The #BangtanVelvet’s Fan Favorite Ship, Check Out BTS’ Jungkook and Red Velvet’s Yeri’s Moments Together!

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Both are the Maknaes of their Group, Jungkook and Yeri Look Cute Together

BTS and Red Velvet are some of the most popular South Korean idol groups that already known worldwide. You can’t consider yourself to be a fan of K-Pop if you don’t know about BTS or Red Velvet. Even if you’re not a fan of both, or either of the groups, you must have heard about Jungkook and Yeri. Who are they and how are they related?


As you know, BTS has Jungkook as their golden maknae (the term for saying the youngest member in Korean) that can do anything, like singing, dancing, rapping, and on top of that has a really good-looking face! As an Army (fandom name of BTS), you must agree that Jungkook is just like BTS’ treasure that everybody loves, including all the hyungs (the older members) and also fans.


Just like Jungkook, Yeri is also the maknae that everybody loves. As the youngest member of Red Velvet, Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy love Yeri so much just like their own kid!

But now, can you imagine what it would look like if these two were dating? What?!

yeri jungkook

Jungkook was born in 1997 and Yeri was born in 1999. Basically, they’re only 2 years apart. Jungkook is older so if they’re really dating Jungkook will be the oppa, the Korean term for addressing an older guy if you are a girl. Yeri is also a social butterfly that can be a happy virus for someone around her. We can clearly imagine how BTS’ golden maknae will be smiling and laughing happily by her. That would be so cute, wouldn’t it?

yeri jungkook

But hey, it can’t be just our imagination, can it? Let’s see some of the photos of them together. Is it real or not? You’ll find out later down the road!

Are They Dating?

Some of the BangtanVelvet shippers are familiar with the Jungkook and Yeri ship. There is no particular reason for the shippers to ship them, so this is probably because both of them are the youngest of the group and they’re also around the same age and only 2 years apart. Plus, both, Jungkook and Yeri, have a cute smile that makes everyone agree that the two of them look cute together and would be a lovely couple if they were dating.

jungkook yeri

The rumor involving Jungkook and Yeri began with some photos of them together spreading on the Internet. But wait, if you take a look at the photos closely, those are not real! It’s only a photoshopped photo that came out really well and looks like it’s a real photo.

yeri jungkook

If you know about Irene and V fan-edit photo that is so popular and also spread a lot on the Internet, the Jungkook and Yeri couple is just another one like that. The cute photo that shows them looking like a real couple is only a fan-edit of BangtanVelvet shippers.

yeri jungkook

Seeing Jungkook and Yeri in the fan-edit photo of the two of them together, do you think that they would make a good couple if they were actually dating in real life?

Apparently, no official statement from Jungkook or Yeri has been released regarding the issue of them being in a relationship. And even though everyone thinks that their fan-edit photos are cute, they’re still pretty sure that Jungkook and Yeri are not dating in real life.

yeri jungkook

One of the reasons why fans are doubting whether Jungkook and Yeri are in a relationship is because both BTS and Red Velvet are so popular and have very busy schedules.

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Since they are busy with their idol careers, it’s unlikely for them to be dating. There’s no evidence showing that they are dating, not even a couple items that the two of them wear, such as glasses, shirts, or bracelets.

jungkook yeri
jungkook yeri

Instead of Jungkook, there are other rumors saying that Yeri is in a relationship with Taeyong of NCT. Some fans are speculating that the idols from SM Entertainment are dating due to some evidence showing Yeri and Taeyong’s interaction on-stage that is very subtle but looks like they are secretly dating.

Let’s take a look at the videos below!

And for Jungkook who claimed to be a fan of IU, some fans are also shipping them together. But the photos of them are just like the BangtanVelvet fan-edit photos, those are only photoshopped and there is no real interaction between them. But let’s see a moment of Jungkook fanboying when IU receives an award at the 2017 Gayo Daejun Awards.

Besides IU, Jungkook also had, not a dating rumor, but speculation that most likely Jungkook has a crush or likes Nayeon from Twice. There are some moments captured by fans when Jungkook looks so happy and excited seeing Nayeon at some events. Let’s see the videos of Jungkook and Nayeon below!

Their Moments and Interactions

Despite the minimum of Jungkook and Yeri’s evidence to be dating in real life, there are still some interactions of the maknaes when BTS and Red Velvet were attending the same event or music show. Unlike the edited photos from fans or BangtanVelvet shippers, these interactions between Jungkook and Yeri are real!

You can check out some of their interactions below!

Jungkook and Yeri walk side by side at one of the award ceremonies that BTS and Red Velvet attended in 2018.

Also, here is a video of when Jungkook and Yeri interact with their fans, Army and Reveluv, in a broadcast of V Live. There are a lot of similarities in their actions. For example, when they have been asked about their favorite dramas, they both said that they don’t watch dramas, and even saying almost the same thing. Or when they did a heart sign that totally looks the same. Check it out the full video below!

Not enough with all of the above, let’s just watch compilations of Jungkook and Yeri in some videos!

After seeing Jungkook and Yeri’s edited photos, are you becoming one of the shippers of Jungri or BangtanVelvet? Well, let’s just adore the editing skills of the shippers and also Jungkook and Yeri’s real interactions. Wish the best for both of them!