BAP’s Himchan: Profile, Scandal, and More!

News Update About B.A.P’s Himchan!

Do you know about the member of the South Korean boy-group, B.A.P, named Himchan? The idol, whose real name is Kim Himchan (김힘찬), debuted with the rest of B.A.P members in January, 2012, under TS Entertainment, an agency who debuted several other idol groups such as SONAMOO & TRCNG.

Let’s find out more about B.A.P’s Himchan!

Profile and Facts

Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Himchan (김힘찬)

Stage Name: Himchan (힘찬)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, April 19, 1990

Zodiac: Aquarius

Weight: 69 kg

Height: 180 kg

Blood Type: O

Official Accounts: Twitter (

Instagram (

  1. Himchan’s closest friend in the group is Yongguk
  2. He used to share a room with Yongguk, but after Yongguk moved out, Hichan now has the room to himself
  3. HHe’s is also close friends with Woozi & Wonwoo from SEVENTEEN and JBJ’s Hyunbin
  4. Himchan has an older sister
  5. He was a trainee for a year and a half
  6. His favorite food is Japanese food
  7. His favorite colors are Gold, Black, and Red
  8. He loves shopping and looking for trendy or fancy clothes
  9. Himchan is the ‘mother’ of B.A.P, and loves to take care the members really well
  10. He was in charge of throwing out the garbage when he was at the dorm with a fellow member from B.A.P
  11. Himchan is known to be very talkative and he doesn’t like silence
  12. His ideal type when it comes to a woman is a kind one
  13. Himchan and Zelo are the most childish members of B.A.P
  14. Himchan said that he can’t ever grow a beard, and he once revealed that Jongup shaves often
  15. Himchan likes to complain a lot
  16. He gets salty every time Daehyun gets praised for his visual, despite the fact that Himchan is known by his ulzzang looks
  17. Himchan is generally nice but he can get very angry if something sets him off
  18. Himchan revealed that he has the most phone numbers of female celebrities
  19. His real name means of strength or energy. He got teased a lot for his name when he was younger, but he likes it now because it’s easy to remember
  20. Himchan was cast in SM Entertainment before he was cast into TS Entertainment
  21. He loves cheese burgers
  22. Himchan is a coffee addict, and he loves Americanos. He claimed that he could drink up to four large coffees a day
  23. He really loves his fans. He always takes any gifts they offer him
  24. Himchan went to National Korean Traditional Music High School, and graduated with a scholarship when he was 17 years old
  25. Himchan took a class for Gukak (Korean traditional music), and has studied Janggu & Shamisen
  26. Himchan said he didn’t pay for anything when he was in High School because he got the scholarship
  27. In 2010, Himchan was nominated to be an ulzzang in ‘BESTNINE’ with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Block B’s Jaehyo and CN Blue’s Yonghwa and Jonghyun
  28. Himchan appeared in Jung Seul-gi’s Music Video “Back In Place Again”
  29. In 2011, Himchan debuted as the MC of SBS MTC’s “The Show”, with Jeon Hyosung, Luna and Lee Hyeri
  30. Himchan also made an appearance in SECRET’s music videos “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight”

  31. Himchan also appeared on SECRET’s Song Ji-eun music video “Going Crazy”
  32. He made another appearance in his fellow member, Yongguk & Zelo’s music video, “Never Give Up”


Here’s B.A.P’s discography :


Year Album’s Information Top Chart Sales
2012 Warrior

  • Released: January 26, 2012
  • Language: Korean
  • Length: 11:38
  • Label: TS Entertainment
  • 29,770+ (South Korea)

  • Released: April 27, 2012
  • Language: Korean
  • Length: 11:38
  • Label: TS Entertainment
  • 28,936+ (South Korea)
No Mercy

  • Released: July 19, 2012
  • Language: Korean
  • Length: 17:64
  • Label: TS Entertainment
3 142
  • 18,090+ (South Korea)
  • 1,161+ (Japan)


Year Title Top Chart Album
Gaon Billboard K-pop Hot 100
2012 “Warrior” 44 49 Warrior (EP)
“Secret Love” 132
“Power” 38 26 Power (EP)
“Goodbye” 51 No Mercy (EP)
“No Mercy” 40 30

Other Charts

Year Title Top Chart Album
Gaon BillboardK-pop Hot 100
2012 “All Lies” 178 Power (EP)
“Voicemail” 160 No Mercy (EP)
“What My Mind Says” 168

Scandal and Controversies

Himchan was one of the member of B.A.P who was involved in some controversies before he was inactive.

In September, 2018, Himchan was being investigated with The Gyeonggi Namnyang Police Precint for sexually harassing a woman. He was accused of having sexually harassed a woman in her 20s while they were on a vacation together with other two men and another women.

When he was investigated, Himchan stated that he was only hanging around with his friend, but the police still wanted to find out the truth since two of the others in the group gave a different story.

TS Entertainment released an official statement with regard to the controversy, saying that there was a misunderstanding during an event where Himchan was invited, and it was investigated by the police who took him based on a report of a prosecution. Meanwhile, the investigation hasn’t gotten any results yet, and the agency will give an update when more is known.

Due to the scandal, Himchan, who was appeared on B.A.P’s variety program called B.A.P’s Traince, will be edited and removed from the scenes which featured himself.

In this variety show, each member will be filming their own special episode, and Himchan’s will be removed due to his involvement in the scandal of sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment

On July 24, 2018, Himchan was reported to have sexually assaulted a woman in her 20s, in Namyangju. The victim revealed that there were three guys and three girls who hang out together, and one of them was Himchan’s alleged victim.

The case has currently been sent to the Uijeongbu District Prosecutor’s Office, and since the controversy has surfaced, some of Himchan activities have been put on hold for a while, pending the results of the investigation.

Poisoned by Sasaeng

In 2012, there was a news item about Himchan, that he had been being followed by his sasaeng (stalker, more or less) and was poisoned through his drink.

There’s a screenshot of a conversation between a friend and Himchan’s sasaeng that she actually gave him a cup of coffee that had been mixed with constipation meds.

The chronology began when B.A.P was still promoting with ‘Power‘, and the sasaeng said that she gave him the coffee mixed with constipation meds while Himchan walked by her on the way to work. The sasaeng had no idea what could possibly happen to a person who took the constipation medicine, and she waited for him in the broadcast hall and asked him if he drank the coffee, and he said he did. When you watch the B.A.P performance below, you can see that Himchan’s face is really pale and his expression is doesn’t look like he normally does.

On the stage, Himchan looked unstable and kept falling over. It was also reported that he looked to have injured his back, but went back to performing. The sasaeng reacted by saying it was fun to see Himchan suffering, and she had another, worse, plan to make it happen for their next comeback.

Sasaengs are mostly known as extreme fans. They don’t support the idols in a good way, but only want to see them experience horrible things. They’ve done insane things to the idols.


On 2013, Himchan injured his hand, and he couldn’t made his comeback for ‘One Shot’ with his fellow members.

Himchan was reported to have broken the ring and pinky fingers on his right hand after he slipped on his way to get into the car. After the accident, Himchan received surgery and recovered at his parent’s house.

Himchan needed to wear a partial cast around his wrist and hand. He was also advised by the hospital to rest and not participate in the latest comeback with his group when it came to doing the ‘push-up’ choreography for ‘One Shot’.

Wihle Himchan was inactive and the group promoted, TS Entertainment released an official statement saying, “We are apologized that Himchan couldn’t promoted ‘One Shot’ along with the group, but his member and Himchan are feel pressured about this situation. The 6 members are also worked hard to prepare this album and please keep supporting them.”

In March, 2017, Himchan got another injury, on his rib. TS Entertainment released another statement with regard to the artist’s health, by saying, “Hello, This is TS Entertainment. We would like to make announcement of B.A.P’s member, Himchan. After the MBC ‘Show Champion’ we have discussed about Himchan and he will no longer participating in the promotions in order to get a full recovery on his health. We will also minimizing any choreograph to Himchan’s part and from now on, Himchan will be resting to recover from his injury and will appear later after his condition is back to normal. Once again, we are deeply sorry to made fans worried, but we also appreciate for all the encourage and patience for Himchan and B.A.P members. Please keep support Himchan to get a speedy recovery and comeback again healthy. Thank you.”

Latest News

Aside from his latest controversy in September, 2018, about the sexual harassment, there hasn’t been any news about Himchan lately.

Himchan hasn’t bee active on his social media, either, and the latest update on his Instagram was on September 5, 2018.

There hasn’t been any news about whether he was arrested for the harassment case, or whether he’s just been keeping a low profile. Many fans are leaving some comments on his social media and hope that he will be fine.



Well, that’s all the news about B.A.P’s Himchan. Let’s hope for the best for Himchan’s career in the future, and that he will soon be a better person!