After Every Member of BAP Has Left TS Entertainment, Are They Officially Disbanded?

What Are They Doing Now After Leaving B.A.P?

Yongguk’s Activity

After deciding to leave B.A.P, Yongguk focused on his solo career. In 2018, Yongguk was given the honor of being a music guide for the Seoul Fashion Week 2018 event. In addition, he also focused on creating new work in collaboration with other idols.

Yongguk also decided to make a world tour across Europe. His tour will visit Paris, Madrid, London, Cologne and Budapest. Tickets go on sale on February 10, 2019. While the tour will begin on March 22, 2019.

Daehyun’s Activity

Daehyun decided to start a solo career after deciding to leave B.A.P. He said that it was very difficult to pursue a solo career compared to a group but, related to this, Daehyun would do his best. Daehyun will also release his solo album in April, 2019.

Daehyun said, “I have hopes and worries related to solo promotions, but I received a lot of energy thanks to the support of fans. I will become an artist who stands close to his fans.” In addition, Daehyun will also hold a solo concert at Baekam Art Hall, Seoul, on April 27, 2019.

Youngjae’s Activity

In March 2019, Youngjae decided to set up an agency and began his career as a solo singer. Although Youngjae was known to accept offers from various large agencies to join, he decided to establish an independent agency in his own name. Under his agency, Youngjae will take his first step as a solo artist by releasing an album in mid-April 2019.

A source said, “We think long and hard about how to show Youngjae’s vocal colors as a solo artist, and this is the decision he made, the upcoming album that will be released in April and will showcase Youngjae’s journey as he performs various refreshing musical challenges.”

Himchan’s Activity

Himchan decided to focus on his individual activities after leaving B.A.P. However, after leaving B.A.P he was related to a case that alleged he had taken part in sexual harassment. Himchan is accused of doing inappropriate things to a 20-year-old woman. Knowing this, Himchan immediately gave a statement that this was not true.

The police are still investigating the case to find out the truth, “Because both parties made conflicting claims and the incident is being investigated, the lawsuit cannot be disclosed in more detail,” the police said.

Jongup’s Activity

Just like Daehyun, after leaving B.A.P Jongup will focus on soloing and improving his ability in the field of music. He really felt that B.A.P was his family and the way to success, Jongup sometimes missed when he was with B.A.P.

In 2019, he will also release his solo album and provide something new for their fans who have long missed B.A.P.

Zelo’s Activity

Zelo decided to sign a new contract with A Entertainment and began his new career as a solo singer. A representative from A Entertainment gave a statement, “Zelo has signed an exclusive contract with our agency. Zelo will hold his first solo fanmeeting on March 22, 2019 in Kawasaki, Japan. Starting with this fanmeeting in Japan, we will fully support Zelo’s solo activities in the future.”

In January 2019, Municon announced that Zelo would be appearing in the new song from Lee Ye-jun You, Me, Us. The song is a song for the graduation season with a message about the end and new beginnings. Zelo took over the rap section and also participated in lyric writing. Municon stated, “Zelo, who has left his old group and is preparing for solo, he is happy to agree to participate because he can relate to the theme of the song.”

Well, related to all B.A.P members who focus on their solo careers, we pray they succeed in their solo careers and get positive responses from many people and make it a cure for fans of B.A.P.