EXO’s Baekhyun Opens a YouTube Channel! Let’s Take a Look at His Activities as a Vlogger

Baekhyun youtube

Exo’s Baekhyun is Now a Vlogger, Let’s Check Out His YouTube Channel!

Who doesn’t know EXO? The boy-group from South Korea was already hugely popular even before they officially debuted in 2012. Years later, EXO still maintains their popularity and their numbers of fans keeps growing day by day, making them one of the biggest K-pop groups right now. In this article, however, we’re not going to talk about EXO in general, instead, we’re going to talk about one of the group’s main vocalists, Baekhyun.

What’s up with Baekhyun? Well, if you’re an EXO-L, the fandom name of EXO, you might have already known that the vocalist who was born on 1992 just turned into a YouTuber, as he opened a YouTube channel. If this information is new to you, keep reading to find out more about it.

EXO’s Baekhyun Opens Up YouTube Channel!

On May 16, 2019, Baekhyun shocked Internet users, especially EXO-Ls, as he shared news his new YouTube channel on his Instagram feed. In that post, he uploaded a screenshot of the channel page that still didn’t show any videos yet, showing that his channel is totally brand new. Right after seeing this good news, EXO-Ls were using their fingers as fast as they could to subscribe to their favorite vocalist in EXO, Baekhyun.

Not long after that, Baekhyun finally uploaded his very first video. What was his first video like? Are you curious about what kind of video he uploaded for the first time?

First Video

Baekhyun uploaded his first video to his YouTube Channel on May 16, 2019, the same day as he promoted it on his Instagram on for the first time. On the short video that has “Baekhyun’s VLOG (mild americano/seatbelt/messy hair/beginner YouTuber/fake dimple/super short vlog…)” as the title, Baekhyun showed us his daily life as he went out to see his friends, had a coffee, and even he shot the time he was riding in his car. Such boyfriend material!

The way he showed up without heavy makeup or having his hair done made fans go crazy, as he looked so natural. Even the fact that Baekhyun shot a vlog that only focused on him helped fans imagine that we are the girlfriend that has a date with him.

Baekhyun youtube

In this video, Baekhyun had a meet-up with his friend as they went to grab a coffee at some cafe, but he still respected his friend’s privacy because he didn’t show his friend’s face for the whole time. He also didn’t record his conversation with his friend, to keep his life private. What a good guy!

Baekhyun ended the video that still had no intro or outro as he went back to his house after he finished the meet-up with his friend. On a short video that only lasted 1:45 minutes, Baekhyun also apologized to fans on the video description section, he wrote it like this, in English, “Such an indoor guy! I finally went out to meet friends and had coffee time. This is my first video shoot for VLOG, so it is far from perfect…. But! I’ll be back to show you my upgraded skill.”

Aw.. Baekhyun you actually didn’t have to apologize. We fans are okay with whatever content you’re going to make on your YouTube channel. Even the comment section didn’t show any complaints or hate comments that criticized Baekhyun for having a very short video or whatever. The comments were showing support and giving love to their precious Byun Baekhyun because that’s the only thing that matters. As long as we can still see Baekhyun despite his busy schedule, we’re totally fine and even feel thankful.

1 Million Subscribers

Can you believe that Baekhyun already had 1 million subscribers right after he uploaded his first video? Well, I can’t, but it happened anyway. Baekhyun is just so powerful, and EXO-Ls keep on supporting him, no matter what. On the second video, Baekhyun put the 1 million subscribers as the part of the title, he wrote it as “[1M’ㅅ’!] Baekhyun’s VLOG (exercise/pink slippers/eating show of diet food/so hungry)” on the video title. It was as if Baekhyun also couldn’t believe that he already had a million subscribers within only two days of releasing the first video.

Baekhyun also wrote a really nice message thanking the fans who had subscribed to him and fans that showed him a supportive message. He wrote, “Already 1 million subscribers!! Amazing! I think I should work harder! Thank you so much! I’ll work hardest!! So I prepared a surprise gift for you~^^“. The message showed that Baekhyun is thankful to the fans, and he promised to work harder and create more amazing videos in the future.

Talking about surprise gifts, Baekhyun posted a new video. In that video, Baekhyun showed fans about how he exercises, although he hasn’t done it in a while. He also listened to Chen’s song, called “Beautiful Goodbye”, as he practiced with a personal trainer. Baekhyun said that he did that to warm up his throat. After that, Baekhyun did an eating show, as he was eating a banana and diet food that he was talking about on the video title. He suddenly set the sound to ASMR since he was doing an eating show.

Baekhyun wrote on the description box, “I have resumed exercising after a long break! It is really hard to exercise since it came after a long rest…. I worn out completely. Please enjoy watching 뀽튜브 today! Then click the LIKE button and subscribe please ^^ I love you 3000

The fact that Baekhyun used the term that Morgan Stark used to show how he loved the fans is so cute, isn’t it?? We love you 3000 Baekhyun!


Baekhyun’s Latest News

As you know, Baekhyun just opened a YouTube channel and officially turned into a idol-YouTuber, following other idols that already opened their own YouTube channels, such as BTOB’s Peniel, Day6’s Jae, CLC’s Sorn, iKON’s Chanwoo, A-Pink’s Bomi, SNSD’s Taeyeon, f(X)’s Amber, etc. This makes Baekhyun the first EXO member to become a YouTuber. Congratulations!

Are you wondering why does Baekhyun suddenly decide to start a YouTube channel? He finally explained what motivated him to start the project when he went live on social media.

As you know, the eldest member in EXO, Xiumin, as well as the other main vocalist, D.O, had just enlisted for the military service. As a result, EXO will have to wait for almost two years to finally come back with a full group roster. Baekhyun told fans that he knew what it likes to have to wait for something, so he knew how the fans feel when they’re waiting for EXO’s comeback, but Baekhyun was glad as fans turned out to have a great time while they were waiting for EXO’s next activity. He said, “I don’t know how powerful it could be, but I hope that it will make you happy as you watch it.” Regarding the YouTube video that he created. He also said that it always makes him happy to see the fans outside the stage. And Baekhyun also promised to give the fans strength more and more.

Well, we good luck, Baekhyun, for being a YouTuber! We will be patiently waiting for EXO’s next comeback, whenever it is. We also can’t wait to see the upgraded skill of the ‘YouTuber Baekhyun’ as he uploads more and more videos. Don’t forget to subscribe Baekhyun’s channel here.