Everything You Need to Know About Stray Kids’ Leader Bang Chan


Stray Kids’ Multi-Talented Leader Bang Chan

Who doesn’t know the popular boy group from JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids? The group that has a fandom called Stay consists of eight talented members. They debuted in 2018 after appearing in the Stray Kids reality show that aired in 2017.

However, we’re not going to talk about Stray Kids in general. Instead, we’re going to talk about someone behind Stray Kids: the genius and multi-talented leader Bang Chan!


Bang Chan is not only the leader of Stray Kids, but he’s also the one who hand-picked the JYP trainees that were to be Stray Kids members by himself. He has composed almost all of the songs of Stray Kids along with his trio partners in 3RACHA, Changbin and Han.

Chan also dances and sings really well. He has a lot of involvement in Stray Kids’ songs. He also once covered the dance of 2PM’s song “Our House” and succeeded to steal the audience’s hearts just by seeing his sexy performance.

Not only that, but he’s also a native English speaker as he moved to Sydney when he was very young and was raised in Australia. His family still lives there, and Bang Chan sometimes goes back home to visit his family. Along with Felix, who is also one of Kpop idols from Australia, the two of them formed an Aussie-line in Stray Kids.

When you stan Bang Chan, basically, you get everything you need. No wonder a lot of STAYs want to be Bang Chan’s girlfriend! So, let’s take a look at more info about Bang Chan from Stray Kids!

Bang Chan’s Profile


Name: Chan

Full name: Bang Chan

English Name: Chris/Christopher Bang

Birthplace: South Korea

Date of Birth: October 3rd, 1997

Occupation: Singer

Position: Leader, vocalist, rapper

Agency: JYP Entertainment

Bang Chan’s Pre-Debut Story

Bang Chan was born in South Korea, but his family moved to Sydney, Australia when he was very young. Chan grew up there along with his sister and brother. This explains why Bang Chan is fluent in English; he likes to talk with fans in both English and Korean so he can interact equally well with both Korean and international fans.

When Bang Chan was in Australia, he joined the JYP Entertainment global audition and managed to impressed the JYP Entertainment team. They flew to where he lived and heard his performance. Thankfully, the agency liked it, and Bang Chan moved to Korea to be a trainee around 2010. He was trained for seven years before he made a debut with Stray Kids.


Before forming Stray Kids, Bang Chan had a subunit rapper group with other JYP trainees, Changbin and Han. Bang Chan along with the two of them posted their mixtapes and tracks online on SoundCloud. They named themselves as 3RACHA. Bang Chan used the name CB97 that represents his name, Chris Bang, and the year in which he was born, 1997.

After that, Bang Chan appeared in JYP Entertainment’s reality show on Mnet where they were about to debut a new boy group in 2017. Bang Chan, as a trainee who had been trained for the longest time compared to the other trainees at that time, picked the members that he thought suit the group the best. Including himself, there were nine participants in the Stray Kids reality show.

As it turned out, the nine members debuted as Stray Kids in 2018.

Bang Chan’s Debut With Stray Kids

On May 25th, 2018, Bang Chan, along with Stray Kids, finally made his official debut. After appearing in the Stray Kids reality show in 2017 and releasing a mixtape album, and the title track “Hellevator,” they released an official debut song titled “District 9” in a mini-album titled I am NOT. The mini-album I am NOT was then followed by other I AM installments of the series that were released in the same year, namely I am WHO and I am YOU.

Bang Chan said it himself that the concept for the I AM series was that I am NOT tells a story about someone who is not feeling like themselves. While I am WHO is about someone who doesn’t know who they really are, following the confusion from I am NOT. And lastly, in I am YOU it is said that they are actually just the same as YOU. So since they’re just the same, let’s walk the same road together.

The song received very good responses from netizens, even though they still hadn’t even gotten their first win at that time. However, they managed to get a rookie award at the 2018 MAMA.

Let’s take a look at the MV of “District 9”!

And also the live performance of “District 9,” which is also their debut stage!

It’s good to look back at how Stray Kids were back then when they were a rookie, it shows how the group is really growing. Good job, Chan and Stray Kids!

Bang Chan With Other Stray Kids Members

As a leader, Bang Chan is a very dependable and considerate leader towards his members. He cares for them and always tries to protect his members. Bang Chan is the type of person who, even though he is the oldest member of Stray Kids, still manages to interact with the other members who are younger than him in a comfortable way.

Let’s take a look at Bang Chan’s relationship with the other Stray Kids members in Two Kids Room and see how caring Bang Chan is towards the members!

Bang Chan and the second oldest member of Stray Kids—Lee Know.

Bang Chan and his fellow 3RACHA partners, Changbin and Han!

The interaction between the youngest and the oldest is just too adorable to see.

The Aussie-line is in the house!

And lastly, Bang Chan with the two 2000-born, Hyun-jin and Seung-min!