Up-Close With B.A.P’s Yoo Young-jae

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All About B.A.P’s Yoo Young-jae

Yoo Young-jae is the lead vocalist of B.A.P, a group under TS Entertainment. Yoo Young-jae is known to be cool and charismatic on stage. However, there are a lot of interesting facts about him. Let’s get to know more about B.A.P’s Yoo Young-jae.


Young-jae’s Profile and Facts

b.a.p yoo young-jae profile

Full Profile

Real Name: Yoo Young-jae

Stage Name: Young-jae

Nickname: Yellow Bunny, Brain of the Group

Birthday: January 24, 1994

Blood Type: AB

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Education: Seshil Kindergarten | Balgok Elementary | Balgok Middle-Politic Industry High

Social Media: @BAP_Youngjae



  1. He has an older brother who is 7 years older than him.
  2. His hobbies are listening to music and sleeping.
  3. His habit is biting his nails.
  4. His favorite music genres are R&B and Neo Soul.
  5. His favorite food is meat.
  6. His favorite color is sky blue.
  7. His favorite number is 10.
  8. His favorite movie is Sunny.
  9. His favorite ice cream flavor is green tea.
  10. His favorite anime are One Piece, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, and Major.
  11. He decided to be a singer after his seniors shared they love his voice.
  12. He joined his school talent show and sang SG’s “Wannabe.”
  13. He learned Muay Thai.
  14. He thought Young-guk was a very scary person from first sight.
  15. He was close to Daehyun since the group formed because they are the same age.
  16. He is a logical person and has fast responses while making decisions.
  17. He used to be in the top 10 ranks in his first year of middle school.
  18. He is a man with manners.
  19. He likes to go to electronic shops during his free time.
  20. He used to decline his baby photo because of the belly.
  21. He joined 6th JYP Audition and got 1st place on the audition and trained there for a year, but he later ended up in TS Entertainment.
  22. In interviews, Youngjae is such an eloquent speaker. He manages to speak very well even when he has to speak fast. He really is the brain.
  23. He was a back-up dancer for TS Entertainment’s girl group SECRET.



b.a.p yoo young jae honey moon

Yoo Young-jae’s discography consists mostly of B.A.P songs since his debut in the K-Pop industry. For more details, please check out B.A.P’s discography.



b.a.p yoo young-jae filmography
Yoo Young-jae’s Dramas
Year Network Drama Title Role
2018 JTBC Kim Seul Gi Genius Chun Chan-dol


Yoo Young-jae’s TV Shows
Year Network TV Show Title Note
2005 MBC Infinite Challenge Episode 329
2009 KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook Episode 144, 223
2010 Hello Counselor
2011 MBC Weekly Idol Episode 57, 85, 111, 137
2012 Ta-dah! “It’s B.A.P” Regular Member 10 Episodes
2013 Arirang After School Club Episode 18, 45, 187, 239, 281
MBC 2013 Idol Star Olympics Championships Chuseok Special 2 Episodes
2014 2014 Idol Star Athletics Championships
B.A.P Attack! 13 Episodes
2016 MBig TV Celebrity Bromance Episode 52 – 56
The Boss is Watching 1 Episode
MBC 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships New Year Special 2 Episodes
2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special
B.A.P‘s One Fine Day 8 Episodes
2017 MBC 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships 2 Episodes
2018 B.A.P Untact Life



Yoo Young-jae never had a solo concert since his debut. He has concerts with B.A.P as a whole group since the B.A.P Unplugged 2014 concert, and his last concert was Forever with BABYz 2018 Europe Tour.


Plastic Surgery

b.a.p yoo young-jae diet

Young-jae’s plastic surgery rumor first surfaced on the Internet after his comeback with B.A.P’s MATRIX album. It was after they were on hiatus for over a year due to conflict with their agency, TS Entertainment, which was resolved through mutual agreement.

The difference of Yoo Young-jae’s appearance from his debut era made the public accuse him of getting plastic surgery. Actually, he had been through a diet which made his face become slimmer.


Ideal Type and Dating Style

b.a.p yoo young-jae ideal type

Young-jae likes a girl who likes him a lot, is always sure about herself, and does not wear revealing clothes. Since he is a logical person with manners, he will be someone who is caring, acting with logic, watchful, and also loyal. Yoo Young-jae likes Kang So-ra as his ideal type.


Latest News

b.a.p yoo young-jae latest news

With Yong-guk and Zelo’s departure from B.A.P, the remaining members are still with TS Entertainment and continuing with their individual activities. Currently, B.A.P just finished their European tour.