Monbebe’s Favorite Bear, Check Out Monsta X’s Shownu’s Cute and Funny Moments!

The Most Lovable Bear-LookAlike, Monsta X’s Shownu

Who doesn’t know the hitmaker of Shoot Out that was sung by one of the famous boy-groups from Starship Entertainment, Monsta X? Beside being popular with their latest songs, Monsta X is also a group that was really close while interacting with their fans. The members of the group are very friendly and humble, and they each have a nickname that’s been given to them by fans.

In this article, we’re going to find out about Monsta X’s Shownu and his funny moments. What are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down and find out in this article below!

Shownu, The Papa Bear

Monsta X’s Shownu has the real name Son Hyun-woo (손현우), and was born in Changdong, Donbonggu, Seoul, South Korea on June 18, 1992. He’s one of the older members in the group and became the leader. Shownu started his career as a background dancer and was trained by JYP Entertainment for two years, but left due to training absences. Shownu was really popular for his muscular and manly figure even back before he debuted as an idol.

The history of his nickname, Papa Bear, started with his appearance in “Safari in Monbebe World” and he represented a bear during the event. Since then, Monbebe started calling him Papa Bear since the animal really suited with his figure.

Don’t you think so?

Besides having a tall body, Shownu has a wide body. He’s not thin, but also not exactly fat, either. With his posture, which is classified as big and manly, it is not uncommon for the Monbebe to call him Papa Bear. He resembles a big, cute bear, as well, and he’s known for being something of a father figure in Monsta X.

Based on the Urban Dictionary, Shownu is described as a huge idol that is huggable and was known as a bear who is a very talented singer and dancer. At first, people might see him as the visual of the group since his body is bigger than the other members, but he is the leader and “father” of the group that has been called by his fans as Papa Bear.

Monbebe also make gifts and merchandise for members of the group, such as posters, mugs, t-shirts, notebooks, stickers, and other items. He’s so cute while he acts like Papa Bear, and has appeared in fanmeetings wearing the accessories brought for him by Monbebe. From fans to their fans, that’s what Papa Bears do for Monbebe.

While being the Papa Bear, he also did his best while introducing NUNUGOM, a character bear that was released by TWOTUCKGOM. He has NUNUGOM, who’s a lovely bear that really likes to eat, is a good dancer, and works out a lot. The TWOTUCKGOM and Monsta X released more special collaboration items than just the character pillows, such as earrings and bracelets.

Beside being known as Papa Bear, he and Monsta X also made an appearance on We Bare Bears. The three bears on the show are a grizzly bear, a polar bear, and a panda. They had a chance to meet the famous K-Pop idol group, Monsta X since the bears claimed themselves as Monbebe.

Shownu’s Cute Moments

Do you know that Shownu is the funniest member of Monsta X’s? This time, we’re going find out how cute the leader of Monsta X is!

During a concert, there was a technical issue on their microphone. As the leader of the group, Shownu tried to fix the issue and checked to see if the microphone was back to normal again or not. His reaction to the microphone was so hilarious and made the other members imitate him.

As a group, they know each other’s weaknesses as well as their strengths. But if we look at this video, Shownu showed off his skill at go-kart racing and beat the other members. Although he was really focused on the race, Wonho and Kihyun’s reaction to Shownu’s racing skill was so funny!

Would you ever have believed that your idol could be really cute, just like Shownu in this video? You can clearly see thathe is having fun while dancing cutely with one of his members, Jooheon, in this video.

Can you relate when suddenly your idol comes up and gives you a pick-up line? Well,  Shownu has the talent to make Monbebe’s hearts melt just by making a pick-up lines from a burger!

Right after Shownu’s pick-up lines, a fan through the V-Live asked whether he wants to marry her or not. His answer was a little bit shaky and confused, but it’s okay, at least he tried.

On Monsta X-Ray, they had a chance to film their own variety show and played different games in each episodes. On one episode, there was a dead fish inside a bucket and Minhyuk was asking Shownu “Is the fish dead?”. Rather than telling the truth, Shownu was telling him that the fish was just resting.

Monsta X’s Shownu is not an ordinary leader. He is the real definition of an extraordinary boy-group leader and he makes sure that all the members are in the frame during performances or live broadcasts. In the video above, Shownu used all of his power to move the couch that Minhyuk, Jooheon and Wonho were sitting on to make sure that Hyungwon was in the frame during a live show.

If you’re still denying he’s really cute, check out this video. His voice when speaking in English is definitely cute!