Be.A: Profiles, Music Videos, and European Tour

Be. A’s Music Videos Throughout the Years

Be.A released the “Good To Go” MV during the promotion of their mini-album Beyond The Ocean. The song has a similar vibe to Crayon Pop’s hit single “Bar Bar Bar.” However, Chrome Entertainment claimed that “Good To Go” was released earlier than “Bar Bar Bar.” “Good To Go” sold more than 10.000 copies in Korea.

A year after releasing the debut album, Be.A made a comeback and released the digital single “December 24.” This single received a positive review because the concept was new and was thoroughly prepared before release.

“Tie My Hands” was the last single from Be.A. During the promotion, Be.A held a European tour to expand their global reach and increase their global fanbase.

Be.A’s European Tour

Early in 2018, Be.A went on a European tour to promote their single. One of its members, BomB was absent and fans wondered about his status. Fans questioned Chrome Entertainment’s intention for doing this European tour. When considering the lack of funds and lack of a good plan, fans thought that it was better to focus on Be.A’s promotion in Korea or Japan.

Be.A’s Hong-gyu’s Coffee Shop

Hong-gyu opened his own coffee shop on November 30th, 2020. Rather than focusing on his music career, he tried his luck in the food and beverage business. In his coffee shop, he also served fusion food prepared by himself. Sadly, due to the Covid19 pandemic, there were almost no customers visiting his coffee shop. According to a post on his YouTube channel, Hong-gyu said that his coffee shop received less than 10 USD a day. It is very sad to hear the news. Let’s encourage him and send support on his YouTube account.

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