The New Lovestagram Are Found by Fans, Are Baekhyun and Taeyeon Getting Back Together?

Are They Getting Back Together?

Their dating scandal was not stopped until they announced their breakup. SM Entertainment held a family trip to Jeju Island, and the photo revealed was like signing that the couple got back together. It was seen that Baek-hyun wore a white striped shirt, and Tae-yeon was also seen holding a shirt with the exact same pattern in her hand.


However, this was the only picture that brought up the opinion of them getting back together. There are no other signs or rumors about their relationship afterward so we can conclude that they are not getting back together. The only relationship they have is as senior and junior. Both groups, Girls’ Generation and EXO, are known to be good friends just like other SM artists. Do you guys believe they are dating again? And, do you guys think their relationship was a setup?