Wow! Barack Obama Mentions SHINee in His Speech!

Barack Obama loves SHINee

K-Pop Wave Hit Obama Speech

Barack Obama is the former President of America who is well known for his innovation and his own popularity in the world. On one occasion, Barack Obama got a lot of attention for one of his speeches, as he mentioned SHINee and the K-pop wave in America among American young people. SHINee, from SM Entertainment, is known for being one of the leading groups for the K-pop wave. SHINee’s unique style and music always gain a lot of attention whenever they make a comeback. No wonder Barack Obama also knows about SHINee’s uniqueness. Letโ€™s check out Barack Obama’s speech about SHINee, below.


Barack Obama at the 8th Asian Leadership Conference

Obama at 8th asian leadership conference

The Asian Leadership Conference, or ALC, is the countryโ€™s premier international conference where global leaders come together to discuss and provide possible solutions for the pressing issues facing Asia today. It’s hosted by The Chosunilbo. World-renowned political leaders, global corporate CEOs, and academic leaders have participated in the conference since it was first held in 2005. Participants of the conference include C&D-level and senior executives of Koreaโ€™s biggest-listed companies, senior government leaders and officials, professors, and researchers.

The 8th Asian Leadership Conference, with theme New Leadership in the Era of Hyper-Uncertainty: Towards Cooperation and Prosperity, was held in the Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul, Korea, on July 3-4, 2017. One of the leaders who presented at the conference was Barack Obama.


Mentions SHINee in His Speech

During Mr. Obama’s speech, he mentioned SHINee as a motivation for American youngsters to learn the Korean language, hangul, so they could understand and more easily search for information about the K-Pop group. He also remarked that he knows SHINee love America, as they enjoy eating In-N-Out Burger when visiting America.


SHINee’s Reaction

SHINee at in-n-out burger

The members of SHINee felt very honored to be mentioned by a former American President, so SHINee’s Key posted his gratitude toward Barack Obama onto his instagram.

On September 12, 2017, on SBS’s โ€œOne Night of TV Entertainmentโ€, SHINee’s Minho shared his feelings.

“We didn’t really believe the news until we finally saw the clip. Whenever we visit America, there is one particular hamburger place (In-N-Out) in the LA area that we go to, we just have to go there and eat their burgers. And I would like to say on behalf of SHINee, we are so thankful that he also happened to know that fact, as well.”




The K-pop wave already started to spread globally a long time ago. Not only has it spread all around Asia, but also to America, Europe, Oceania and other regions. Itโ€™s all thanks to the fandoms, agencies, and artist’s efforts that the K-pop wave slowly reached another level of popularity.