Everything You Need To Know About Former BEATWIN Member Jungha: Fun Facts, Appearance in ‘The Unit,’ and More!


Get To Know The Talented BEATWIN’s Jungha

You may already know about the boy group BEATWIN. This group consisted of 6 members and was formed in 2014 under Elen Entertainment. Over time, some of the members chose to carry out their solo careers and leave the group, one of which was Hwang Jungha.

In this article, Channel-Korea will give you all the information about the former member of BEATWIN, Jungha. So, stay tuned!

BEATWIN’s Jungha’s Full Profile

jungha beatwin profile

Name: Hwang Jung Ha (황정하)

Stage Name: Jungha (정하)

Birth Date: January 29, 1993

Birth Place: South Korea

Height: 180 cm (5’11″)

Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)

Zodiac: Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Instagram: junghagram

Occupation: Singer, Actor

Years Active: 2014 – present

Group: BEATWIN (left)

Position: Lead Rapper (in BEATWIN)

Agency: Elen Entertainment

BEATWIN’s Jungha’s Fun Facts

beatwin jungha profile
  • Jungha said that he really wants to meet G-Dragon from BIGBANG because he thinks all of G-Dragon’s fashion styles are really cool and he admires his rapping skills.
  • If he gets the chance to do anything, he would go around the world traveling.
  • He really likes soccer. Because of this, he wants to visit Spain to watch a match of the Premier League.
  • When sleeping, he can’t wake up to the sound of his own alarm.
  • Jungha is pretty indifferent sometimes, and because of that, one of BEATWIN’s members named Yoonhoo said that he will be the worst husband.
  • Jungha along with Seongho left BEATWIN on September 28, 2017.

About BEATWIN’s Jungha’s Personality

beatwin jungha profile

According to the other BEATWIN’s members, Jungha has a pretty unique personality and even does things that are out of the box. Sometimes, he’s indifferent, and sometimes, he does things that are unexpected until other members think that he has mentally abnormal.

One of the unique things he did was saying that he wanted Sunhyeok to make him seaweed soup on his birthday. Despite his uniqueness, he’s also said to be a mood maker in the group.

BEATWIN’s Jungha’s Focus Fancams

beatwin jungha profile

The term “fancam” is familiar to K-pop fans. This term stands for “Fan Camera” and is created when fans record their favorite idol’s performances with their own camera or smartphones whenever they appear at various music shows or music festivals.

Fans will record their idol’s performances into a standard quality or high-quality video format, and then they will upload it to social media or video-sharing websites such as YouTube. This is also what BEATWIN’s fans did. Their fans have recorded their performances as either a full group or a fancam focused specifically on one member, for example, Jungha. So, here are some of Jungha’s focus fancams that have been uploaded on YouTube!

The two fancams above are videos of performances by Jungha when he was still in the group. You can see his performances by watching the videos above!

BEATWIN’s Jungha’s Visuals


To be an idol, skill is not enough, it also requires good looks. In every idol group, there’s usually someone who gets the position as the “visual member” because he/she is considered the best looking in the group. But, actually, other members also have different charisma, including Jungha.

He was not a visual member and was only the lead rapper. But, if you pay attention, Jungha also has amazing visuals! He has thick eyebrows with small, slightly rounded eyes, and it makes Jungha look more charismatic. Moreover, his big lips make him look sexy.

Here are some photos that show his perfect visuals!

In the first photo above, Jungha is wearing a black shirt while holding his lips with one finger. The photo above makes him look formal and more charismatic, especially with his hair.


The photo above was taken by one of his fans while he was at the airport. In the photo, we can see Jungha’s visual from the right side!


The photo above is a photo of him with long, curly hair. Jungha looks different from the two previous photos. In the photo, Jungha looks more mature because of his hairstyle and eye makeup.

BEATWIN’s Jungha’s Appearance in The Unit

beatwin jungha profile

A month after deciding to leave BEATWIN, Jungha became a participant in the survival show program The Unit: Idol Rebooting ProjectThis program was aired on KBS2 on October 28, 2017, with 14 episodes. The program aimed to form a male and female unit group with 9 members. The program included idols who had previously debuted such as Jungha.

In the program, Jungha was given the opportunity to show his talents that may not have been shown before. In The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project, Jungha entered the B Team as a rapper. Here’s one of his appearances!

After going through several missions and challenges, unfortunately, in episode 13, he had to go home because he was eliminated. Jungha couldn’t be in the top 9 and was only able to reach the 30th rank.

BEATWIN’s Jungha’s Latest News 

After leaving BEATWIN and The UnitJungha isn’t only a singer but is also an actor. He debuted as an actor in 2020, and he immediately became the main character. In 2020, he had a great opportunity to become the main role in the web series Ordinary but Special which aired in April 2020.

Not only that, on June 16, 2020, he also became the main role in a movie titled A Legendary Fighter. In August 2020, he starred in a mini web series titled 다시 만날 수 있을까? (Can We Meet Again?).


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