Learn More About South Korean Boy Group Be.A: Profile, Debut Era, Stage Performances, Disbandment

Be.A’s Debut stage

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Be.A or K-Much officially debuted on January 8th, 2014, with the stage performance of their song “Good to Go” on MBC Music’s Show Champion.

Similar to their MV concept, the group performed energetically with their SWAT costume. They even added a breakdance performance in the middle of the song.

Check out their debut stage performances below!


Be.A’s Stage performances

As we said before, prior to the group’s debut, they went on several street performances and high schools across Korea in order to promote themselves. It turns out, it didn’t stop until they debuted. Even after the release of their second song “Magical,” the group still went busking on street performances dancing live in front of the public.

Amazing, right? Imagine if you’re one of the people in the audience.

Check out their other amazing stage performances below!


Be.A’s YouTube Channel

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Aside from the group’s occasional updates through Instagram, Twitter, and the official site, the group also has an official YouTube channel to inform fans about their activities.

But sadly, the group’s last activity dates back to the year 2017 and 2018, when they just released their second EP, Magical Realism, and then went inactive since then.

Their last three uploads included:

The dance practice version of their second song “Magical.” We can still see the full formation here as the members energetically dance to their song.

The group’s second version of their MV “Magical.”

And the snippets of Hongkyu’s travel to Germany back in 2018.

Huhu, seeing this, we can’t help but feel nostalgic about their past activities. It is so sad that their YouTube channel is no longer active *cries noisily*


Be.A’s Latest news

bea kpop profile tour

The group’s official last activity dates back to 2018 when they announced their European tour date back in April 2018, through their Instagram. The group went to several European cities as they announced on Instagram.

Hello. This is B.A
We came to Europe.
B.A’s European tour starts on April 13th and runs until the 22nd.
(Cologne, Germany, Berlin, Madrid, Spain, Budapest, Hungary, Kiev, Ukraine, Moscow, Russia)
We had time with European fans.
We are preparing a lot to provide a variety of special events.
For more information on our European tour, please visit
the Facebook page of “Beyond Enterprise”.
(www.facebook.com/koreanbeyond) See
you in Europe this coming April

However, in their European tour, BomB had not joined as it was assumed that he left the group after his pictures were missing from the tour photos, and then he was unfollowed by Be.A’s official account. There was no official statement from Chrome, but he since went inactive from the group. Aside from him, Milly also didn’t join the tour as he was replaced by an extra member named Taeyeong as a stand-in.

Milly then dropped a surprising announcement as he posted on his personal Instagram on August 27th, 2018, that he would no longer be a member of Be.A due to their music differences and vision. He said that he would be promoting as a solo artist from then on, leaving the group with three members: Hong-gyu, Yeong-kyun, and Ato.

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Sadly, after their tour, the group went inactive and hasn’t released anything yet. Even though the group hasn’t released their official statement regarding their disbandment yet, it is assumed that the group will no longer promote together.

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It’s really sad that the group has been inactive since its last release. But even so, we will keep supporting each individual member in his own solo path. We hope to see them again someday on stage.

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding Chrome Entertainment’s first boy group and Crayon Pop‘s hoobae group, Be.A! What do you think about them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!