Bang Yong-guk Released His Special Single ‘Orange Drive’ As a Bittersweet Message For His Fans

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On August 29th, Yong-guk graduated from his basic training. Yong-guk finally graduated after his final week of training. He was doing individual combat training with his unit. His commander said they got a lot of experience through this training course. On the graduation day, many fans came to celebrate this and shared some photos and videos of him.

Fans are patiently waiting for him to make a comeback by making a new song again and meet with fans again. Some fans also made a countdown tweet of the day until he finishes his duty in the military service. Yong-guk should be discharged from the military around May 2021.

Let’s patiently wait for the date to come when he will be discharged from the military, and keep supporting him!