The Story Of Bang Cheol-yong: The Youngest Member of MBLAQ Who Became A YouTuber

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Get To Know Bang Cheol-yong The Multi-Talented Entertainer

Bang Cheol-yong is a South Korean singer-rapper, dancer, and actor. He was known as a member of the boy group MBLAQ that debuted on October 14th, 2009, under J. Tune Camp. Bang Cheol-yong or also known by his stage name Mir, debuted with MBLAQ together with Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, and Thunder.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the detailed story of Bang Cheol-yong, the youngest member of MBLAQ who is now a YouTuber. Stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

MBLAQ’s Mir’s Full Profile

mblaq mir profile

Stage Name: Mir (미르)
Birth Name: Bang Cheolyong (방철용)
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: March 10th, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 63 kg (138 lb)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Jangseong, South Korea
Instagram: @mblaq_bangmir

– Mir graduated from Kyunghee Cyber University, majoring in Information and Communication Technology, specializing in Mathematics
– He has a hobby of doing gags or comedy skits
– Mir enlisted into the military on July 14th, 2016
– His ideal girl type is Taeyeon from SNSD because she has bright laughter which is very charming

Mir’s Debut with MBLAQ

mblaq mir profile

Bang Cheol-yong or also known by his stage name Mir, debuted with MBAQ on October 14th, 2009, under J. Tune Camp., together with Seungho, G.O, Joon, and Thunder. In 2011, he got injured and had to have spinal disc surgery. He supported MBLAQ also by writing the lyrics to the song “You’re My +” and “Can’t Come Back” alongside G.O around the year 2011.

In 2013, Bang Cheol-yong also released the song “Smoky Girl” from the album Sexy Beat. This song has been described as an addictive song with sexy dance moves that brought him a photoshoot with Cosmopolitan Korea.

MBLAQ Disbandment Rumor

mblaq mir profile

During 2014, Lee Joon and Thunder left MBLAQ, but Seung-ho, G.O, and Mir did a comeback, nevertheless, with the song “Mirror” and still hit the spotlight among their fans. But later on, after the release of the album of “Mirror”, MBLAQ members went on a hiatus, while G.O enlisted in the military service in February 2016.

Some rumors started circulating saying that G.O is frustrated with their label company’s action.

Mir also started getting busy with his own schedule as a host, rapper, and model. MBLAQ members said that they have to think about their own future.

Here is the interview statement from Mir during the rumor of the MBLAQ hiatus:

G.O. asked Mir, “Nice to meet you. Fans really miss you because you don’t post much on social media. Do you want to go back?” to which Mir answered, “Now myself, I have a lot of thoughts about what I have to do.”

“When we are in MBLAQ, we travel a lot. We will wake up and travel to other countries. Or we will sleep and when we wake up, we are in another city. I am very used to it,” Mir continued. “But when I try to do it myself it’s like ‘wait, how do I do this?’”

Becoming a YouTuber

mblaq mir profile

Mir started his YouTube channel called 미르방– MIRBANG. In the description box, he wrote, “Hello everyone! I’m so excited and anxious about uploading my first video. I know it’s lacking a lot but please be understanding and give me lots of advice. If my video can help you smile and brighten your day a bit then that’s great. Thank you so much for watching!! Please come back often!!”

He shared his farm, daily activities with his family, and also his future plans in the entertainment world. Later on, he changed the name of his YouTube channel into Bang Family and focused on making the same content since his content about family got so much attention. His channel has been continually growing and he has more than 640,000 subscribers.

Mir’s Discography

mblaq mir profile

Solo artist

Year Song Album With
2012 “Wild” Non-album singles G.O


Featured Artist

Year Song Album Artists
2010 “Bad Person” (feat. Mir) Non-album singles Ahn Jin Kyung
2010 “Going Crazy” (feat. Mir and Lee Joon of MBLAQ) Non-album singles Kan Mi-youn
2011 “Even in My Dreams” (feat. Mir) Non-album singles GO
2012 “Do You Remember” (feat. Mir and Lee Joon of MBLAQ) Non-album singles Kim Jo-han


OSTs (Original Soundtrack)

Year Song Albums With
2012 “I Knew” Strongest K-POP Star Survival OST Part 1 G.O
“Because It’s Heaven (Winter Rain)” The King of Dramas OST Part 4
2013 “What a fool I am” Iris II OST Part 5


Songwriting credits

Year Album Song Lyrics Music
Credited With Credited With
2011 BLAQ Style “You’re My +” Yes Rado, Ji-in, Won-taek No Rado, Ji-in & Won-taek
“Can’t Come Back” Yes N/A No G.O
2012 BLAQ Memories “You’re My +” (Japanese Version) Yes Rado, Ji-in, Won-taek No Rado, Ji-in & Won-taek
2013 Sexy Beat “R U OK?” Yes G.O No G.O & Primary
“Pretty Girl” (소녀) Yes MAYBEE No Kim Kun-woo & Seo Jung-mo
“Dress Up” Yes Cheondung, AB&Co No Cheondung & Seo Jung-hwan
Love Beat “Prayer” (기도 (NEW), preview on MBLAQ’s Idol Manager Episode 11) Yes G.O & Bukgeukgom No G.O & Bukgeukgom
2014 Broken “Be a Man” Yes Wheesung No Wheesung, Lee Ki, Youngbae
“Between Us” Yes S Kim No S Kim
“12 Months” Yes Cheondung, Super Cheongdam No Cheondung, Super Cheongdam
“Because There are Two” Yes G.O, Avengers No G.O, Avengers, Radio Galaxy
2014 Winter “Spring, Summer, Autumn And…” Yes G.O, Retro Funky No G.O, Retro Funky

MBLAQ’s Mir’s Latest News

mblaq mir profile

MBLAQ’s Mir’s YouTube is now called 방가네 or Bang’s Family and the description reads,

“Hello! This is Bangkane! This YouTube will be a channel that brings happiness and laughter with fun videos! Thank you for your subscription and love.” Mir has collaborated with his family and his big sister, Go Eun-ah.

That’s all about Mir or Bang Cheol-yong’s journey and his rising YouTube career. Keep supporting him all the way and please don’t forget to kindly leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below!