Known as Childhood Friends, What’s Up with Got7’s BamBam and BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Relationship?

The Thai Duo, BamLisa!

You might have had heard it somewhere that GOT7’s BamBam and Blackpink’s member Lisa are supposedly really good friends. Both of them are the only Thai member in their respective groups, and both of them also fall in the same 1997 line, making them the same age chingu.

So, what’s exactly going on between BamBam and Lisa? Let’s find out by scrolling down this article!


BamBam and Lisa’s Friendship Over The Years

There were a lot of past photos all over the internet that showed GOT7’s BamBam and Blackpink’s Lisa when they were still kids in Thailand. Turned out, the two idols were really good childhood friends as both were part of the same dance group before joining their respective labels. BamBam joined JYP Entertainment and debuted as a GOT7 member in 2014, while Lisa made her debut in Blackpink in 2016.

Both Lisa and BamBam are Thai. And they have also known each other since long before they were famous, which dates back to the time they were still living in Thailand. This has also been confirmed by BamBam, who said that they have known each other for 12 years!

Upon joining the K-Pop scene with their beloved group, the two of them have often met at award events and music shows, and it is not rare to see the subtle acknowledgment between the two idols.

BamBam has also been seen dancing and nodding along whenever Lisa’s group, Blackpinkperforms.


Their Childhood

GOT7’s BamBam’s and Blackpink’s Lisa’s friendship has been going on for 12 years. They both have known each other since they were still children since they were both a part of the same Thailand-based children dance group named We Za Cool. Upon their closeness, once BamBam said that he calls Lisa noona even though they’re the same age because she was always taller than him when they were kids.


BamBam and Lisa even performed together in the same group back in 2009.

It was also reported that their families are really close to each other. A fan listed some of the evidence of the close relationship between their families, such as BamBam’s mom told fans about visiting Lisa in YG while they were both trainees, Bambam’s sister posted a pic of her with Lisa congratulating Lisa on debuting, and there are a lot of photos of their families just celebrating or hanging out together.


Debut As K-Pop Idols

BamBam joined the K-Pop scene with GOT7 in 2014, two years earlier than Lisa, who debuted with BLACKPINK in 2016.

Even though BamBam and Lisa are both busy with their group activities, their friendship is still going strong until now. In his recent interview with DONT Magazine Thailand for the May 2018 issue, BamBam said that he was still a good friend of Blackpink’s Lisa. “Actually we have a ‘Thais Living in South Korea’ group chat. We know each other and we also live nearby. We meet up often. BLACKPINK’s Lisa, I run into her at the events almost every time.”

Not only BamBam, but Lisa has also confirmed their closeness by saying that BamBam, along with 2PM’s Nickhun and CLC’s Sorn, is among the people that she is most close with.

Their cute friendship was also shown when recently, BamBam shared a photo of him in Thailand which is believed to have been taken by Lisa. On January 16th, BamBam posted a picture of an advertisement of him taken on the streets. In that very post, he tagged Lisa in the caption, indicating that the picture was taken by her. He wrote, “Photo by. @lalalalisa_m🇹🇭#AIS”

BamBam also surprised fans when recently, he openly showed support to his childhood friend who got attacked by racism comments about her appearance after the 33rd Golden Disk Awards. Fans around the world also showed their support by writing #RespectLisa hashtag all over Twitter.

BamBam was asked if he is aware of the issue in a recent interview with Thai media outlets not long after the controversy. BamBam then replied, “Yes,” and added, “I heard the news! Actually, I am a friend of Lisa noona so I already contacted her to give my support. Actually… this issue isn’t a big deal. Cause it originated from only a few people, just like 10 people, it won’t impact Lisa noona. Because she has more people who love and support her. I’ve known Lisa noona since before debut so I know her well. She is good at heart, cheerful and has a good attitude. Even if some people may not have noticed that yet, time will prove her good heart and nature. Lisa noona knows about all the love and support, she asked me to say this to her fans if I got a chance, she wanted to say thank you for all the love and support.”

He went on, “It isn’t a big deal actually because it originated from only a few people. Just like 10 people, so it won’t impact Lisa noona and also because she has more people who love and support her.”

BamBam also shared Lisa’s condition about the issue. He confirmed that Lisa isn’t too bothered by the issue. He also shared his thoughts about the issue, “It’s common for Thai idols,” furthermore explaining that he also received the same treatment often in his rookie days. He said, “I just disregard it.”

In the end, he shared a sweet message to Lisa, “I’ll treat you a meal when I’m back to Korea.”


Thai Line Friendship

BamBam and Lisa are not the only ones on board in the Thai Line Friendship. As already confirmed by BamBam, the Thai idols from various groups have a group chat together, that means they are close to each other and have successfully maintained the communication despite their busy schedules.

Lisa also opened up about her relationship with fellow K-Pop idol who comes from her homeland Thailand. She commented, “I am close friends with GOT7’s BamBam, CLC’s Sorn and 2PM’s Nichkhun sunbaenim. However, it seems I am the only one that’s close to everyone. The rest of the crew aren’t as close with one another.”
Other members of the Thai Line Friendship include 2PM’s Nickhun, CLC’s Sorn, NCT’s Ten, and (G)IDLE’s Minnie who just debuted last year.


Latest News of BamBam and Lisa

GOT7’s BamBam just turned 22 on May 2nd. In celebration of the special day, fans around the world are sending birthday wishes with #BaBamXCVIIDay hashtag, making it trending worldwide on Twitter.

Here are some of the birthday wishes from fans:

Meanwhile, Lisa and her group BLACKPINK just entered K-Pop history as the first ever K-Pop group to perform at the Coachella festival. And not only that, but BLACKPINK has been doing quite well in America by appearing in various well-known talk shows, such as The Late Late Show with James Cordon and Good Morning America.



What do you guys think about their friendship? Are you rooting for them to be more than just friends? If so, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!