Bang Yong-guk Released His Special Single ‘Orange Drive’ As a Bittersweet Message For His Fans



Meet Talented Musician Bang Yong-guk

Bang Yong-guk is now a solo artist, but before that, he was the leader of BAP, but he left his group and his agency, TS Entertainment, because he decided not to renew his contract after being with B.A.P for seven years. We believe there was another reason for his move, like his lawsuit issue before with his agency and him going on hiatus in 2016 to cope with his anxiety disorder. But don’t worry, all B.A.P members have hinted the possibility of future reunion under a different name. Bang Yong-guk was actually already famous before he became a member of B.A.P. He started his music career in 2008 with the hip-hop group called Soul Connection and in 2011 his featured single with Song Ji-eun “Going Crazy” became a big hit in South Korea.

Bang Yong-guk is a talented musician, he’s not only a cool rapper but he is also a songwriter and record producer. One of the most famous B.A.P songs, “One Shot,” that was released in 2013, Bang Yong-guk took a part in making the lyrics. Another song that he produced by himself is “AM 4:44.” Another interesting fact is that Bang Yong-guk has a twin brother, Yong-nam. He also has the same career as Yong-guk.

Now let’s check out Bang Yong-guk most recent updates!

Military Enlistment Announcement


Bang Yong-guk just started serving in the military, earlier this August, to be precise, on August 1st. He announced this a week before, on July 25th. This rapper that was born in 1990 said, “I think of it as a time during which I’ll be able to take a brief break.” He began basic training at a recruit training center and will serve as a public service officer after the training is finished. Bang Yong-guk enlisted at the same date as actor Cho Tae-joon.

The Release of “Orange Drive”


Yong-guk released his song, “Orange Drive” on July 31st, before his enlistment day. He announced it on the same day as he announced his military enlistment plan. He uploaded an aesthetic album cover on his Instagram. A man sitting on a ladder in a deserted landscape while the moon looms behind him.

This talented man is also the executive producer of the MV. Yong-guk said, “In ‘Orange Drive,’ I wrote down what I wanted to say while watching the sunset during the summer night.” No wonder the set of the MV is revolving around the theme of a sunset. The MV shows the singer-rapper driving across the vast land and walking near the shore. The genres of this song are R&B, rap track with jazz elements written by Bang Yong-guk and composed by Bang Yong-guk, Ye-Yo!, and Crucial Star. The melody of this song will make you feel calm and relaxed.


Bang Yong-guk made this special song as a gift for his fans. Through this song, he wants to express his gratitude towards his fans and promises to make a comeback as a stronger artist after his enlistment is over. ”Orange Drive” talks about not holding back, enjoying every moment in life, and dreaming about endless possibilities that relay the promise the young rapper has made to his fans. In his lyrics, he also asks his fans not to wait for him and urges them to continue moving forward. This song also talks about self-love, he reassures his fans that he still has dreams and loves himself after opening up about his struggles with mental health issues in the past.

Check out the jazzy vibe here!

Live Performance


Rhybeat YouTube channel released an exclusive LIVE CLIP of “Orange Drive” on July 31st. The clip was shot on the rooftop of a building on a breezy evening. Yong-guk is by himself while singing with a microphone and rarely looks into the camera. In the background, we can see the high city building and the cars on the road, contrasting the other side that shows a hill.

Check out the live performance here!

Farewell From Bang Yong-guk’s Close Friends


Some Yong-guk friends send him a message to give him support for his military enlistment. Rapper DinDin shared a photo of himself and a close friend of EXID’s LE. In the caption he wrote, “Take care! Come back soon.”

One of the most famous hairstylists, Gunhee, also posted a picture with both of them making a V hand sign. He didn’t forget to give him a heartwarming message, “Take care and come back bro! You’ll be wearing so many berets from now on that you’ll get sick of them, so why were you in a rush to wear them beforehand!!”

Lastly, his fellow B.A.P member, Zelo also tweeted for his hyung. He wrote, “Return safely, hyung! Let’s meet for sure after a month. I’ll keep doing my best. Be safe!!” Zelo also inserted the “Orange Drive” MV link to promote the song.

Reactions of the Fans and the Public To “Orange Drive”


Many people love the song that this sweet gummy smile made. People love this beautiful song which is so relaxing and calming. Yong-guk’s voice is matched perfectly with the jazzy instrument. Let’s check out their reactions on social media.

People from K-Pop forum also left their comments about the song. They love it and also give Yong-guk support for his enlistment. Rich said, “Love it! Hopefully, he’ll have a good time in the military.” Bjergsen also said, “Nice song. Best wishes to him in the military!” Lastly, Nara wrote, “Love the song. Serve well.”