Find Out More About The Full Profile Of Be.A’s Hongkyu: Fun Facts, Personality, And More

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Get personal with member of K-pop boy group Be.A—Hongkyu

Even though Be.A (Hangul: 비에이, shortened from BeA rtist or Be an Artist; formerly known as K-Much), the first boy band formed by Chrome Entertainment and the sister group of the iconic girl group Crayon Pop, has disbanded, that doesn’t mean that the memories of the members of the group have vanished from our minds. Our memory of Hongkyu, who is the leader and main vocalist of the group, is still a meaningful memory.

So, in order to celebrate those memories, let’s take a look at his complete profile below!

Be.A’s Hongkyu’s Full profile

Stage Name: Hongkyu (formerly known as Kiu)(홍규)
Birth Name: Yang Hong-kyu (양홍규), he changed it later to Yang I-wol (양이월)
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Birthday: February 27th, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 173 cm (5’8”)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lb)
Blood Type: O
Accounts: @y2woel (Instagram), 양이월 (Youtube)


Be.A’s Hongkyu’s Fun facts
  • He comes from Seoul
  • He studied at Gyeongbuk National University
  • His nicknames are Dinosaur Kiu and Charmander
  • He is good friends with INFINITE’s Woohyun
  • He is the oldest and shortest members of the group
  • He is nicknamed The King of Twitter by other members because he is the most active on Twitter
  • According to him, the most valuable thing is family
  • He had already done his military service at the time he debuted
  • He loves Chinese food
  • Playing soccer and exercising are his hobbies
  • His ideal type is a girl who can cook and looks beautiful when wearing jeans (and he also likes a sexy girl)
  • He changed his name to Yang I-wol
  • He opened a YouTube channel on October 7th, 2020, where he vlogs about his daily activities such as decorating his friend’s house, doing self-construction, etc.


About Be.A’s Hongkyu’s personality

Hongkyu is one of the funniest members of the group. He is confident, and a self-proclaimed cutie. He was even confident enough to say that his own name is cute (“Yahong~kyu,” he said) kkk. One of the most interesting things about him is, in the midst of K-pop idols who postpone their military service, Hongkyu had already fulfilled his duty by the time he debuted in Be.A

Maybe for that reason, he was then appointed as the leader of the group, because he had gotten used to the military atmosphere and has the discipline as a result of his military training.

He is also a very active member with a lot of active hobbies, such as playing soccer and exercising.

On top of having a look and the camera, Hongkyu is also valuing education and is interested in learning and studying, as he studied at Gyeongbuk National University and even learned a bit of Germany prior to the group’s European tour.

Aside from that, he is also very affectionate, especially toward his mother, whom he loves very much. He occasionally posts a picture of his mother on his personal Instagram with a caption like, “Mom is cute hahaha,” which really warmed our hearts.

Not only is he affectionate toward his family, but he is also very affectionate toward the members, and of course, to the fans. He is even nicknamed The King of Twitter by other members because he is the most active on Twitter to communicate with fans. Well, we can also see that by how he occasionally uploads on his Instagram account to give fans an update of his daily life after Be.A’s disbandment.



Be.A’s Hongkyu’s focus fan-cam

Like other members of Be.A, Hongkyu also always gave his all in performing on stage, for every song.

Take a look at his performances on his fan-cams in this section!


Be.A’s Hongkyu’s visual

It seems like Hongkyu’s charismatic visual can be traced back to his childhood as he also got superb genetic traits through his mom’s beauty as well. He already looked so cute as a kid, with his chubby cheeks and bright smile that can be felt even when he turned into an adult.

He has interesting features with his sharp nose and jaw, his big eyes, and don’t forget his charming cheekbones! Those are model features, and he’s so lucky to have those assets!

As we said, he has a very pretty smile since he was a child. Even until now, his smile still has that innocent child-like aura.

But of course, he can be sexy when he wants it. With those visuals, he can pull off any look starting from the cute boy next door to a sexy CEO!


Be.A’s Hongkyu’s latest news

On October 7th, 2020, Hongkyu officially became a YouTube vlogger as he uploaded his first-ever YouTube video of him decorating a friend’s house. In the video, Hongkyu made a surprise gift to his friend that had just moved as he secretly decorated his friend’s house. Unlike before, he said that he added a warm feeling to the house after he decorated it, so he was very satisfied with the result.

Aside from that video, he has uploaded another five videos of him blogging and doing his daily activities, starting from pretending to eat tasteless chicken in front of his dog, helping a crazy guy to start a café in Ishiguk, becoming unemployed, to doing a self-construction on a café.

His YouTube channel, which takes after his name Yang I-wol (양이월), has been watched ranging from 200-ish views to 27K views, with his first video becoming the most-watched.

If you are curious and interested to follow his vlog content, stay tuned for more updates on his YouTube channel!

We have reached the end of our rundown of everything you should know regarding Be.A’s former leader Hongkyu! What do you think about him? Do you miss him? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!