shim” also known as “Beauty of the Beast”, is a Korean Drama that was released by SBS and ran from May 14 until July 17, 2016, in South Korea. In Korea, this drama titled “Minyeo Gongshimi” (in romanization) and ran on Korean television every weekend. “Beautiful Gong Shim” is directed by Baek Soo-Chan and written by Lee Hee-Myung. The first script reading took place on April 13, 2016, at the SBS Production Center in Ilsan, South Korea.

This drama is focused on the love stories between two sisters and two brothers, and how one of the sisters felt that she gets overshadowed by her perfect sister. The lead female role, named Gong Shim, was played by Girl’s Day’s Min Ah. Before Min Ah was chosen to play Gong Shim, the role was originally offered to the actress Baek Jin-hee, but she declined. Gong Shim is a kind-hearted girl but doesn’t have a beautiful face, and she has a sister named Gong Mi, played by actress Seo Hyo-Rim, who has everything, including a beautiful appearance.


For the brothers, Nam Gung-Min got the lead male role, as a character named Ahn Dan-Tae, a Human Rights lawyer that was sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit and then has to go to prison because of it. His brother, Seok Joon-Soo, who was played by male actor On Joo-Wan, lives in an apartment and is trying to make something in his life.

This drama was about Gong Shim’s life, and many people would call her a ‘loser’. It’s difficult for her to get a job, and she doesn’t have as beautiful a face as her sister, Gong Mi. Gong Mi’s life is totally Gong Shim’s life in reverse. She has a good career as a lawyer and has a pretty face like their mother. This makes Gong Shim become a skeptical woman with an inferiority complex.


Gong Shim’s life is changed when she meets twos non-blood-related brothers, Ahn Dan-Tae and Seok Joon-Soo. Ahn Dan-Tae, who was punished for the crime that he had nothing to do with, wants to find out who the real culprit was that kidnapped Seok Joon-Pyo, Seok Joon-Soo’s relative. There would be romantic scenes between Gong Shim and Ahn Dan-Tae as the stories continued, and they fall in love with their unique personalities. But things get complicated as Joon-Soo and Gong Mi appear in their love story. But in the end, of course, Gong Shim finally gets her victory in the life she’s won, with Ahn Dan-Tae by her side.


The Cast


Let’s get a bit more information about some of the actors in “Beautiful Gong Shim”.

Nam Gung-Min

Nam Goong Min

Nam Gung-Min is an actor and model, born on March 22, 1980 with blood type B. He was a student at Chung Ang University and his hobbies are playing basketball, billiards, and rollerblading.

This is Nam Gung-Min’s first lead role for a major broadcasting station. We usually see him for the antihero/villain character role in many dramas. This is his first role as a male lead role, and he got a nice character, too. We can see how different Nam Gung-Min’s acting is and how he could bring us to see a new side of him as an actor. And, even though it’s his first lead role, he won the 2016 SBS Drama Award as Best Actor for Romantic-Comedy dramas.

Nam Gung-Min previously worked with Beautiful Gong Shim’s director, Baek Soo-Chan, and their writer, Lee Min-Hyung, in the 2015 SBS drama series “The Girl Who Sees Smells”.


Bang Min-Ah / Min Ah

Min Ah

Bang Min-Ah, or we knew her, Girl’s Day’s Min Ah,  is one of the members of the girl-group from South Korea, and was born on May 13, 1993. She attended Jinsun Girls’ High School and majored in Broadcasting at Dongduk Women’s University. In 2010, Min Ah made her debut in Girl’s Day as the main vocalist on Music Bank with their first single, “Tilt My Head”.

In 2016, Min Ah landed her first television leading role in SBS’s “Beautiful Gong Shim” and earned positive reviews from people.


On Joo-Wan

On Joo-Wan

On Joo-wan is a Korean actor who was born with birth name Song Jung-Shik, on December 11, 1983, in Daejeon, South Korea. His height is 180 cm and his blood type is O.

He’s been working as an actor since 2002 up through the present day. His career started on SBS’s television series titled “Rustic Period”. He’s played roles in musical theater, too.


Seo Hyo-Rim


Seo Hyo-Rim is a talented actress and MC that was born in South Korea on January 6, 1985. Her height is 170 cm and her hobbies are singing and dancing. She majored in Secretarial Studies at the University of Inha Technical.

She became an MC for Music Bank and the 2009 Big Star X-Files, and became model for some music videos. She’s played in many Korean dramas and movies.


The Soundtracks


When there is a good drama or movie, there are also good soundtracks for it. And for the drama “Beautiful Gong Shim”, they gave us such cute and romantic songs for the soundtracks. These soundtracks talked about how they felt so thankful to meet each other, how it felt between the two siblings, how we are pretty as we are, and many themes.

These are the list of the “Beautiful Gong Shim” Original Soundtrack titles.

  1. Struggling To You by Woo Ye-Rin (OST Part 1)
  2. My First Kiss by Bang Min-Ah (OST Part 2)
  3. My Face Is Burning by Choi Sang-Yup (OST Part 3)
  4. Love Cell by Jang Woo-Ram (OST Part 4)
  5. Found by Coffee Boy (OST Part 5)
  6. Beautiful by DinDin ft. Juniel (OST Part 6)
  7. Waiting by Nell (OST Part 7)
  8. Again and Again by Wheesung (OST Part 8)
  9. If It’s You by Yeo Eun of Melody Day (OST Part 9)


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Beautiful Gong Shim

  1. This drama is not just about a lovey-dovey couple who coincidentally met each other. This is a drama where each of them had their own problems and how they have to solve them so they can be together.
  2. Love can bring you to a person you didn’t even think about. Gong Shim never thought that Dan-Tae would come into her life and change everything. It goes for Dan-Tae, too. How they accept each other without thinking about their pasts so much, is worth watching.
  3. This drama also tells you to love yourself as you are, do not feel overshadowed by everyone and keep moving as you are.
  4. Gong-Shim and Dan-tae are an odd couple. And odd couples are always cute as they are, and it is so fun to watch in dramas or movies when the odd couples are the main characters.
  5. Of course, last but not least, the soundtracks. “Beautiful Gong Shim” has cute and romantic soundtracks that make for great listening.


That’s all the information about the Korean Drama “Beautiful Gong Shim” that we can bring you. So, what are you waiting for? Add this drama on your list! Search “Beautiful Gong Shim” and watch it as soon as possible!