South Korean Boy Group BEATWIN: Profile, Debut Era, Stage Performance, and Disbandment News


Get To Know More About BEATWIN!

BEATWIN began its popularity climb after debuting with the single “She’s My Girl” in 2014! Let’s get to know more about BEATWIN through the article below!

Group’s Profile


BEATWIN was famously known as a South Korean boy group that formed under Elen Entertainment (currently known as Heavenly Star Content). The group consisted of five members including Seonhyeok, Youngjo, Jungha, Yoonho, and Sungho. BEATWIN officially debuted on January 6, 2014, with the release of the single “She’s My Girl” followed by its debut showcase a day after. The group emphasized youth, freshness, and charm for their concept.

BEATWIN’s official websites:

Instagram: beatwin_elen


Twitter: beatwin_

Japanese Twitter: beatwin_jp

BEATWIN’s Discography


Extended Plays

Title Album Details
Insatiable Release Date: August 29, 2015

Label: Elen Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment

Formats: CD, Digital download

Come to Me Release Date: July 19, 2016

Label: Elen Entertainment, Warner Music Korea

Formats: CD, Digital download



Year Title Album
2014 She’s My Girl Non-album single
2014 I, No Non-album single
2014 Illusion Non-album single
2015 Stalker Insatiable
2016 Your Girl Come to Me
2016 Rising Sun Non-album single
2016 Don’t Leave Non-album single

BEATWIN’s Debut Era


BEATWIN made its debut with the release of the single “She’s My Girl” which gained a lot of attention! The upbeat music and monochrome music video of “She’s My Girl” also helped them become one of the best rookie groups at the time. Let’s get to know more details about the single “She’s My Girl!”

BEATWIN’s Music Video


The debut single “She’s My Girl” was also released with a music video! The MV was quite simple since the scenes were focused on the members’ dance performances as well as their close-up scenes to show their visuals. A mixture of simplicity and originality might be the best way to describe the “She’s My Girl” MV concept!

Although the “She’s My Girl” MV was quite simple, it still had authentic vibes through the monochrome effect, plain background, and the transition effects between each scene! One of the best scenes from “She’s My Girl” is definitely when BEATWIN members appear with a fancy car and the scene where BEATWIN members are dancing but their appearances turn into silhouettes in the dark.

BEATWIN’s Song Meaning


Basically, “She’s My Girl” is a romantic song about a guy who is really in love with a girl! The guy also tells the girl that he won’t do anything in a rush, and they can start something smoothly. Not only that but the guy expresses his feelings toward the girl and claims that she will be the only girl in his life.

BEATWIN’s Debut Stage


During the “She’s My Girl” era, BEATWIN held many debut performances on various music programs. One of their debut stage performance took place on Music Core! The members appeared with a casual style that made them look fresh, and the outfits also suited the powerful energy during their live performance!

BEATWIN performed the song with such passionate energy, and the crowds also got really loud through every second of their performance during “She’s My Girl.” The dance moves, the rap performance, and their stable vocals were such a perfect combination for their debut stage!

BEATWIN’s Stage Performances


Music Program

The upbeat rhythm of “Your Girl” is reminiscent of 90’s nightclub music, right? During one of the “Your Girl” live performances, it felt as though BEATWIN brought nightclub vibes onto the live stage! It could be seen through their outfits, the stage decoration, and, obviously, the upbeat music as well.

Radio Program

BEATWIN presented the chill, live version of “She’s My Girl” during their performance on a radio program! Without any dance performance, BEATWIN focused their performance on their amazing vocals which made “She’s My Girl” sound different and great at the same time!


In one of BEATWIN’s concerts, they performed “Rebirth” with a manly concept! With fancy suits and ties, BEATWIN’s members looked extremely gorgeous and passionate during the performance!

Interview With BEATWIN


Through one of their interviews, BEATWIN promoted their first mini-album Insatiable! They also introduced themselves as a rookie group in order to make people get to know them better. The session started with a BEATWIN members introduction including their profiles and trivia. This was followed by a segment where BEATWIN’s members could promote their song and show their wits!

BEATWIN expressed their gratitude towards the fans since they supported them during their promotion for the single “Stalker.” It led to a segment of BEATWIN’s members answering a bunch of questions from the fans. It made people become even closer with BEATWIN’s members and find out more fun facts about them!

Watch the full video here:

Here is another interview and Q & A session from BEATWIN! This time, they were answering several random questions which allowed people to learn something new about them. For instance, Seonhyeok was considered the best husband material due to his “clean freak” habit. Meanwhile, Jungha was considered the worst husband material because the members thought that he could be indifferent despite his caring personality.

Watch the full video here:

BEATWIN’s YouTube Channel


BEATWIN’s official YouTube channel was made when the group debuted, and it contains various videos such as BEATWIN’s official music videos, behind the scenes, teaser videos, songs covers from BEATWIN’s members, and many more!

BEATWIN’s latest content on YouTube:

One of the recent videos includes a short video teaser for the single “Don’t Leave!” It is a kind of monochrome-themed teaser that showcases BEATWIN’s members on the coastline. With the dim light from the sun, the atmosphere of the “Don’t Leave” teaser is suitable since it is a ballad song!

There is also a cover song by BEATWIN’s Yoonho of “The Simple Things” which was originally performed by Michael Carreon. With a guitar and his amazing vocal skills, Yoonho hypnotizes people with his incredible performance!

The dance version of the single “Broken” is also uploaded on BEATWIN’s YouTube channel. People can focus on their dance moves as well as the charms of each BEATWIN member!

BEATWIN’s Disbandment


After several years in the entertainment world, BEATWIN was presumably disbanded in 2017. The group became inactive which made the fans think the same about their idols. All of the former members went their separate ways but still continue their careers in the entertainment industry.

Let’s always support all of the members! Comment below your favorite era from BEATWIN!