Let’s Throwback to B.A.P’s ‘Skydive’ Era!

Youngjae in Skydive

BAP's Youngjae

Next, we have B.A.P’s Youngjae and the details of his look in the “Skydive” music video. In the video, he shows up with deep brown hair wearing a blue shirt finished with a black scarf tied around his neck.

BAP's Youngjae

Watch the individual trailer of B.A.P’s Youngjae below.


Jongup in Skydive

BAP's Jongup

Next, there’s B.A.P’s Jongup! In the “Skydive” music video, he got us amazed by his light blue hair! And also, some of the tattoos on his body. All this is perfectly combined with the cool outfit he is wearing, such as the brown leather jacket, the black leather jacket, and a lot more!

BAP's Jongup

Watch the individual trailer of B.A.P’s Jongup below.

Zelo in Skydive

BAP's Zelo

Last but not least, we have B.A.P’s Zelo! In the “Skydive” music video, B.A.P’s Zelo looks gorgeous with his light blonde hair enhanced by the brown ombre highlights. Additionally, he is wearing a cool outfit just like the other members of B.A.P, namely, monochrome apparel at one point, a white sweater at another, a black cardigan and various other.

BAP's Zelo

Skydive’s Dance Highlight


In every dancing move of K-Pop idols, there has to be one dance move which marks the highlight and is at the center of attention among all of those dance moves! And the choreography of B.A.P’s “Skydive” is no exception, which is why in the video below we are showing you the highlight of their dance moves.

Watch B.A.P’s “Skydive” dance highlight in the video below.


Skydive’s Live Performance


And here are some of B.A.P’s best live performances of “Skydive.”

1. Music Bank

2. Show Music Core

3. MelOn Premiere Showcase

So this is the end of the flashback to B.A.P’s “Skydive” era. Channel-Korea tried to provide you with all the important information regarding B.A.P’s precious single “Skydive,” so please kindly share your thoughts and opinions on their song and music video in the comment section below.