Find Out More About Former B.A.P Member Bang Yong-guk’s Sexy Tattoos!


Learn More About Former B.A.P Member Bang Yong-guk

Yong-guk is known as a member of the South Korean boy group, B.A.P. The group debuted on January 26th, 2012, under TS Entertainment. On August 23rd, 2018, it was announced that Yong-guk‘s contract with TS Entertainment expired and the group will continue with five members until their contracts expire.

Bang Yong-guk is famous as an idol with many tattoos. Some countries believe tattoos are a bit of a taboo. But there are people who view tattoos as works of art, and they mean a lot to them personally. Not only because having tattoos makes them very hot and sexy but because it is one of many beautiful ways to express themselves. These include Kpop stars, some of them have multiple tattoos all over their bodies. All of their tattoos have a special meaning for these artists. With the sensation of the needle that touches the skin, and the beauty of the design, these artists love doing it, some of them are even obsessed with tattoos. One of them is Bang Yong-guk. He has many tattoos, a big tattoo on his chest, on his shoulder, on his arm, and many other places.

The first one is “Do what u like and luv what u do,” on his left shoulder. The phrase is his motto in life, therefore it must be the very reason for getting the tattoo. In a live broadcast he said, “On my back, I have a tattoo. It says “Do what you like, love what you do. I work really hard to achieve my dream. I’m doing what I love.” Even though that type of quote is well-known but it really means a lot to him.

yongguk tattoo

The second one is “Make Art Not War,” on his right biceps. The writing might actually be quite difficult to make and to read, but somehow that’s the point, to get people’s attention and almost force them to take a closer look because you can barely see it. This tattoo was done in the tattoo studio 7N13 by his sister, on October 31st, 2013. It was stated by his sister’s boyfriend that Bang Yong-guk’s condition was not very good at the time he was making this tattoo which made him bleed a lot. However, the result is such beautiful artwork.

The real masterpiece, his chest ink “VIVA LA REVOLUCÌON,” which means “Long live the Revolution,” was made in 2014. The VIVA LA REVOLUCÌON piece on his chest is probably his most popular one, and even though the design of it might look a bit cluttered, it’s very unique and has its peculiarity. This chest piece and his “Make Love Not War,” on the inside of his right bicep, both have similar styles.


In 2016 he made a tattoo with the drawing of John Lennon on his left arm crook. Bang Yong-guk’s favorite album of all the time is John Lennon’s Imagine. As his favorite, he wants to know about his personal life and do research about him. “I researched more about him and I came to think that he is a very artistic person and I really respect his thoughts and opinions. I can see that he loves music and he cherished his life to the extent that it really influenced me,” he explained.


In 2016, Bang Yong-guk showed his interest in mythology. Zeus, the leader of Gods, can be seen on his right arm. However, there’s a little bit of confusion about this tattoo portraying Zeus, and some people confused it with Poseidon’s portrait, which is different only in the eyes. Poseidon has eyes that peer to his left, while Zeus’ eyes remain blank. He is the God of thunder, strength, and justice. During a fan meeting, a fan asked him what other gods he likes, and he said Artemis, the goddesses of wild animals. She is the daughter of Zeus and twin sister of Apollo.

His most recent one, from 2017 was shown on his sister’s Instagram update. Mandala on his left leg as a symbol of a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity. His older sister is a very talented tattoo artist, it’s not all that surprising that he himself is a bit tatted up.

Talking about tattoos and Bang Yong-guk, we can’t forget Natasha Bang. His sister that is like himself, the hottest and badass icon. It looks like this blood runs in the family. Natasha not only creates some stunning tattoos for others but she has established herself as a model. Natasha is also a loving older sister to Yong-guk, she has uploaded many pictures with her brother so it kind of becomes a source of communication with fans during her brother’s hiatus.

He has been through a lot of hardships with the lawsuit against TS Entertainment in 2014. And he has also gone through a lot with his personal battle against depression and panic attacks. As he can express his emotions on his body he’s come out stronger in the end, every time. And he is a very wise man, although still being very young, like an old soul in a young body.