Diet Tips: This Is How B.A.P’s Himchan Lost the Extra Weight

kim himchan

Do you know that Himchan was ever in 100kg?

Himchan is a singer and also the visual of the South Korean boy-band, B.A.P. If you are one of the Babyz (name of the B.A.P’s fans) you might already know that Himchan was overweight in the past.

Some of B.A.P’s members, like Daehyun, often make fun of him by calling him fat. But, of course, we are all already know that he doesn’t mean it. He was just teasing and joking with him, just like us when we are joking with our friends.

But, the fact that Himchan was overweight in the past may make you wonder how he lost  his weight? We’ll tell you all about, so keep reading.

Himchan’s Weight Loss and Diet Tips

kim himchan

It is known that Himchan had reached 100kg (about 200 lbs.)when he was in junior high school. As you can see from his graduation book, Kim Himchan looked very chubby.

himchan in jhs

Himchan went on a strict diet that helped him successfully lose weight until he reached 65 kg (about 143 lbs.). He also joined a soccer club to stay in shape. Maybe that’s why Kim Himchan is so good at playing soccer. His efforts were a success, as we can see with Himchan’s slim body in the B.A.P debut song, Warrior.

kim himchan

Now, given his hectic schedule as an artist, his routine is to drink detox juice, which is popular in Korea to maintain weight. In a radio interview, Himchan said he could drink detox juice which consists of a mixture of fruits and vegetables three times a day and feel very fresh.

Himchan’s Sister

kim himchan and his sister

Himchan has a sister who is two years older than he is, named Kim Ye-ji. Having the experience of weighing 100kg has given the idol a lot of knowledge of diet tips. So, he often gives his sister some advice for her diet.

Latest News

kim himchan

After the sexual harassment tragedy that involved Himchan in September 2018, he is no longer active on his Instagram account under the username @chanchanieeeeee. It is reported that on July 24, the Namyang Police Station received a complaint by telephone from a woman about Kim Himchan.

The woman claimed to be a victim who was sexually abused by Himchan, a member of the group B.A.P. The woman claimed that the event took place in a villa located in Namyang.

It was further reported that at the scene there were 3 men, including Himchan, and three women, including victims, and that the parties involved had been drinking alcohol on the scene.

TS Entertainment responded by releasing a statement that it was a misunderstanding which took place when B.A.P’s Himchan was with an acquaintance and friends after being invited by the acquaintance and that he has received a police investigation. There was a report that the police forwarded the case to the prosecution, but the claims of the two sides are very conflicting, so more investigations have to take place.

TS Entertainment continued, “He will diligently take part in the investigation to provide evidence for the facts, and we will release statements again as the incident gets settled. As the investigation is still taking place, we ask for speculative reports to not be released.”

TS Entertainment was very sorry and expressed their apologies for causing worry to many people as the conclusion of the statement. Let’s just pray the best for Himchan and so he can back actively using his Instagram account again.