Profile and Facts of Bang Yong-guk’s Twin Bang Yong-nam

Learn More About Bang Yong-guk’s Twins, Bang Yong-nam

Bang Yong-guk, ex B.A.P’s leader is known to have a twin brother named Bang Yong-nam. They were born at the hospital in Incheon on March 31, 1990. Bang Yong-nam was born first and become older brother for Bang Yong-guk. The twins also have an 6 years older sister named Bang Natasha. Their sister is working as a tattoo artist. About Bang Yong-nam’s job, there’s not much information. Rumor said he is a musician and become a vocalist in a rock band but there’s no detailed information about this.

Because they are identical twin, not only have same facial feature, they even have same voice and appearances. Since they were child, they’ve been together. Since their parents is working at Seoul, the brothers were staying with their grandparents. Bang Yong-guk said in the interview, he didn’t have much memories with his parents because they’re always working.

Fans were quick to know about Bang Yong-nam because of their identical faces. When his photo was posted on online community, Instiz, netizens was shocked because of they really look like each other. One netizen even commented that he often saw Bang Yong-guk on his neighbourhood but it turns out is Bang Yong-nam.

In 2016, Bang Yong-guk was reported taking a break because of anxiety disorder. Many fans were concerned about his condition. Since many people are asking Bang Yong-nam about his brother’s condition, he explained himself at his Instagram. Because the original post has been deleted from his account, for summarize, Bang Yong-guk consistently promoting music without taking a break and become depressed. On 2016, Bang Yong-guk have anxiety disorder from his depression. Because his family and the agency were concerned about his condition, everyone decided to let him rest and focus on treatment. For fans’s understanding, Bang Yong-nam thank them for worrying his brother’s condition. Bang Yong-nam also leaves message that asking fans to cheer on B.A.P’s length album that will be released. Such a sweet brother!

Bang Yong-nam has social media Instagram under the name @bxxyn. Based on his Instagram, he seems a fan of baseball. Also, he often posted of Bang Yong-guk’s pet named Tigger, a poodle dog. Here’s Bang Yong-nam’s private Instagram to know more about his life!