Bare Faced: GFriend With No Makeup


GFRIEND without Make Up

GFRIEND is a girl group under Source Music Entertainment that debuted in 2015. Just two years after their debut, GFRIEND managed to steal the attention of netizens with their singing and dancing skills, and their songs that match the character of the six members GFRIEND.

In their debut song Glass Bead, GFRIEND looks very innocent and cute demonstrating the concept of school style. GFRIEND has already been famous for their innocent style ever since their debut. GFRIEND is also often seen often not wearing makeup when it is not on schedule, and netizens see that GFRIEND members look more beautiful and natural when they’re not using makeup. Let’s see what the six GFRIEND members look like without makeup!

GFRIEND’s Sowon without Makeup


The leader and highest member of GFriend, Sowon has indeed become the one member who stole the attention of netizens. Her tall body, figure, and proportionate face shape are all pluses for Sowon. Sowon became the talk of netizens because of her beautiful model-like body. Netizens even say that if she had not debuted as an idol, she is also fit to be a model because of her perfect looks, especially her legs that are in the public spotlight.

Not only does she have a beautiful body shape and a proportionate face, Sowon also has a beautiful face and clear skin. Sowon once uploaded a photo of herself not wearing makeup, and her picture was successful according to people’s opinions. Her face looks very beautiful and natural, even without using any makeup, her skin is even really clear. Netizens are completely mesmerized by the natural beauty of GFriend’s Leader, who was born in 1995.

GFRIEND’s Eunha without Makeup


The Lead Vocalist of GFriend this does have the most fans compared to the other members. Eunha is known as the member with the smallest and cute face among the other GFriend members. She was born in 1997, and is often caught on camera, especially when she does not have makeup on her face. In fact, while promoting GFriend songs on music shows, Eunha often does not use makeup, and exposes the natural beauty of her face.

Eunha’s face without makeup leads to a lot of conversations from netizen, amazed by the beauty and innocence of Eunha’s face. When she is not using makeup, she really looks like a very cute, little girl. Bright and clear skin becomes the talk of many netizens.


GFRIEND’s Yerin without Makeup


Yerin, the Face of the Group of GFriend, was born in 1996. Being the Face of the Group, of course, Yerin is often in the spotlight of the netizens. Yerin became the first GFriend member to be featured on the survival show with Kim Byung Man onĀ The Law of Jungle, filmed in the Flores Island, Indonesia. Yerin casually and confidently shows her face without makeup. Before bed, Yerin always cleans her face first, as she once said in front of the camera, as she shared tips with her fans about how to clean the face in the forest with pleasure.

Netizens who saw Yerin without makeup on were completely mesmerized by the beauty and cleanliness of Yerin’s face, even the other members of the Law of Jungle praised the Yerin’s beauty even without using any makeup. Members who have been criticized by netizens for not appreciating gifts from fans, always carefully taking care of her skin even before going to bed, she worked to take care of her facial skin.


GFRIEND’s Yuju without Makeup


The Main Vocalist from GFriend does have a very good voice, and not only does she have a very good voice, but the former LOEN Entertainment trainee also has very clean and smooth skin. Yuju ever uploaded a picture of herself not wearing makeup from before debuting with GFriend, and Yuju looks very pretty and very innocent. Netizens who saw Yuju without makeup said that she looked prettier and more natural when she isn’t wearing makeup, but some netizens also said that she looks weird when doesn’t have makeup on.

Yuju is also often caught on camera without makeup when going to the Music Show ceremony, according to her, she looks pretty natural when not wearing makeup. Yuju was rumored to have had plastic surgery on her face, especially her eyes, but GFriend’s fans, Buddy, defended that no GFriend members ever had plastic surgery.


GFRIEND’s SinB without Makeup


Ever since GFriend debuted, SinB has always been in the spotlight of netizens for her face that looks like former Girl’s Generation member, Jessia Jung. Similarities between SinB and Jessica include the nose and their face shape, some netizens even say she looks like Jessica’s sister compared to Krystal.

In addition to having a face that resembles Jessica, SinB also has a very beautiful face, even more beautiful without makeup. After Yerin successfully attended the survival program The Law of Jungle, SinB wanted to challenge herself to join the program as well. To follow the survival program does require very good survival skills, and SinB even wants to try to survive in the wild.

“I wanted to join The Law of Jungle in the past, I really wanted to be a guest star on the program, but I always have something scheduled,” SinB said.

This 1998-born member casually revealed to the public that she can not swim, but she still has a beautiful face when not wearing makeup which is the main criteria to be on the program The Law of Jungle.

“I can not swim, I hear you just have to have a pretty face without makeup if you want to be a female guest star on The Law of Jungle show,” she said jokingly.


GFRIEND’s Umji without Makeup


The Maknae, or the youngest member, of GFriend is often a topic of netizen conversation because her face does not look like Korean people in general. Umji does have a different face from the typical Korean person, but that does not make Umji embarrassed to present herself as a Korean idol. Umji has a hobby of collecting cosmetic products, especially facial products. In fact, before her debut, Umji had posted a picture while on vacation, of herself smiling at the camera and it highlighted her makeup free face. She really looked very pretty and innocent, like a little girl.

In fact, at the time of her graduation, Umji chose not to use thick makeup and she always looked very naturally beautiful. Umji always takes care of her face to keep it clean and soft.


Now, which GFriend member looks pretty without makeup to you?